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Inside One Stop For Writers: Unique Templates & Worksheets

A Look Inside One Stop’s Templates & Worksheets As you can imagine with an online library, there are many nooks and crannies to explore. One of my favorite places is up in The Stacks where we keep our Templates and … Continue reading

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One Stop Adventures: Learning To Collaborate As A Team

It is hard to believe, but One Stop For Writers is only a month away from release! As such, I thought I’d tackle the team aspect of getting a giant project off the ground, seeing as we had a great … Continue reading

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Writer’s Key To Success: Make Your Own Luck (Case Study)

In 2012, I wrote a post at Janice Hardy’s blog, Fiction University. In it, I shared what I believed to be the key to success: Making your own luck. Here’s an excerpt: Make Your Own Luck. Yes, that’s right. These … Continue reading

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Mastering Words: Ways to Evolve as a Writer

Each day, we seek to put our best foot forward. We shower, dress for the day’s activities, style our hair. We plan, organize, gather our things, and check the mirror before leaving, making sure to pluck stray fluff off our … Continue reading

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When Your Writing Routine Goes Poof

I’m an easily distracted person. In order to write productively, I need a private space with no voices, few interruptions, and a view—because, let’s be honest, when you spend a large portion of your writing time staring out the window, you … Continue reading

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How To Mine Your Dreams For Story Gold

We’ve all experienced it…the curtain to consciousness opening, and with it, the realization that the best story idea we’ve ever had is carefully unraveling with each passing second into wakefulness. We grab something–anything–and start writing down a the images, thoughts, … Continue reading

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Getting Quiet and Letting Go of Expectations

One of the hardest parts of writing fiction for me is the getting started part. Every time I sit down to write, it takes a good twenty to thirty minutes to find a groove. Which is frustrating when you’ve only … Continue reading

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8 Tips to Get Your Manuscript to the Finish Line

How many of you have “shiny syndrome?” You know, when you start writing a novel but are derailed the second a new idea blooms in your brain. Or you become hobbled by the dreaded “isuckitis” as your Internal Editor yammers … Continue reading

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Gameification and Writing: The Power of Reinforcement

Before writing became a job, it was a hobby. And before writing became a hobby, I spent most of my free time gaming. My husband and I played EQ for years. We even went to a few of the conventions, … Continue reading

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Amazing Racers Wanted: Will You Help Us?

Well, it’s that time again! Becca and I are creeping up on our double book launch for The Positive Trait  and Negative Trait Thesaurus Books (October 21st!) and are once again taking on a SPECIAL PROJECT to celebrate. As you … Continue reading

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