Win, Win, Win! Stuff Your Stocking With Writerly Goodies

Becca and I love the holiday season–everything is colorful and cheery, the house is filled with cinnamon and ginger as we flex up our baking muscles, and we get to take time to tell you just what you mean to us. Seriously, you guys are the very best readers out there! We are so lucky to have you in our world.

Another terrific thing about this season is that we can celebrate the things we love, and around here, that’s all things writerly. This year with the launch of One Stop For Writers, our mantra is “Elevate your Storytelling.” So Becca, Lee & I sat down and listed out the top three books we feel have elevated our own craft beyond measure.

Why? So we can give them away to you!

Of course, this exercise caused some issues. Choosing ONLY 3 books? So hard! Plus, several of our “top 3” book choices were the same. And I don’t want to point fingers, but certain individuals *coughBeccacoughLeecough* STOLE some of my choices.

But no worries, there are so many amazing books out there that have helped us become stronger writers that we were able to sort it out.

With that, I bring you the 9 Wonders of the Writing Reference World:

2016 Writers Helping Writers Giveaway1. On Writing  2. First Five Pages  3. Self-Editing For Fiction Writers  4. Writing Screenplays That Sell  5. Description  6. Save the Cat  7. 21st Century Fiction  8. Stein on Writing  9. Structuring Your Novel

Want to elevate your storytelling and win a kindle copy of one of these “best of the best” craft books? Of course you do!

To Enter:

One Stop For Writers Gift Tag_1

Grow your craft with One Stop’s powerful library. Certificates never expire.

1) Post in the comment section with your TOP 4 book choices. (This will be by random draw, and first come first serve.)

2) Tell us what book has elevated your storytelling. We would love to hear what has given your writing a boost!

3) Pay-it-forward by naming a writer friend (first name is fine if you prefer) who has helped you. If you win, we will send them a 1 month Gift Certificate for One Stop For Writers for their own stocking.

Must be 18, no purchase necessary, open to all unless prohibited by law. For the full legal rules and disclaimers, go here.


As always, social sharing is appreciated, but never a condition of our giveaways. Winners will be drawn and announced on Saturday, December 12th!


PSSST! It is Becca’s Birthday today (December 9th), so if you see her online, please send her best wishes! 

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Angela is an international speaker and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also enjoys dreaming up new tools and resources for One Stop For Writers, a library built to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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105 Responses to Win, Win, Win! Stuff Your Stocking With Writerly Goodies

  1. Shutta Crum says:

    So hard to pick my top 4 writing books. (Some are not on your list. For. Ex. FEELING LIKE A CHILD by Jerry Griswold and TAKE JOY by Yolen.)

    But of these 9, I’d choose:
    1.Stephen King, ON WRITING

    I always keep Griswold’s book in mind as I write. (See above.) It keeps me grounded in the child-like world.

    So many writer friends have helped me get to where I am. But I really have to thank my friend Hope from my crit group. She has a good eye and knows how to critique.


  2. Tamar Sloan says:

    1. On Writing
    2. The First Five Pages
    3. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    4. Stein on Writing
    I love writing craft books, Save the Cat has been fabulous, but I also love the Emotion Thesaurus. Thank you for publishing it.
    My critique partner, Kat Colmer, has been a wonderful support and valuable friend in polishing and tightening my works.

    Have a wonderful and happy holiday.

  3. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, very much appreciated.

    1. Stein on Writing
    2. Writing 21st Century Fiction
    3. On Writing
    4.Structuring Your Novel

    As s writer working to become a Self-published Author, your site has been an invaluable lifesaver for me. 🙂 I wish I had someone tto SD hare this with, but at this time, I do not.

  4. KittyB78 says:

    First Five Pages, Description, Writing Screenplays that sell, and Structuring your novel. Gosh that’s hard… You and Becca have helped me so much. I’ve adored you two’s awesome thesauruses since Muse, plus the workshop in Muse online. Another writer would be Katie Saladis, one of my CCers at critique circle.

  5. Frank says:

    1/ Writing 21st century fiction
    2/ Stein on writing
    3/ First five pages
    4/ Self editing for fiction writers

    The only book I’ve read so far is structuring your novel.

    Don’t have any writing friends so have no names to offer. Am working on my first book and learning as I go. This website has provided wonderful insights. Thank you.

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