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Build Your Author Life BEFORE Your Book Release

Donna Galanti is BACK, people! She’s here to day to give some very thorough tips on connecting with other authors and building a community of writers before a book’s release. Get ready to hit that “Bookmark” button, because there’s some truly helpful stuff here … Continue reading

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An Interview with Agent Mark Gottlieb

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Before we get started, I just wanted to remind everyone that we’re currently running two Goodreads giveaways: one is for a print copy of The Urban Setting Thesaurus and the other is for a print copy of The Rural Setting Thesaurus. … Continue reading

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A Checklist for Publishing Your Book

Guys! I’m am SO stoked about today’s post. You all may not know that I’m kind of an organizational freak. Just tell me about a spreadsheet, container system, or software that helps keeps things organized, and I am ALL OVER … Continue reading

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A Storyteller’s Swiss Army Knife? The Setting

Writing the Urban and Rural Setting Thesaurus books taught Becca and me something big: that the Setting really is the Swiss Army Knife of Storytelling. Whaaaat, you say? It’s the truth.   Check out all it can do:  create conflict … Continue reading

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What’s One Of The Best Ways To Reach Your Readers?

Hi Everyone! As many of you know, in addition to blogging about everything writing, I also have a passion for marketing (the good kind, not the shout-y “Buy My Book!” stuff). I know this is an area of struggle for … Continue reading

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Taking the Audiobook Plunge? Read This First

Super thrilled to have author Diane Rinella with us today, who has a ton of experience with audiobooks and has put together some great information for anyone looking to take the leap. Audiobooks are a completely different animal than ebooks … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Help Your Favorite Authors

So, as you may have heard, Angela and I have published the next books in our thesaurus series: The Urban Setting Thesaurus and The Rural Setting Thesaurus. Though we’ve been through this process twice already, it’s been almost 3 years since … Continue reading

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35 Posts To Help Writers Elevate Their Craft And Marketing Skills

A friend of mine asked me for a list of posts that I would like shared online (how nice, right?) and it prompted me to visit my website stats to see what posts were the most popular with those who … Continue reading

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As A Writer in Today’s World, What Do You Need?

I was tooling through some of our older posts here at Writers Helping Writers, and I found a  “how are we doing?” one from The Bookshelf Muse era. This is where we would do a check in with you guys … Continue reading

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Why Scripts Are Rejected: 10 Screenwriting Errors To Avoid

We’re going to throw something different into the mix today: a post about screenwriting mistakes. This is an important post for all writers to read, including novelists, because the same advice can easily be translated to your fiction stories as … Continue reading

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