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Unique Writing Resources: Helpful Checklists and Tip Sheets

Writing Checklist Nirvana As the “marketing department” of our little merry band at One Stop For Writers, I created a bunch of imaged-based sharables that provide good value to writers: an assortment of checklists and tip sheets on different areas … Continue reading

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Mastering Words: Ways to Evolve as a Writer

Each day, we seek to put our best foot forward. We shower, dress for the day’s activities, style our hair. We plan, organize, gather our things, and check the mirror before leaving, making sure to pluck stray fluff off our … Continue reading

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Using a Critique Checklist, or, How Not to Look Like a Twit

When writers ask me for advice, the first thing I emphasize is the importance of finding a critique group or partners. These support systems are invaluable for adding the objectivity we lack and helping us see where our work needs … Continue reading

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Plan Ahead With The HiveWord Writing Tool

You guys know me…I sort of have a thing for writing tools. I love to find & share them with writers. One that I keep right in my toolbar is the Writer’s Knowledge Base, a search engine for writers. Yep, … Continue reading

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Margie Lawson Extravaganza (Part 2!)

When I found out the awesome and talented Melinda Collins was headed off to Colorado to attend  Margie Lawson’s Immersion Master Class, I absolutely had to convince her to swing by and tell us about the experience afterward. Of course, … Continue reading

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NEW Writing Resource: Writing Grief in Fiction

Hi everyone! Today I’m welcoming my good friend Denise Jaden, author of Losing Faith and Never Enough (Simon Pulse), two very powerful contemporary Young Adult novels. I am thrilled to be able to share the news (and the cover) of … Continue reading

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The Plot Whisperer: Benefits of Plotting in Scenes

I am triple-fudge-sundae excited to welcome Martha Alderson (aka The PLOT WHISPERER) to The Bookshelf Muse as she sends The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories off into the world. This workbook is a companion … Continue reading

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KM Weiland on Reverse Outlining

I am THRILLED to feature writing guru K.M. Weiland on the blog today to discuss Outlining. As a reformed panser, I have seen my writing evolve by embracing outlining techniques. And while I’m not a full outliner yet, it is … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Last Line “Lemons”

Becca and I are super excited to have Jeannie Campbell with us on the blog today. We’ve been fans of The Character Therapist since forever, and the concept behind her blog–Putting Characters on the Couch, is plain brilliant. Jeannie uses … Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffers for Writers: World Building

We know time is in short supply, so each day leading to Christmas, we’ll offer 5 simple, smart tips on an important topic to writers, helping with craft enhancement, revision and social networking! Today’s Stocking Stuffer: Honing your mad WORLD-BUILDING … Continue reading

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