Writers Helping Writers Is Spending $1000 To Buy YOUR Christmas Gifts!

No, you did not misread that title. Becca and I are spending $1000 to help you knock someone off your Christmas list!

As many of you know, Becca and I choose a charity every year and donate some of our book earnings to it. Last year we sent $500 to Heifer International, a charity that tackles World Hunger through sustainable living. This year, we are donating to Uend, a wonderful organization that is stamping out poverty all over the world.


What makes Uend special? 100% of all money donated goes DIRECTLY to charitable projects. That’s right–no administration overhead, no hefty chunks taken for marketing or advertizements or to produce costly mail outs. People donate online and then get to choose how that money will be spent. Maybe they help build an orphanage in Tanzania, drill a well in Sierra Leone, or sponsor leadership training and education for women in Pakistan.

This year, we are donating $1000 dollars to Uend. But as we looked through all the cool projects available in different parts of the world, we thought to ourselves…

Why not give to this charity and help our readers at the SAME TIME?

So here’s the deal: Christmas giving can be expensive, so Becca and I are offering  to take care of one of your gifts this year by sending you a $50 certificate for Uend. So, instead of us choosing where the money goes, someone on your Christmas List can!

Uend3Trust me, anyone on your list would love to get this gift. It is simple and easy–the recipient goes to the website, enters the gift certificate code we provide, and they shop for a project to donate it to. What could be better than getting the chance to choose a  project in a country that really needs support? This is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and is great for hard-to-buy-for people or offers kids the opportunity to understand the importance of giving to others.

Because this is a big giveaway, we want these gifts to go to our subscribers.

We will draw TEN $50 Uend gift certificates from our BLOG email subscribers, and TEN $50 gift certificates from our NEWSLETTER subscribers. If you subscribe to both, this DOUBLES your chances, and you are eligible for BOTH draws!


  • If you are a subscriber, just enter THIS FORM so we can contact you if you win.  This giveaway has ended–thank you so much for entering!
  • If you are not a subscriber, become one! The blog & newsletter subscriptions are in the sidebar. Our newsletters are occasional, we don’t spam you, and each is brimming with great writing links to unique sites, as well as craft articles to help you on your journey. And having our posts sent to your email box makes it easy for you to read when you have time, and share it with others if you are so inclined.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought our books this past year. We are able to pay it forward because of your support! So whether you win or not, I hope you feel a warm glow because you have helped make this donation happen. 🙂

If you feel like doing some charitable giving, consider checking more into Uend. Or, you could check out Graham Parke’s charity initiative, where he’s donating all earning for the month for his book. Also, he’s giving away a Kindle Fire and much more, so check his site No Hope For Gomez HERE!

As always, tweets, shares and  mentions are always appreciated, but not required to win. Cheers, and enjoy the week!


photo credit: Simple Fox via photopin cc


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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10 Responses to Writers Helping Writers Is Spending $1000 To Buy YOUR Christmas Gifts!

  1. A.J. Sefton says:

    Not sure if this is the best place to tell you this, but, because I have found your blog to be a fantastic help, I have nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award. Here is my post: http://www.ajsefton.com/#!special-blog/c1pv1

    There is a link on the page about the award. Thanks for the blogs and I hope you accept.

  2. Pretty epic, as always, ladies. I’m proud of you both, and delighted to call y’all my friends. I signed up. I wonder if they are partnered with “Make-A-Wish”? (goes to check Uend’s website).

  3. Julie Musil says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! I was already a subscriber to your newsletter but not to the blog. Fixed that in a hurry! And I tweeted your awesomeness.

  4. Lisa Buie-Collard says:

    What a great idea. I’ll sign up now. And, I’m going to visit the site you linked to… Thank you. I want to be able to do something like this someday!

  5. Rosi says:

    Thanks for doing this and for telling me about UEND. I always check to see how much goes directly to the charity work and how much to administration. Some charities that seem like something I would support have very high admin costs and don’t receive my support. This one looks great and I will look into it for this year’s giving. What you are doing is wonderful.

    • It is very frustrating to see all these big charities use up to 60% toward administration and marketing, isn’t it? This is why I like Uend–it seems to be very transparent when it comes to where money goes, and I like how people can pick a project that they feel strongly about. It’s a great charity!

  6. Woot woot woot! Double my chances, double my fun! But not with yummy Juicy fruit gum. (Is that jingle in your heads now??) *wink* Thanks you guys. When you have seven kids and three birthdays around this time, it gets a little depressing!

  7. Julie Catherine says:

    What a great idea – one that truly expresses the meaning of Christmas! Thank you, Angela and Becca for your generosity, and for all you share with us on your wonderful site! ~ Julie Catherine 🙂

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