Workspace Pictures & Our 2015 Charity Selection

Boy, we had are some great pictures come in from our 100,000 Book Milestone Giveaway. It is so neat to peer at your work spaces, meet your pets and see your smiling faces in all of these pictures. Too, the stories are great — so many of you have shared tidbits about how your use our books, what you have accomplished with them and how they are constant writing companions. This is just so gratifying for us to hear, so thank you for this gift!

Here are a few of the pictures that rolled in:

Harry OlsenHere we have Harry Olsen working on his latest project of awesomeness.

50 Points to Gryffindor for managing to take a selfie that gets him, his books, his laptop and his printed work in process ALL IN ONE SHOT!

Leslie ZampettiNext is the talented Leslie Zampetti and her strange electronic device that is actually a portal to another realm. On it, she types magical words that will transport readers into the story world.

Holy zombie cows, I NEED one of these mystical novel-making devices. (And I wish my writing space was as neat as hers too!)

Jan MarkleyAnd here’s Sprite, Jan Markley‘s cat, drinking a mug of whiskey (er, I mean tea OF COURSE!) and likely plotting mayhem that will bring about a fiery apocalypse.

Who killed the Dead Bird Through The Cat Door (Jan’s MG novel on screen?) If it wasn’t Colonel Mustard with a wrench in the library, then my vote goes Sprite, after a drinking and catnip binge.

Lisanne CooperUp next is a picture sent in by Lisanne Cooper, who is obviously a huge fan of the Negative Trait Thesaurus in particular. Why you ask? Because she painted her wall the same shade!



Sabrina RamothAnd sweet lord of chocolate goodness…are those BROWNIES?

Oh, you delicious tease. I wish I was at Sabrina Ramoth‘s house RIGHT NOW.

(Looks like she’s cued up Scrivener and is knee deep in creativity!)

Angie AkerFACT: Angie Aker not only has a fabulous name, she also has a well-loved Emotion Thesaurus.

Bring on the folded corners, the highlights and pen notations! This is what we like to see because it means she is getting serious miles from her book as she uses it.

Janet BoyerBudding writer Noah is taking after his mom Janet Boyer. This means serious lessons in “sharing” as they swap all three books back and forth.

There is a dark side of having a child take on the family business, as illustrated here by the pictures below.

Heather O’Connor sent in these pictures she snapped of a LIVE book theft in action when her daughter Alison got too close to the bookshelf…

(WARNING: Graphic images…writers with weak stomachs may want to look away)

Heather OConnor1 heather Oconnor2HeatheroConnor3

I’m not going to lie…it was a grueling battle. Outside, lightning forked across the sky and booms of thunder shook the house. An orchestra showed up and began to play epic battle music as the tug of war raged on. Alison finally prevailed by throwing a handful of colorful M & M’s into the air. Her mother, as you might imagine, was helpless against their chocolatey power (No one can resist M & M’s).

Heather might not see her books for awhile, but we appreciate the book love, no matter how you slice it.

(And please, keep those pictures rolling in!)

Paying It Forward

Each year, Becca and I choose a charity to sponsor here at Writers Helping Writers. So far we have donated $2500 to organizations such as Heifer International (mission: to End Poverty) and the Polaris Project (mission: to stop Human Trafficking). So know that when you purchase a book of ours, you are also sending along some much needed help to someone else!

farm sactuaryThis year, Becca and I will be donating to Farm Sanctuary. This charity focuses on rescuing animals from cruelty, re-educating people and advocating for humane treatment.

We are able to do this because of your kind support, so thank you so much!

Happy writing!

Angela & Becca


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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5 years ago

Love seeing these pics! (Hi, Leslie! 😀 ) How gratifying for you fabulous ladies! 😀

Janet Boyer
5 years ago

These pics are SO awesome. Thanks for featuring Noah (one of your biggest fans, for sure). :o)

Janet Boyer
5 years ago

Thank you for encouraging him! He’s so honored. You make him feel like a rock star. LOL ;o)

Janet Boyer
5 years ago

Bless your heart. :o) I tell him that life’s a grand experiment: you can’t know what you’ll like (or are good at) unless you at least try.

Susanne Drazic
5 years ago

I like all of the pictures. Sounds like a great charity.

Bish Denham
5 years ago

Great pictures! Watch out for the cat!

Dawn Brazil
5 years ago

Love the spaces…my space is actually a cubby in my master closet. LOL, it works for me. And you two are the best, giving to some awesome charities.


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5 years ago

Sprite the Cat wanted me to tell you that she loved your blog post, it’s taking her mind off that magpie in the backyard who lives to yank her chain. She also takes credit for inspiring the title Dead Bird through the Cat Door given her insistence on bringing them to me as a gift (sometimes they are still alive, I’ve become an expert at capturing and freeing wild animals …)! Have a great day!

Lisanne Cooper
Lisanne Cooper
5 years ago

Hey, guys, great post, as usual. I so enjoy your humor and your spin on live. Keep up the good work!

Your dedicated friend,
Lisanne <3

Robyn Campbell
5 years ago

Great charity, y’all. We have lots of rescued animals on our farm. From the dogs, cats, horses, chickens. You guys ROCK.