What Agents Hate

There’s a wonderful article up at Writer’s Digest outlining specific turn-offs agents have regarding the oh-so-important first chapter. This is a MUST READ, so scurry on over and take a look!

What Agents Hate


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3 years ago

My novel’s first chapter begins with a thunderstorm . Is that a problem? My novel is 75% dialogue and 25% narration. I am facing a lot of rejections.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sre

It is hard for us to comment having not read it, but there’s a general rule about not starting with the weather, so if the storm is a lengthy description or not important to the plot you might wish to rewrite the opening scene and get feedback from Critique partners. If you are getting a lot of rejections on your opening page, query, etc. This is a sign it needs to be strengthened, or you need to target your submissions differently. Good luck!

11 years ago

I’m glad to read that prologues are becoming less popular as I struggled for a while with whether or not to have one in my own memoir. I decided against it, after listening to Jean Jenkins at the SCWC (Southern California Writers’ Conference) I attended last weekend in Irvine, California. I also heard something else of interest: The synopsis might be a thing of the past. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Thanks for the article.

11 years ago

I just found this one myself…it’s really good!

Bish Denham
11 years ago

I just read the article before coming to you blog. Very good indeed

PJ Hoover
11 years ago

Thanks for the great link!