Color Thesaurus Entry: Transparent

Real World Comparisons:

Clean rivers, streams, lakes
Dew drops
Rain drops
Melted snow
Man Made:

Glass lenses
Pool water
Suran wrap
Ziplock bags
Plastic slip covers…

Synonyms for Transparent: clear, unclouded, translucent, sheer, crystalline…

Make every detail count

Colors are powerful descriptors, not fillers. Make sure that if you use a comparison or contrast to highlight a color, you choose the right one. Look at the setting and atmosphere you are working to create, then draw from the viewpoint character or narrator’s history, education and past experiences to find the right fit.

Colors not only paint a picture for readers; when used well, they can also create emotional and symbolic harmonies.

Looking to add vivid imagery to your character’s world? This thesaurus has been expanded and integrated into our online library at One Stop For Writers. There, entries have been enhanced to include symbolism opportunities, a wealth of real-world comparisons that can be woven into your writing, and examples of how to describe colors and patterns in ways that engage the reader’s imagination. This collection is also cross-referenced for easy searchability so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Interested in seeing a sampling of the updated Color and Pattern Thesaurus and our other collections? Head on over and register for free at One Stop!

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Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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11 years ago

I would also point out to be sure and use the right word – often people say “transparent” when they mean “translucent,” which is frankly what I am more inclined to think of when I think “jellyfish.”

(That and “tasty” but that’s a long story…)

Mary Witzl
11 years ago

I love this imagery. And I’m proud of myself: ‘dead man’s breath’ made my eyebrows go up right away.

11 years ago

Good examples! Thank you again. This blog is so helpful 🙂

Robyn Campbell
11 years ago

I haven’t been using colors right. Thanks for showing me this Angela. I thought my way of using colors wasn’t as vivid as it could be.

I love the second example. It’s all in the detail. I really appreciate your schooling on this. 🙂

I hope nano is going great. I’m cheering you on. 🙂

Keri Mikulski
11 years ago

Thanks!! A word I need to use more often. 🙂