Gifts Galore: What to Get Writers this Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and with it, a flurry of internet searches and flyer flipping to find loved ones some thoughtful gifts. But what of writers? What might be on their wish list? NEVER FEAR! Becca and I have scoured the interwebs for you, and compiled an ULTIMATE Gift List For Writers just for this occasion. Do check it out!

Below are some of our favorite finds from our pinterest board. Feel free to bookmark, add to your wish lists, or share with other writers!

Coffee Mug for Introverting…er, Reading:

introvertingI have seen some neat mugs for writers, but this one is just so perfect I had to put it up on the blog. A great gift for your favorite introvert!

(View more clever mug ideas on our pinterest board here)


pen2LED Night Pen:

Why do the best ideas come in the middle of the night, when we have nothing to write with, and getting up from the warmth of blankets is a Herculean task? Perhaps it is karma for all the bad things we do to our protagonists.

Well, in your face, karma! This LED pen will let you jot down your ideas before they slip away!

key fobCustomizable Book Cover Gift:

One year for Chrismas, Becca gave me a Christmas tree ornament with our Emotion Thesaurus book cover on it–what a thoughtful way to celebrate our first book!

Why not get a special trinket made out of your book cover, or that of another author friend, like this key chain or purse fob?

JouliesSet of 5 Joulies Beans:

What are Joulies? Oh, just a remarkable bean invention that keeps your coffee HOT FOR HOURS. Let’s face it, writers would IV drip coffee if they could and but there’s nothing worse than getting caught up in the story and having one’s coffee or tea go cold. Sign me up for Joulies!

toastCustom Edgar Allen Poe Toaster:

Toast your way to greatness! Gaze upon the face of a literary icon, then slather him with marmalade and consume his genius, bite by delicious bite. Be sure to say “Klaatu Verata Necto” a few times, and we’re pretty sure MAGIC will ensue.

(Besides, don’t pretend you don’t want this toaster, especially when it comes with many different designs including Clowns, Skulls and the Death Star!)

eye massagerEye Care Massager (to alleviate Eye Fatigue):

Will it let you see the future? Protect you from mind control? Sadly no. But it will help you recover from strained vision when you spend far too much time playing candy crush, hanging out on Twitter, or writing your opus novel, which is pretty cool.

Web Hosting & Author Services:

techSurgeonsThese days, everyone needs a place to call home online, especially writers and authors. Finding a reliable service for the care and feeding of a website is super important, and there is no one better to help with that than Jay Donovan, Internet Jedi Master at Tech Surgeons. Jay is not only our WHW Guru, he provides a plethora of services just for writers. Contact Jay and find out how he can help you find your internet home, or to set up a gift certificate for a writer you know.

Writing Resource Books:

Specifically, ours! We hope you’ll forgive our shameless self promotion, but if you find value from our Writers Helping Writers site, we encourage you to check out our books as they are packed with SO MUCH MORE writerly advice and tools than is available here.

But please, spend your dollars wisely. Ask around and see what your writer friends think, if they have test driven our resources. Check out our reviews on Amazon.

So, what’s on your writerly wish list? Let us know in the comments!



Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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24 Responses to Gifts Galore: What to Get Writers this Christmas

  1. Books, books and more books, And gift cards for books, haha!

    Honestly, I am happy with anything that’s remotely writer-centric. It shows me that my family loves me and knows what I love 🙂

    Great adds, everyone! This is a great list right here in the comments!

  2. :Donna says:

    Last night I told my cousin about the joulies and he got SO excited! 🙂

  3. Some great gift ideas!! I’d love bookcases, notebooks and pens, post-its, ink, painted boards for collages, those joulie beans, and writing craft books, please!! Not to mention books to read, read, read!!

  4. There are some really cool gift ideas. Thanks for sharing about them.

  5. A gift certificate for a neck and shoulder massage!!!

  6. Wow the coffee beans are hilarious, I can’t believe someone has invented them, brilliant idea!

  7. LD Masterson says:

    Okay, I’ll admit that toaster is cool. How about more uninterrupted time? Who wouldn’t like that?

  8. Lyn C says:

    I definitely want one of those night pens (probably several)! I have a coffee mug with “Writer’s Block – when your imaginary friends refuse to play with you,” Think I’ll have to leave a few hints around the house about those pens 🙂

  9. Bookcases. That’s what I’d like for Christmas. Three, four, seven. A girl can never have too many. Because books!

  10. Julie Musil says:

    Oh, my goodness! I LOVE these ideas! Especially the light up pen.

  11. Gina Rosati says:

    Fellow Apocalypsie YA and MG author Shannon Messenger zendoodles to loosen up her writing mind, and she’s put her gorgeous doodles up for sale at Society6. Here’s one of my favorite doodles on a tote bag, because what writers can’t use another bag to haul around their notes? You can browse around the site for more designs –

  12. :Donna says:

    There are a few things here I would LOVE to have, for sure. I want to know what the joulies are made of though, if they’re steeping in hot liquid. Don’t want anything leeching into the coffee. Gonna look now…

    OK, they’re stainless steel which is safe 🙂 The “miracle” stuff is contained inside, like an egg 🙂 Not cheap though!

    Thanks for this fantastic list! 😀

  13. Wendy says:

    I love that LED pen, although I would wish that it was also a fountain pen. 🙂 I might need to put that on my christmas wish list! Thanks for all the great gift suggestions.

  14. It’s not earth shattering, but I always love gel pens and spiral notebooks with a fun or cute front cover.

  15. All of these are great! Keep them coming!

  16. Shirley Richey says:

    Another great gift for writer is time alone to write. If your writer gift recipient has children, time alone to write is what they most likely want. I know I do!

  17. Shirley Richey says:

    Thank you for the gift ideas!! Just yesterday I wondered what, other than books, Barnes and Nobles gift cards and small journals, I could give my writer friends. I especially love the LED pen, the beans and the mug. Awesome:)

  18. Aften Brook Szymanski says:

    I want a big plaque with the perfect inspirational quote to look up at whenever I get stuck. I’m leaning toward, Write Bravely, but would love something- anything that encouraged for my inspiration needs.
    When I get stuck I just need that pat on the back that says, “we both know that draft is crap right now, but don’t be afraid. Go on, you can fix it… Write bravely. Fear not your limitations, and learn on, little writer.”

  19. Karen rider says:

    Pour some yummy Possibiliteas – Master Brews for Creative Minds into that mug! Three tea blends: Creativitea Claritea & Possibiliteas designed to enhance key aspects of the creative process.

  20. And printer ink and paper! How could I forget those?!

  21. More pens (BIC Clics are fine) and notebooks. Post-Its. Novel Teas (tea with literary quotes on the tags.) Another thumb drive (good quality.) A Barnes and Noble gift card is also never amiss 😉

  22. Sara L. says:

    The only writerly things on my Christmas list this year are books – lots of them! All for pleasure / genre-catch-up reading. But that counts, right? 🙂

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