3 Big Problems with Describing Emotions

Hi everyone! A few neat things going on, so I just wanted to touch base and toss a few links your way. First up, you can find me over at Romance University, talking about Emotional Description: 3 Common Problems with Show & Tell. If critique feedback indicates you “tell” the reader your character’s emotions, or you show too much of them, or do both at once, this is the article for you!

Second, You may remember an older series called The Seven Deadly Sins Of Novel Writing. Well, for whatever reason, it went viral this week on Tumblr, so I thought I’d post again in case any readers missed it when it originally aired:

SIN #1: Low Stakes

Sin # 2: Counterfeit Characters

Sin # 3 Missing the Mark on Voice & POV

Sin # 4 Plot Snafus

Sin # 5 Flat WordSmithing

Sin # 6 Dialogue Disaster

Sin # 7 TMI (Too Much Information)

BONUS SIN Disappointing the Reader

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Becca Puglisi is an international speaker, writing coach, and bestselling author of The Emotion Thesaurus and its sequels. Her books are available in five languages, are sourced by US universities, and are used by novelists, screenwriters, editors, and psychologists around the world. She is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge with others through her Writers Helping Writers blog and via One Stop For Writers—a powerhouse online library created to help writers elevate their storytelling. You can find Becca online at both of these spots, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.
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15 Responses to 3 Big Problems with Describing Emotions

  1. Mari Adkins says:

    Thank you for this!

  2. I am definitely tucking in to these links. Can’t wait for the “Trait” duo.

  3. LD Masterson says:

    I hadn’t seen the Seven Deadly Sins series. Thanks so much for posting the links.

  4. Karen Lange says:

    Looking forward to the next book! 🙂

  5. Books sound useful. Looking forward to them. The post was great too. I’ll have to get my 13 year old co-author to read through those sins. We are always trying to improve our craft.

  6. Thank you everyone! So many good things are happening right now, and we’re so excited about the release of these next 2 books.

  7. Thanks everyone–we are excited too. This has been a long project, one that required a lot of research, and we hope we’ve done it justice for all of you. Always becca and I want to do right by you all. 🙂

    Andria, so glad you found your way here and that you enjoyed the blog series. I think I could have done ten or 20 sins, lol. Still, these are some of the biggest, aren’t they?

  8. Woot! I’m so excited for this new resource. You guys rock it!

    And no. I’m not saying you blow into the sky. 😉

  9. How great that you went viral on Tumblr! Fantastic.

  10. Andria Lonye says:

    I just finished reading all 7 deadly sins plus the bonus sin. I must say, very informative. It really got me thinking about my own work and what I can do to improve it. I’ve also taken on the daunting task of editing the novel of another writer who is in need of A LOT of guidance. This really zeroed in on some mistakes she is making in her novel and helped me pinpoint them so I can help her better. I’m also starting my first blog…similar to what you have here. I’ve only got one post so far, but seeing what you do for your readers is like a breath of fresh air. It points me in the direction of what I should be doing for my readers. Anyways, thanks for an awesome series. If you have the time, check out my humble little blog as well. http://www.eclecticverb.com

  11. Rosi says:

    Very exciting time. Congrats on getting the new books out so soon.

  12. kittyb78 says:

    Awesome post! Can’t wait for the two new books. And yay! That’s my Birthday month. Two more awesome reasons to look forward to it. 🙂

  13. mshatch says:

    I have The Emotional Thesaurus and am looking forward to your next 🙂

  14. Dawn Malone says:

    So looking forward to your new books!

  15. Jemi Fraser says:

    You’ve been SO busy! Glad the books are almost ready! 🙂

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