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Writer’s Key To Success: Make Your Own Luck (Case Study)

In 2012, I wrote a post at Janice Hardy’s blog, Fiction University. In it, I shared what I believed to be the key to success: Making your own luck. Here’s an excerpt: Make Your Own Luck. Yes, that’s right. These … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Emotional Wounds and Basic Needs

As many of you may know, we recently kicked off a new thesaurus. This one is all about Emotional Wounds and the formative impact they have on a character’s personality. It’s somewhat intuitive to see how a traumatic event might spawn specific … Continue reading

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How to Write Vivid Character Descriptions: Be Invisible!

One of the most difficult areas of description is when it comes to showing the appearance of a protagonist, especially when writing in first person POV. We need readers to “see” our protagonist, but how do we deliver description that … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Your Hero Needs Flaws

When we see the word Hero or Heroine, we think heroic, which is ironic because our protagonists are usually anything but at the start of a story. Instead they are often jaded, lost or incomplete in some way, toting along … Continue reading

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Overcome Your Book Doubts By Asking WHY

Today we’re taking a field trip to touch on something all writers struggle with at some point: story doubts. It might come about because of a less-than-enthusiastic reaction from a beta reader, or after requests for fulls go nowhere. Maybe … Continue reading

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The Power of The Short Story

I have a confession. *whispers* I’ve never been interested in writing short stories. I put so much planning and research into my writing that it always seemed like kind of a waste of time to write something so…short. But after … Continue reading

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11 Novelist-Tested Ways to Defeat Writer’s Block

I’m super excited to welcome Warren Adler to our blog. He’s the author of The War of The Roses and Random Hearts, which you’ll likely recognize as major motion pictures from the 80s and 90s. As a successful career author, Warren has … Continue reading

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How To Mine Your Dreams For Story Gold

We’ve all experienced it…the curtain to consciousness opening, and with it, the realization that the best story idea we’ve ever had is carefully unraveling with each passing second into wakefulness. We grab something–anything–and start writing down a the images, thoughts, … Continue reading

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Story Midpoint & Mirror Moment: Using Heroes’ Emotions To Transform Them

I recently read a Huff Post psychology piece on Turning Negative Emotions Into Your Greatest Advantage and immediately saw how this could also apply to our characters. Feel free to follow the link and read, but if you’re short on … Continue reading

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5 Writing Exercises To Keep You on Top of Your Game

Writers seem to be broken into two camps: those who view writing exercises helpful and freeing and those who see them as time consuming yet sometimes necessary. I think exercises can be a great way to pull your brain out … Continue reading

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