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From time to time, people ask us to be guests on their podcasts, which is always such a great time (nerding out about writing for 20 minutes or so? Sign me up!) Below are our most recent podcasts and interviews. Have a listen or watch, and then subscribe, because these podcasts and channels have a wealth of information to share.

Would you like to invite us to be a guest on your podcast? Drop us an email.

The Joined Up Writing Podcast:   (Listen to an interview with Angela)

Create a Story You Love Podcast:  (Listen to an interview with Becca or with Angela)

TV Writer Podcast (A Discussion on Showing Character Emotion with Angela)

Always Write Podcast (A Look at Emotion and Character Building with Angela)

Lisa Hall Wilson (Emotion & Deep POV with Becca)

Story Works Round Table Part 1 (Discussing Emotional Wounds with Becca)

Story Works Round Table Part 2 (Discussing Emotional Wound and Character Arc with Becca)

Teleseminar: Emotional Wounds & Memoir (Coming soon!)

DIYMFA Radio Show (Coming soon!)


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