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Using Videos to Sell More Books

Angela and I are in the process of creating our business plan for the year, which involves us pulling together all the current information on the industry to decide where our writing and marketing efforts should be focused. Visibility is … Continue reading

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Creative Book Launches That Command Attention

Being an Indie author means a tremendous amount of pressure lies at our door as we release a book. Without the backing and promotional support of a publishing house, we are on our own. Success or failure is up to … Continue reading

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Amazing Racers Wanted: Will You Help Us?

Well, it’s that time again! Becca and I are creeping up on our double book launch for The Positive Trait  and Negative Trait Thesaurus Books (October 21st!) and are once again taking on a SPECIAL PROJECT to celebrate. As you … Continue reading

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Promoting a Virtual Book Tour

I think that marketing and promotion—of either existing or future books—is a concern for most authors. How do we maximize exposure? What can we do to make sure people know about our books? Book tours have become quite effective at … Continue reading

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Need Online Exposure? Asking Bloggers For Help

Recently I posted a tip on Facebook regarding the wrong way to contact bloggers for exposure after being “cold call” emailed myself. The cliff note version is that a marketing person sent me a form letter asking for book exposure, … Continue reading

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Hand-Selling Your Book: How Savvy Are You?

Each year, I attend a 3-day conference for writers and readers called When Words Collide. This unique event had lectures on writing technique, publishing options and content that focused on the business of writing. Sessions run on everything from Quantum … Continue reading

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Book Signings That WOW

The idea of doing a book reading or author signing sort of terrifies me. I don’t know why this is, because I love writers–we share the same passions and interests. It’s great to chat with them at conferences, see what … Continue reading

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Matthew Turner: Using A Short Story To Rock My Novel

In the new landscape of publishing, it’s always interesting to hear what different authors are doing to get their books noticed. Today Matthew Turner of Turndog Millionaire is with us to show how he used a short story to build momentum … Continue reading

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Keep Calm And Query On

We all know how tough it is to write a query. Condensing thousands upon thousands of words into a teeny-tiny pitch that will evoke such a powerful response that the recipient will request the entire thing? Talk about pressure. But … Continue reading

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The Bookshelf Muse Needs Your Help!

Okay guys, it’s that time. Becca and I are looking ahead to our MAY 14th book launch for The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression, and we absolutely, positively need help to make this the biggest, most awesome … Continue reading

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