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The Path To 10K In Sales: Strategy, Luck & Mistakes

I’ll admit my mind is blown knowing there are over 10,000 Emotion Thesaurus books out in the world. Becca and I are thrilled, and so appreciative to all the writers and teachers who took a chance on it. As aspiring … Continue reading

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Margie Lawson Extravaganza (Part 2!)

When I found out the awesome and talented Melinda Collins was headed off to Colorado to attend  Margie Lawson’s Immersion Master Class, I absolutely had to convince her to swing by and tell us about the experience afterward. Of course, … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness Day 3: Win even MORE!

WOOT! Day three of celebrating Random Acts of Kindness in the writing community! As I mentioned yesterday, the Industry is showing their own RAOK spirit and appreciation for writers by offering some amazing RAOK gifts for you to win. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Face-to-Face Writing Groups

I tried a face-to-face writing group once. It consisted of a couple of very talented poets, an aspiring journalist, and a nice lady who was working on a family cookbook. All lovely people, but none of them seeking publication for … Continue reading

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Time to Leave Your Critique Group?

In past posts, we’ve looked at the right time to join a critique group, how to evaluate feedback and accept criticism, as well as what makes a critique group work. Sometimes though, a moment comes where a writer begins to … Continue reading

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Book Trailers—One Step Further

Book trailers. Visual blurbs that give potential buyers a preview of the book. Great for promoting an upcoming new release, fairly easy to create. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, a good example is Courtney Summer’s … Continue reading

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Look Before You Leap…

I’ll be straight–I’m not a fan of New Year Resolutions. They are usually spawned from feelings of failure or guilt, and let’s face it, as soon as one leaves the lips, it’s probably doomed to failure. Instead I use this … Continue reading

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To Nano, or Not…Part Two

After waffling back and forth, I’m deciding not to participate in Nano this year. I’m sad, because I really wanted to, but I know the best thing for me right now is to stay on track with Merlin’s Bookshelf, getting … Continue reading

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Holy Batman…10,000 hits!!

I can’t believe how quickly we reached this fantastic landmark. When Becca and I started the Bookshelf Muse back in January, we were hoping to reach out to other writers, share what we knew and in turn, learn from others. … Continue reading

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Muser Feedback

The Bookshelf Muse has been online for close to 5 months now (Holy Cow!) and we’d like to check in with our Musers to see how we’re doing. Our goal is to aid, enlighten and inspire other writers, and hopefully … Continue reading

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