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Hi guys! I had a blast chatting with you all today–thanks so much for all the great conversation!

I wanted to share some additional links that might help with better understanding a character’s backstory, the darkness in their past, and ideas on how to bring about the transformation of change.

Why is Your Character’s Wound So Important?

How To Uncover Your Character’s Emotional Wound

Understanding Character Wounds: A List of Common Themes

How Your Hero’s Past Pain Determines His Character Flaws

Make Your Character Complex by Choosing The Right Flaws

Teaching Jaded Characters to Trust Again

How to Show Your Character’s Vulnerable Side

How Pressure Points Reveal True Character

How Character Attributes and Flaws Work Against Each Other In Character Arc

Why Characters Resist Change

The Emotional Wound Thesaurus

And Just for You…

As some of you know, in addition to our strange little thesaurus books, Becca and I have created an online site called One Stop For Writers. It’s crazy-helpful. You’ll find 13 description thesaurus collections (yes, including all our books), and many different structure planning tools, worksheets, tutorials, lessons and a boatload more. There’s a much more complete Wound Thesaurus on the site as well, and a great tutorial that will help you make better use of your character’s past pain in the story. (The tutorials are available to anyone registered, BTW–you don’t have to subscribe.)

The registration is free so you can poke around to see if it’s your jam. If it is, before you subscribe, grab this code to save yourself some $$:


This code will give you 25% off any plan. Just put it in the coupon box on the My Subscription page when you go to subscribe, activate the code, and select a plan. Your first invoice will be discounted 25%.

(Grab the code soon as it expires at the end of June 2017.)

Last thing: you guys have a very special community and I love seeing all the support and encouragement. Keep up the great work, and be proud of what you’re building. 🙂

Happy Writing!



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