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KM Weiland on Reverse Outlining

I am THRILLED to feature writing guru K.M. Weiland on the blog today to discuss Outlining. As a reformed panser, I have seen my writing evolve by embracing outlining techniques. And while I’m not a full outliner yet, it is … Continue reading

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Promoting Like a Pro Without Driving Yourself (or Anyone Else) Crazy

Today, I’m swapping posts with Donna Gephart, author of two published MG books with one more on the way. Donna is a smart, funny writer who heads my face-to-face SCBWI group in south Florida, and I’m so incredibly excited to … Continue reading

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It’s time to get out those combinations we sent you and see if your code has opened the PRIZE VAULT!! The rose carpet whispers under your feet as you approach the vault. Light gleams off the polished metal. You shake … Continue reading

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CRACK the CODE Celebration!

**CONTEST NOW CLOSED. CHECK IN TOMORROW to see if you CRACKED the CODE!** I can’t believe it. 2000+ followers! Continually you show us what a great community this is! And we are so grateful to be a part of it, … Continue reading

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Good Things in 3’s GIVEAWAY

Lately, Becca and I have been rather obsessed with the number 3. Just over a week ago, we hit 1/3 of a million hits (333,333). Our follower count left behind the 1300’s and entered the 1400’s. And today, it’s our … Continue reading

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 Critter lunching w/ Calgary Blueboarders First off, I have to say what an honor it’s been to host CRITTER here in my home in Calgary, Alberta, and on The Bookshelf Muse. CRITTER, for those of you just tuning in, is … Continue reading

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1000 Followers Contest & Mentorship Opportunity!

1000 followers. Really there’s only one thing to say when something like this happens: THANK YOU. You are more awesome than baby seals and Pumpkin Spice lattes. You are more awesome than Chuck Norris’ mustache. You are even more awesome … Continue reading

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Awesome Wins and How I Became a Murderer

First, the wins: TWO signed BOOKS in the recent Spread the Awesome Book Blogging Extravaganza hosted by the wonderbar ElanaJ. Which ones you ask? Escaping the Tiger Given away by Christina Farley Woods Runner Given away by Suzette Saxton Winning … Continue reading

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Warning: Zombies Ahead

Guurrgh….uuurgh…brrraiiins…. sllluurp. Translation: Angela is in Idaho, amassing a zombie horde for world domination vacationing with her family. Normal Thesaurus posts will be suspended until her return August 16th. Lucky for you, she’s left a few of her favorite lieutenant … Continue reading

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“Can You Hook Us?” WINNERS

First let me say one thing: picking winners was NOT an easy task. You guys sent in some great work, and all of it drew our interest in one way or another. I’ll tell you a bit about the process. … Continue reading

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