EPIC Resource for Fantasy Writers

Writing about castles? Knights? The plague? Want to know how Medieval Societies lived, how people farmed, how they dressed, what they ate, how they worshiped and what a woman’s role was? Need a timeline or maps during the Middle Ages?

Well, you’ll want to bookmark THIS.

Total. EPIC. Resource.

That’s all I have to say. Enjoy!


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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Laura Pauling
10 years ago

Cool. Thanks so much!

Jaleh D
10 years ago

That’s fantastic! I love adding to my extensive bookmark list. 😀

10 years ago

WOW that’s fantastic! Wish I could find a similar resource for the CIVIL WAR era, since that’s what I’m in the middle of now. Thanks for posting the link!


10 years ago

Great resource! I’ve bookmarked it, of course.

10 years ago

How cool – thanks!

10 years ago

Thanks for that, Angela!

10 years ago

Wowsers. Yes. It is just plain old interesting to read! Must. Back. Away….hmmm, unless I can incorporate things Medieval into my contemporary MG, then I have to spend time there!

Thanks, Angela…enjoy the day!

Adventures in Children's Publishing

Angela, what a find! Thanks for sharing the link. I think this will be helpful to many people. Do you mind if we link this post in our Friday blog round-up? Thanks so much!


Susanne Drazic
10 years ago

WOW! So much information in one place. Thanks!

Deb Salisbury
10 years ago

Too cool. Bookmarked. Thanks, Angela!

Angela Ackerman
10 years ago

Looks like a ton of great info. A few of the links are broken, but still there’s a boatload of great stuff for adding detail and realism to your setting. 🙂

Stina Lindenblatt
10 years ago

Oh, look! There’s my new home. 😀

Catherine A. Winn
10 years ago

This is wonderful. I have some fantasy writer friends I’m going to send over here. Thanks!

Lydia Sharp
10 years ago

Consider it bookmarked. Thanks!

Marion Sipe
10 years ago

Huh, I was just thinking I needed something like that! Thanks! Although, I do think we fantasy writers tend to get a little too wrapped in the Middle Ages. 😉

Tricia J. O'Brien
10 years ago

Oh, now that is awesome! And super useful for my high fantasy WIP. Thank you!

Riv Re
10 years ago

Thanks soooo much! I’ve been looking for a really good resource for a while.

Shannon O'Donnell
10 years ago

You continue your streak of totally fabulous info! You’re a treasure, Angela. 🙂

10 years ago

Ooo! Cool!
Thanks for the info!

10 years ago

One of my favorite things about the internet, online resources for writers.

Thanks much!


10 years ago

As the other commenters have said…”WOW!” Awesome link…and perfect timing for me. Thanks for sharing.

Kristi Helvig
10 years ago

This makes me want to write about the medieval times just so I can use this link! Thanks – I bookmarked it. 🙂

10 years ago

Wow, great resource! Thanks. You’re always so helpful. 🙂

Tara McClendon
10 years ago

Wowza! Thanks for the link.

Sandy Shin
10 years ago

Oh wow, that’s such, such useful resource. Thank you!