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Inside One Stop For Writers: Our Descriptive Thesaurus Collections

A Closer Looks at Our Descriptive Thesaurus Collections As some of you know, the heart of One Stop For Writers is our signature Descriptive Thesaurus Collection. Visitors to this blog (and The Bookshelf Muse before it) have watched Becca and … Continue reading

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Unique Writing Resources: Helpful Checklists and Tip Sheets

Writing Checklist Nirvana As the “marketing department” of our little merry band at One Stop For Writers, I created a bunch of imaged-based sharables that provide good value to writers: an assortment of checklists and tip sheets on different areas … Continue reading

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Writer’s Key To Success: Make Your Own Luck (Case Study)

In 2012, I wrote a post at Janice Hardy’s blog, Fiction University. In it, I shared what I believed to be the key to success: Making your own luck. Here’s an excerpt: Make Your Own Luck. Yes, that’s right. These … Continue reading

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Showing Emotion: Moving Beyond The Face

The face is the first thing we notice in real life, and the focal point during any conversation. We connect to a person’s gaze, paying attention to how their eyes widen, squint, focus inward or dart. We also watch their mouth, … Continue reading

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Workspace Pictures & Our 2015 Charity Selection

Boy, we had are some great pictures come in from our 100,000 Book Milestone Giveaway. It is so neat to peer at your work spaces, meet your pets and see your smiling faces in all of these pictures. Too, the … Continue reading

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Emotional Description: 3 Common Problems with Show & Tell

Writing compelling emotional moments is the lifeblood of any story and the key to building a relationship between characters and readers. Yet steering clear of the show-don’t-tell pitfalls requires practice and skill. I’m reposting this from where it originally appeared … Continue reading

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Story Midpoint & Mirror Moment: Using Heroes’ Emotions To Transform Them

I recently read a Huff Post psychology piece on Turning Negative Emotions Into Your Greatest Advantage and immediately saw how this could also apply to our characters. Feel free to follow the link and read, but if you’re short on … Continue reading

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Writing Emotion: Does Your Hero Shrug, Smile & Frown Too Much?

Crutch gestures can sometimes get in the way of good writing.  They come in all shapes and sizes–maybe an eye roll, a clenched stomach, curled fists or shrugs–cues we writers tend to overuse while trying to convey what our character … Continue reading

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Introverts, Incredible Reviewers & Flawed Heroes

I know it’s only Tuesday, but what a crazy week! My kids are off school for exams, so I’m taking them to see the dentist, doctor and to get their eyes tested, plus I’m trying to finish all the necessary … Continue reading

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3 Big Problems with Describing Emotions

Hi everyone! A few neat things going on, so I just wanted to touch base and toss a few links your way. First up, you can find me over at Romance University, talking about Emotional Description: 3 Common Problems with … Continue reading

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