Writing Heroes: Adventures In YA & Children’s Publishing

For a long time now, Becca and I have wanted a way to acknowledge the people who have helped us develop into stronger writers and who add to the writing community as a whole. As a new feature here at The Bookshelf Muse, Becca and I will take turns giving well-deserved recognition to some of the people who really make an impact…people who truly are Writing Heroes.

I have to make my December pick the Ladies at Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing. I mean really, this blog is like getting to open a Christmas gift 365 days a year! Marina Boone and Marissa Graff really show their superpowers when it comes to helping others navigate the publishing industry with insightful posts and an incredible collection of writing worksheets. (If you haven’t taken advantage of these diamonds, take a peek in their left hand sidebar!)

Of course, this is really only the tip of the ICEBERG OF AWESOME. They also offer reviews of all the latest and greatest YA books (plus generous giveaways), run a monthly 1st Five Pages workshop with the help of the ever-brilliant Lisa Gail Green and and AND create the most comprehensive Writing Round Up on the WEB with the help of Link Guru Clara Kensie. Yes I know it’s a bold claim, but visit on any given Friday and you’ll see it for yourselves!

You’ll also find M & M tweeting, FBing & Google+ing a treasure trove of helpful writing tidbits during the week. These girls are smart and savvy, and the success of their blog shows both creativity and a passion for the publishing industry. They care about writers, and want to see them succeed. It’s people like Martina, Marissa, Lisa and Clara who make our writing community GREAT! I can’t recommend this blog enough–bookmark it and add a valuable resource to your Writer’s Toolbox. 🙂

Thank you Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing for being one of my WRITING HEROES. You inspire me, girls!

To pay it forward, Becca or I will give a 1000 word critique to each Writing Hero we profile. Team AIYACP  can decide who amongst them needs this critique or they can offer it as a giveaway on their blog. All writing heroes will also have a permanent link in our header!

So tell me Musers…do you know Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing? Have they helped you or your writing in some way? Please tell us in the comments and help celebrate this amazing WRITING HERO! 


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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SP Sipal
8 years ago

I LOVE this blog and the ladies behind it. They do a fabulous job to keep us all informed and to build a supportive community of writers. Thanks so much for honoring them!

Julie Musil
8 years ago

OMG, these ladies are AMAZING!!!! Theirs was one of the first blogs that caught my attention, and wow, they’ve helped me and so many other writers. Huge thanks to all of them, and huge thanks to you and Becca for highlighting these wonderful blogs.

Martha Ramirez
8 years ago

Awesome. Yes, great blog!

Mirka Breen
8 years ago

Right-on about a great resource.

Sharon K Owen
8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this great blog and resource. I’m now following, subscribing to the blog and following on twitter.

Traci Kenworth
8 years ago

Yay!! Great choice, the content is awesome.

Angela Brown
8 years ago

I didn’t know before but I do now. Thanks for the heads up about a really great blog to check out.

Adventures in YA and Children's Publishing

WOW. Thanks, Ange, and thank you to everyone who posted such kind words. *waving madly* You are all much too generous, but we’ll take it gratefully. This post is just a perfect example of why we love being part of the online writing community, and why we love you and Becca and your amazing blog. It’s incredible how much everyone supports each other. The Bookshelf Muse and the Emotion Thesaurus was one of the first posts we ever put on AYA&CP. We are HUGE fans of this blog and of yours, Ange and Becca, and all you do for writers.

Big squish hugs,


Cynthia Chapman Willis

I do now. Thanks! It looks like an incredible blog.

Jemi Fraser
8 years ago

Fan-tabulous choice!!! (again!) These ladies are truly amazing – kind, hard-working, sweet and all around wonderful 🙂

Angela Ackerman
8 years ago

Thanks everyone for the great comments about the gals over at Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing. I love celebrating the wonderful people we all get to work with. It’s awesome!


Theresa Milstein
8 years ago

This is so nice. I’m sure they appreciate it. I visit that blog from time to time and it has helped me.

erica and christy
8 years ago

LOVE this feature you do. It is so nice to recognize those who impact you. :0) And thanks for stopping by our blog today. I will have to check out Getting Even! christy

Kelly Hashway
8 years ago

Another great blog to feature. I know this one well.

PJ Hoover
8 years ago

I am a huge fan, so I give a big thumbs up! Great choice!

Lynda R Young
8 years ago

Yes! I love their blog and all the effort they’ve thrown into it. Great choice for heroes!! I love them so much (and you, Angela) so I tweeted this post 🙂

Nicole Zoltack
8 years ago

Definite heroes! They’re a great choice. I love their site.

8 years ago

These ladies definitely qualify as heroes! They have helped many of my friends with their 1st Five Pages workshops. I love them and always look forward to reading the entries!

8 years ago

LOVE that blog! Great series! 🙂

Becca Puglisi
8 years ago

Yes, yes, and YES! Excellent choice, Ange!

Shannon O'Donnell
8 years ago

YES! This is a fantastic choice to highlight. I LOVE their blog! 🙂

Wild About Words
8 years ago

Thank you for sharing this amazing resource. They have yet another new follower now.

Lisa Gail Green
8 years ago

These ladies are SO incredible, I feel like my contribution just isn’t the same! But I LOVE doing the workshop. I love giving back to the community in any way I can. Thanks for including me in your tribute. 😀

Matthew MacNish
8 years ago

Another awesome hero(es)!

8 years ago

I absolutely agree. Adventures in Children’s Publishing was one of my first autofollow blogs I stumbled across, and they have consistently brought us great resources on writing as well as lots of inspiration.

Ghenet Myrthil
8 years ago

I love their blog. Their WOW Wednesday and Friday links are not to be missed. They have the best roundup of posts for kidlit writers. 🙂

Christina Lee
8 years ago

Yes yes YESSSSS!!!!! They are a MUST FOLLOW blog! I am always amazed at all that they do! FANTASTIC choice!

Susan R. Mills
8 years ago

Excellent choice!

Bish Denham
8 years ago

I’m a follower now! Wow, what a wonderful resource.

Stina Lindenblatt
8 years ago

They are an amazing resource, and they give back so much to the writing and kidlit communities. Great choice ladies. 😀