WHW Amazing Race Day 4 + GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to Day 4 of The WHW Amazing Race! I am thrilled to see our progress so far, helping writers get a bit of feedback and support to keep them moving forward.

If you haven’t yet asked for help, there’s no time like the present! Check out our Day 1 post for all the details, and don’t forget that each day, we’re offering a giveaway to help in some of the areas writers are focused on.  More on that below.

Today I want to send a GIGANTIC thank you to all our celebrity racers!

Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth Spann Craig

Bestselling Author Jody Hedlund

Debut NA Author Stina Lindenblatt

Editor & Author C.S. Lakin

RITA Nominated YA Author Janet Gurtler

Editor & Author Jodie Renner

Bestselling Indie Author Steena Holmes

Fantasy & Historical Author & Writing Guru K.M. Weiland

Debut YA Author Martina Boone

The work doesn’t stop on the other side of the publishing fence, and we hugely appreciate them all taking the time to offer their insight. Please stop in and visit their websites and blogs for incredible content on reading, writing & publishing, and of course, some absolutely AMAZING books.

In today’s giveaway, Writers Helping Writers takes on…Self Publishing!

This is a publishing alternative that many of us are turning to as it holds so much potential for reaching the right audience for our book. Self publishing requires a lot of work and heart, and so we wanted to gather some experts in the field to help someone start down this path right.

IndieAuthorSelf Publishing Prize Pack

  •  A 45 minute Skype or Facetime chat with one of the hardest working Indies in the business: YA author Susan Kaye Quinn
  • A FULL Manuscript read-through to highlight concerns and suggest alternatives by Quilldrivers editor, Jeff Hill

Susan Kaye Quinn webSusan Kaye Quinn’s impressive sales, business savvy, and ability to find and connect with readers will greatly help a writer entering the SP arena. Susan is a born researcher, and the knowledge she’s amassed on Self Publishing, along with her entrepreneurial spirit, make her a force on the Indie Stage.

QDtmMarketing success is dependent on producing a high quality, engaging book, and Quilldrivers Editor Jeff Hill’s twenty years of experience offers him the editorial insight and knowledge to help elevate a novel to the next level.

Heather McCorkleAnd right up there with providing a high quality and engaging book is having a captivating cover tailored to your exact audience. The talented Heather McCorkle designs covers for indies as well as Promontory Press, and will give your novel the face it needs to draw readers in. As an author herself, she understands the business, and how to give a book cover that WOW factor. She also designs everything from bookmarks to business cards.


Wowza! Want to win this brilliant prize? Just ENTER HERE! And if you feel like sharing this post, please do!

The window has closed for this prize–thank you all for entering! 🙂

There’s still time to ask for help if you haven’t yet put in a request, so FILL OUT THIS FORM and maybe your request will find a match!

(Photo Credit: Tharrin)


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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Kelly Polark
6 years ago

Oh man! How did I miss this was going on?! Great job, ladies!

B Lee Draper
B Lee Draper
6 years ago

There’s nothing like waking up to find an email from the awesome Jodie Renner with a critique of my first paragraph – such helpful feedback – plus an email telling me I won a place in the WANA Character Seminar. I am just so very excited. I live in a pretty remote part of Australia and this website has showed me that I’m not alone. Thank you so much! 🙂

6 years ago

Thanks for the love, guys. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it! Thanks for spreading the word and just being generally awesome :).

6 years ago

Hi! I filled out a form today for the WHW Amazing Race, but my computer froze when I pressed submit. I’m not sure if it went through since I did not receive a confirmation. Can you let me know? Thank you!!!

Sheryl Dunn
Sheryl Dunn
6 years ago

Many, many thanks to Angela who tweaked my book description for me. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s so much better than it was before.

I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, and saving the information. Thank you.

Skylar Wilkes
Skylar Wilkes
6 years ago

This is an amazing event. The advice really helped my query and made me want to push forward. I thank all of you.

6 years ago

I am amazed you can keep so many balls in the air!

Kate Sparkes
6 years ago

This is so exciting! I entered to win this one. *crosses fingers, toes, and eyes*

Julie Musil
6 years ago

Love this prize package! Just tweeted it.

Angela and Becca, you guys are so amazing. Thanks for always being such an important part of our community.

6 years ago

I sent in my first page and the feedback was great. It completely made my day and gave me that little pat on the back that tells me I’m on the right track. So thank you!! I love this site:)

Tony Benson
6 years ago

The Amazing Race is a great idea. Off to tweet about it now 🙂

Diana Beebe
6 years ago

Angela, I love what you and Becca are doing! 😀

Edie Melson
6 years ago

Love what you’re doing. Thank you!

Natalie Aguirre
7 years ago

What an amazing week! So glad it’s going so well.