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One Stop Adventures: Learning To Collaborate As A Team

It is hard to believe, but One Stop For Writers is only a month away from release! As such, I thought I’d tackle the team aspect of getting a giant project off the ground, seeing as we had a great … Continue reading

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Writer’s Key To Success: Make Your Own Luck (Case Study)

In 2012, I wrote a post at Janice Hardy’s blog, Fiction University. In it, I shared what I believed to be the key to success: Making your own luck. Here’s an excerpt: Make Your Own Luck. Yes, that’s right. These … Continue reading

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100K Book Milestone: Celebrate With Us & Win

Well, it happened. Our small, unusual trio of writing books have officially sold 100,000 copies, which is so freaking incredible. When we launched The Emotion Thesaurus in May of 2012, and then followed up with The Positive and Negative Trait … Continue reading

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Technical Writing: A Viable Career (Or Sideline) Option for Writers

First let me start by giving a heartfelt THANK YOU to the men and women who have served or currently do serve in the armed forces. While Veteran’s Day is an American holiday, I applaud and respect the dedication it takes … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Find Your Book’s Ideal Audience

There’s nothing quite like seeing a book with your name on it. The beautiful cover, the weight of it in your hands, the pages of your creativity bundled into a package for readers to enjoy. It sits o the shelf–maybe … Continue reading

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Book Cover Copycats: Is It Flattery or Copyright Infringement?

A while back, a reader of our book, The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression, sent me an interesting email. In it, she explained that during her Amazon travels she discovered a book that was a lot like … Continue reading

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Get the Scoop on Fair Image Usage

Since I started blogging, one of the most confusing areas for me has been in the area of image usage. I started out snatching up images, willy-nilly, like  free samples at Costco. Then Roni Loren bravely shared her story, and frankly, it scared the … Continue reading

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Creating Your Map to Successful Authorship

Hi everyone! Today we have author and writing coach Nina Amir here to discuss how to plan your route to becoming a successful author.  These days, it doesn’t matter if a person chooses a traditional path or a self published … Continue reading

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Unmissable Writing Tips

  Angela is at Jane Friedman’s blog, sharing the ins and outs of creating a business plan. This was a hugely important endeavor for us; our business plan has been critical in helping us zero in on our goals and … Continue reading

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Website Tips for Authors

Welcome, everyone, to the new home of The Bookshelf Muse! I hope you’re finding your way around easily. Angela and I feel like we’ve upgraded from a condo to a multi-family home. Finally, there is ROOM for everything! In the … Continue reading

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