WHW Amazing Race Day 2 + GIVEAWAY!

It’s DAY TWO of the Writers Helping Writers AMAZING RACE and all racers are FULL STEAM ahead! We’re critiquing, tweeting, and answering questions like mad!

Have you put in a request for help yet? There are 10 different areas we are offering assistance with! A team of Racers, plus our Celebrity Racers, are scanning spreadsheets and helping out wherever they can. Maybe it will be YOU! Find out the exact details of The WHW Amazing Race HERE and then fill out THIS FORM if you’d like some help!

Today as part of the WHW Amazing Race BOOK VISIBILITY INITIATIVE, we’re showing some book love! Fancy something new to read? Maybe you’d like to try one of these lovelies. Just click on the link to add it to your Goodreads list:


HellboreBLACK HELLEBORE (Superhero Romance)

Author: Nicole Zoltack

Becoming a superhero, falling in love with his dead girlfriend’s twin, and fighting a super villain — Nicholas Adams’ life will never be the same when he dons his mask and trench coat and tries to save Falledge as the Black Hellebore.



VillainsEVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES (SFR/Sweet Contemporary Superhero Romance)

Author: Liana Brooks

Doctor Charm’s oldest daughter is all grown up and taking Hollywood by storm! Motorcycles and Shakespeare have never mixed better than this high-octane romance.




Ha, we have a bit of a superhero theme today!
And of course, we can’t forget our AMAZING Day 2 Giveaway. Today, Writers Helping Writers tackles… Writing Craft!


Writing Craft Prize Pack: 




  • The winner can hand select 8 writing craft ebooks from the choices above, PLUS



  • Two additional winners will be drawn for an ecopy of Style That Sizzles as well

Writing resource books help us develop our writing skills and hone our craft. They are tools that allow us to learn at our own pace, ones that we can turn to again and again. Becca and I have serious Writing Craft addictions, and I’m betting most of you do, too!

Want to win these AMAZING Prizes? Just ENTER HERE!

This giveaway has expired, and winners will be notified soon. Thank you for entering and good luck! Don’t forget to check out our new daily giveaway each day this week!

As always, you don’t have to stand on your head, name a firstborn child after us or do anything else to enter (but tweets & shares do make the world go round, just sayin’)

(Photo Credit: Tharrin)


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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B Lee Draper
B Lee Draper
6 years ago

I was SO excited to get an answer to my blog question from the fabulous V. L. Moura this morning that I did a little happy dance. I only posted my question last night and I’ve already learned so much that V. L. shared with me. Thank you so much for the opportunity and the feedback. Off to do another happy dance! 🙂

Mart Ramirez
7 years ago

Whoooooo Hoooooo and the race keeps going!! LOVING IT!!!

Mikayla Rivera (@KaylaTheRivera)

I lurked off to the side of social media for so long, but I’m glad I held my breath and jumped back in! Your blog is amazing, and I never would have found it without Twitter. Madam, you have yourself another follower. And this race idea? Absolutely glamor!

7 years ago

Your two new books sound so useful. Congratulations!

Joan Stradling
7 years ago

When I saw the post on Literary Rambles, I immediately came here and entered and then clicked over to Amazon and bought both books for my Kindle. I love how you broke down character creation at the beginning. I’ve read many books about characterization, but you guys made it easy to understand–and in a lot less pages. LOL

Thank you both so much for your willingness to put these books together for us! I feel you wrote these about characterization just for me–because I’ve been in desperate need of them for a long time.

Jodie Renner
7 years ago

Congrats on the launch of your two new books, Angela and Becca! And I look forward to offering some free critiques as part of your Amazing Race! 🙂

Nicole Zoltack
7 years ago

Thanks for posting about Black Hellebore!

J H Bogran
7 years ago

Yay for Day 2!

7 years ago

I’m so glad I found this site. You all are lovely to do such wonderful things for other writers.

7 years ago

This is all great stuff. Wishing you and the site all the best.

Natalie Aguirre
7 years ago

Congrats! So excited to be a part of your book release celebration!