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Will This Be Your Year? Make A Writing Plan And Take Out The Guesswork

Becca and I love you guys. We want to see you break barriers, build careers, and enjoy success after writing success. Supporting you is what we’re about and what we do. We enjoy helping however possible, encouraging each of you … Continue reading

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Unique Writing Resources: Helpful Checklists and Tip Sheets

Writing Checklist Nirvana As the “marketing department” of our little merry band at One Stop For Writers, I created a bunch of imaged-based sharables that provide good value to writers: an assortment of checklists and tip sheets on different areas … Continue reading

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A Book Marketing Truth Few Experts Will Admit

Book marketing is tough, especially when it comes to self-publishing. The good news is there is no shortage of experts, books and websites out there to advise authors on how to market. The bad news is that while some offer … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Find Your Book’s Ideal Audience

There’s nothing quite like seeing a book with your name on it. The beautiful cover, the weight of it in your hands, the pages of your creativity bundled into a package for readers to enjoy. It sits o the shelf–maybe … Continue reading

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Blurbs that Bore, Blurbs that Blare

I know that everyone has their own method of choosing books. Some go by the cover, others by the back copy. Some people get a good feel for the book by reading the first (or last) page or chapter. For me, … Continue reading

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Tips for Reaching Readers

People, I am soooo chuffed about today’s post. We have two guests here to talk about a topic that can’t be discussed enough, in my opinion: how to reach readers. I have only recently met Katrina, but Fiona and I … Continue reading

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Using Videos to Sell More Books

Angela and I are in the process of creating our business plan for the year, which involves us pulling together all the current information on the industry to decide where our writing and marketing efforts should be focused. Visibility is … Continue reading

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Creative Book Launches That Command Attention

Being an Indie author means a tremendous amount of pressure lies at our door as we release a book. Without the backing and promotional support of a publishing house, we are on our own. Success or failure is up to … Continue reading

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Website Tips for Authors

Welcome, everyone, to the new home of The Bookshelf Muse! I hope you’re finding your way around easily. Angela and I feel like we’ve upgraded from a condo to a multi-family home. Finally, there is ROOM for everything! In the … Continue reading

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Need Online Exposure? Asking Bloggers For Help

Recently I posted a tip on Facebook regarding the wrong way to contact bloggers for exposure after being “cold call” emailed myself. The cliff note version is that a marketing person sent me a form letter asking for book exposure, … Continue reading

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