A Plethora of Character Development Links

Ok, so I’ve finished my online shopping, which means I’ve made some headway with the Christmas spending spree. My big shopping day is Thursday, at which point I hope to come home with bags and bags of presents that DON’T include this delightful product:


Really, Toys ‘R Us?


On a more tasteful note, we’ve got some top-notch character development morsels for you. Last week, I posted an excerpt from The Negative Trait Thesaurus at C.S. Lakin’s LiveWriteThrive. I must not have offended her too badly because she invited me back to share a page from The Positive Trait Thesaurus.

Meanwhile, my clone is over at Kristen Lamb’s blog, impersonating me and talking about The Duality of Character Traits, in which she explains why including the good and the bad of a particular trait will add authenticity to your character.

Angela’s been busy, too, hijacking John Yeoman’s Writer’s Village with a post about Character Vulnerability. If you want to make your character feel completely exposed (especially those “tough guy” hero types), then check out 8 Ways To Make Your Hero More Plausible. The comment thread is hopping over there, so join the conversation while it’s hot.

In freebie news, our Goodreads giveaway of a print copy of The Negative Trait Thesaurus is good for one more week. If you’re hoping to score a copy before Christmas, sign up now!

One tiny note: it appears that Uend, the charity Writers Helping Writers was planning to support this year, may have gone defunct. We will instead be supporting Heifer International, last year’s charity, and the prizes awarded from our “Knock Someone Off Your Christmas List” campaign will instead run through this organization.

***Angela hijacks post***

SOMEONE is celebrating something today…can you guess what?


Have a great week!

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9 Responses to A Plethora of Character Development Links

  1. Happy birthday, Becca!!

  2. Rosi says:

    Happy Birthday, Becca. I’m hopping around all the links. Great fun. Thanks.

  3. Karen Lange says:

    Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new site! :)

  4. Mart Ramirez says:

    Hope you are having a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY, Becca!!!!!! XXXOOOO!!!!
    And OMG that’s crazy! Poo-Dough.

  5. Woot! Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a great day :)

  6. Carmen Erickson says:

    Happy birthday, Becca!! Hope you get lots of hugs and a delicious cake or pie!

  7. Johanna says:

    I’m also a huge believer in Heifer International. Fabulous cause that I’ve given to many times in the past.

  8. Happy Birthday Becca! Heifer International is a fantastic charity–I’m so happy to hear you are supporting them.

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