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Your Never Ending Writing Improvement Program

In Japan, after World War II, the concept of kaizen was introduced into their industrial culture. It resulted in a huge boom in technology and manufacturing that rebuilt Japan and made her prosperous. It’s a simple idea. It means ongoing … Continue reading

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When It’s OK to Listen to Your Inner Editor

We’ve all wrangled with our inner editor at some point in our writing process. This voice in our head critiques our craft in mid-stream, from the big picture (“This plot hole needs to be fixed!”) to minor details (“That’s not … Continue reading

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Mastering Stylistic Tension

One of the first things writers learn is to start a story with conflict. Some writers have bombs go off. Others start with a death. Or a break-up. But over the years, looking at unpublished material, I’ve learned and relearned … Continue reading

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Understanding Inner Conflict with Story Expert Michael Hauge

All stories are built on a foundation of three basic components: character, desire, and conflict. A hero or protagonist desperately wants something, and must overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve it. The greater that conflict is, the greater the emotional … Continue reading

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Finding Your Way Into Your Story

I recently avoided a workshop assignment that should have been completed in no more than an hour because I couldn’t find a way into my story. This workshop generates significant, raw material for me. New characters and compelling stories emerge; … Continue reading

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Get Ready For Something Amazing: A Resident Writing Coach Program

Confession time: Becca and I have been plotting. Our mission, as you all know, is to help our visitors become stronger writers. And while we do our best to craft insightful posts week after week, we also believe that one … Continue reading

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