For a long time now, Becca and I have wanted a way to acknowledge the people who have helped us develop into stronger writers and who add to the writing community as a whole. So, once a month I’ll be featuring a writer who really makes an impact…someone who is a true Writing Hero.

Today I am excited to give a well deserved shout out to someone so many of us know: K.M. Weiland.

Katie is one of those special people that every fledgling writer hopes to come across. She has one of the best craft blogs out there and knows writing inside and out. I was so grateful when I found her blogging at Author Culture years ago, which then led me to her personal blog Wordplay: Helping Writers become Authors. And that’s just what she does–helps writers of all levels grow stronger and move closer to their goals.

Katie herself is the author of several books, writing both Historical and Speculative fiction. She also has a wonderful writing book I really recommend to anyone who is looking to understand or sharpen their outlining skills: Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way To Success. I found it especially helpful as I try to make the move from pantsing into more structured outlining, without losing that critical creative element that is so important to a pantser’s process. If you want to read more about her Reverse Outlining technique, there’s an excerpt here.

Katie also has a series of podcasts if you like to listen as you write, or enjoy the more interactive feel of a podcast. If you visit her blog, you’ll find a huge list to choose from. Katie’s craft posts are not to be missed as she always offers great insight and she also has a FREE Digital book on Crafting Unforgettable Characters, so head on over and snag a copy!

In short, she’s incredibly generous with her time and expertise, and just a positive, caring force in the writing community. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and if you like, add her books to your Goodreads lists. So thank you K. M. Weiland, for being one of my WRITING HEROES. You inspire me!

To pay it forward, I will give a 1000-word critique to Katie. She can then choose to keep it for herself or offer it as a giveaway on her blog! As a resident writing hero, she will also have a permanent link in our header.

So tell me Musers…do you know K.M. Weiland? Has she helped you or your writing in some way? Please tell us in the comments and help celebrate this amazing WRITING HERO! 

**Also, if you have the chance, BECCA is visiting the awesome Carrie Butler at her blog So, You’re a Writer dishing out the 3 Ingredients Needed for a Strong Scene. Please stop in! She’s also running a GIVEAWAY of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression!


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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4 years ago

I have been following Katie for quite a while. She is one of the best. Her advice is right on and well written. Easy to understand and implement.
Thank you, Katie for all you do. You deserve this acknowledgment.

Traci Kenworth
8 years ago

I’ve followed her for a while now, nice to see her get the recognition she deserves!!

Ruth Donnelly
8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this great resource! And what a wonderful idea for a blog feature–a lovely way to honor those who have had a positive influence on your writing!

Carrie Butler
8 years ago

The power is back on!

Thank you for mentioning Becca’s guest post. It was great advice and people are still talking about it! 🙂

On my way to check out K.M.!

Fiona Ingram
8 years ago

I can’t remember how I found Katie’s blog but I am glad I did! I love her posts and have learned so much from her writing advice.

Laura Pauling
8 years ago

Another terrific writing hero. I always enjoy her craft posts! 🙂

Karen Lange
8 years ago

It’s nice to learn more about Katie; thanks for the info. I agree. She is a writing hero!. 🙂

Becca Puglisi
8 years ago

Katie’s such a great choice for a writing hero. She’s got so much amazing and accessible information on her site.

8 years ago

A most excellent post. I can say from personal experience that she is quick with sage advice and a understanding ear. Her vid-blog on writing is a must for any and all writers, be they amateurs or seasoned professionals.

Bish Denham
8 years ago

Nope, I didn’t know about Katie, but I do now! Thanks. I’ve become a follower.

Angela Ackerman
8 years ago

Katie, it is a pleasure to give you a well-deserved shout out–you are so generous with your time and incredible brain for writing, and we all appreciate it!

Carol & Michelle, glad to hear Katie’s blog and books are helping you. That’s great!

Jemi, I’m glad you know her now–she rocks!

Have a great week, everyone and thanks as always for the comments!


Jemi Fraser
8 years ago

How do I not know Katie??? Off I go 🙂

Michelle Tibbetts
8 years ago

I discovered Katie’s blog a few months ago and now count myself a loyal follower. I’ve learned so much valuable information about the craft from her. Excellent choice ladies.

Carol J. Garvin
8 years ago

I follow Katie’s blog and am always learning something to help improve my writing. I have the free digital book, too. SO MUCH helpful info! She’s definitely a Writing Hero to celebrate.

8 years ago

She’s my hero too! I love the Wordplay blog — I’ve learned so much over there!

K.M. Weiland
8 years ago

Wow, wow, wow. I am incredibly honored, ladies! What a fabulous thing to start my morning with. I’m just happy I get to share a nook in the online writing community with all of you! Thank you so much!

Angela Ackerman
8 years ago

Andrea, that is super smart, listening to podcasts as you walk the dog–I think I will give that a try!

Natalie, I agree, she is super helpful. She always tweets great links on twitter as well. 🙂

Ava and Marissa, we are so on the same page. I am very glad I found her and her blog. 🙂

L.J & Kath, I am so happy I could introduce you to K.M. She’s awesome! Enjoy her blog!

Hi Margo, Glad you know KM (and now Katie!) already–that’s great!

Margo Berendsen
8 years ago

I never knew the K was Katie, but she is definitely a great blogger and writer and I don’t pop by her blog often enough!

8 years ago

Thank you so much! I signed up for Katie’s blog.
Boy, am I feeling smart today, being one of your followers!

L.J. Kentowski
8 years ago

I had not heard of Katie’s blog, but I’m a new fan! Thanks for the hook up!

Marisa Hopkins
8 years ago

Great post! She’s been one of my writing heroes since I first discovered the world of writer blogs several years ago – and hers is still a favorite blog of mine today 🙂

Ava Jae
8 years ago

Another wonderful choice for a writing hero. Thanks for this fantastic feature, ladies and congratulations, Katie! 🙂

Shah Wharton
8 years ago

I’m a subscriber and hove this outlining book. She’e a real help and inspiration. Go Katie. X

Natalie Aguirre
8 years ago

Great choice of a writing hero. I follow Katie’s blog and really enjoy her helpful tips when I stop by. I don’t visit her site as much as I should and that’s going to change.

A big congrats to Katie!

Andrea Mack
8 years ago

Thanks for letting me know about Katie’s podcasts. I’m always looking for good podcast to listen to about writing when I’m walking the dog!