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Taking the Audiobook Plunge? Read This First

Super thrilled to have author Diane Rinella with us today, who has a ton of experience with audiobooks and has put together some great information for anyone looking to take the leap. Audiobooks are a completely different animal than ebooks … Continue reading

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Making your Character Shine From Page One

Happy Monday, everyone! Angela and I have been so focused lately on the launch of our setting thesaurus books, it feels like that’s all we’ve been doing for months. So we’re excited to get back to the normal Writers Helping … Continue reading

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Six Rules that Keep Critique Partnerships Golden

A long time ago, two enthusiastic yet green writers met on an online critiquing site called The Critique Circle. They wrote stories riddled with hollow characters and cliched plots, but that didn’t stop them from becoming fast friends. Through practice, … Continue reading

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Why Scripts Are Rejected: 10 Screenwriting Errors To Avoid

We’re going to throw something different into the mix today: a post about screenwriting mistakes. This is an important post for all writers to read, including novelists, because the same advice can easily be translated to your fiction stories as … Continue reading

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Twitter…for Research?

A long time ago, I wrote a children’s manuscript called Peculiar Plants. It was all about weird little shrubberies that did things that other plants don’t do. Most of them were rare, growing only in a small patch somewhere on the … Continue reading

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Mastering the Art of the Cliffhanger Chapter Ending

People are always talking about how important it is to keep the reader interested. Retain their interest. Keep them turning pages all the way until the end. One way to do this, I keep hearing, is though the cliffhanger chapter … Continue reading

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How to Decide How Many POV Characters Our Book Needs

Becca and I see certain questions pop up in our email boxes over and over, and one that always comes up during NaNoWriMo season is the question of how many POVs a novel should have. Like so many questions, this … Continue reading

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The Fatal Flaw of Underwriting

Hi everyone–I hope you had a terrific weekend and are in the mood to learn. Today I’m handing over the blog keys to Rachel Starr Thomson, one of the editors who have jointly written 5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws … Continue reading

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Dream Up A Great Book Idea & Make Something Of It

Hi everyone! Before we get into today’s post, let me just say that Becca is over at Positive Writer today, talking about how a business plan can help writers with their day-to-day decision making. As our careers develop, we get more … Continue reading

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You vs. Yourself: Defeating the Self-Doubt Slump

Sometimes, amidst the excitement of a new project and a new season, worries creep in and threaten to steal our joy. Can I do this? What makes me think I’m qualified? Will I have the time? What if I fail? No one … Continue reading

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