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Cookies and Layers

Well, it’s summertime (as you know), and I’m having a blast with my two littles. Which is, of course, what summer is all about. As I’m sure you also know, summer is also about cookies. Oh yes, indeedy, it is. And … Continue reading

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Story Midpoint & Mirror Moment: Using Heroes’ Emotions To Transform Them

I recently read a Huff Post psychology piece on Turning Negative Emotions Into Your Greatest Advantage and immediately saw how this could also apply to our characters. Feel free to follow the link and read, but if you’re short on … Continue reading

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Ask Questions to Find Your Story

Becca and I are super pleased to have editor and author C.S. Lakin of Live, Write, Thrive here today, because the stuff that comes out of her brain is just amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to read both her fiction … Continue reading

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STOP! What To Do Before Revising A Nano Novel

The month of November is a bit of a sugar high, isn’t it? There’s Nanowrimo, and the stream of words fueled by coffee, old Halloween candy, Kraft Dinner and not enough sleep. The Muse is fired up, leading us down … Continue reading

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Sagging Middles: Fix Your Story’s MUFFIN TOP!

You know how sometimes you get that awesome tingly feeling because a new book you want to read is out? Well Ta-Da, Structuring Your Novel is here at last. Following up on Outlining Your Novel: Mapping Your Way To Success, … Continue reading

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Increasing Your Book’s Momentum, by Editor Laura Carlson

Happy Monday, people! I’m off to Disney with the fam. I know, the timing isn’t great, especially with all the CRAZY photographic evidence rumors circulating about Angela and what she’s really up to this month. But never fear. I’ve got … Continue reading

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Margie Lawson Extravaganza (Part 2!)

When I found out the awesome and talented Melinda Collins was headed off to Colorado to attend  Margie Lawson’s Immersion Master Class, I absolutely had to convince her to swing by and tell us about the experience afterward. Of course, … Continue reading

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Soup and Layers: Fleshing Out The First Draft

Well, it finally cooled off in south Florida. I actually broke out the long pants for an entire six hours. To celebrate the first chilly day of the season, I always make soup, and as I was adding ingredients every … Continue reading

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Inside the Simile

Last week I took an inside look at Metaphors, so today I thought Similes needed some love. Because of their ease in use, most writers already incorporate similes and understand what they are. However, for posterity, Friend Wiki states: A … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Sins for Novel Writing: Sin #VII

Sin #7: TMI (Too much information) We’re all guilty of this sin at some point during the writing process. The trick is finding the correct balance by the time we reach the final draft. Nothing will turn off the reader … Continue reading

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