Win, Win, Win! Stuff Your Stocking With Writerly Goodies

Becca and I love the holiday season–everything is colorful and cheery, the house is filled with cinnamon and ginger as we flex up our baking muscles, and we get to take time to tell you just what you mean to us. Seriously, you guys are the very best readers out there! We are so lucky to have you in our world.

Another terrific thing about this season is that we can celebrate the things we love, and around here, that’s all things writerly. This year with the launch of One Stop For Writers, our mantra is “Elevate your Storytelling.” So Becca, Lee & I sat down and listed out the top three books we feel have elevated our own craft beyond measure.

Why? So we can give them away to you!

Of course, this exercise caused some issues. Choosing ONLY 3 books? So hard! Plus, several of our “top 3” book choices were the same. And I don’t want to point fingers, but certain individuals *coughBeccacoughLeecough* STOLE some of my choices.

But no worries, there are so many amazing books out there that have helped us become stronger writers that we were able to sort it out.

With that, I bring you the 9 Wonders of the Writing Reference World:

2016 Writers Helping Writers Giveaway1. On Writing  2. First Five Pages  3. Self-Editing For Fiction Writers  4. Writing Screenplays That Sell  5. Description  6. Save the Cat  7. 21st Century Fiction  8. Stein on Writing  9. Structuring Your Novel

Want to elevate your storytelling and win a kindle copy of one of these “best of the best” craft books? Of course you do!

To Enter:

One Stop For Writers Gift Tag_1

Grow your craft with One Stop’s powerful library. Certificates never expire.

1) Post in the comment section with your TOP 4 book choices. (This will be by random draw, and first come first serve.)

2) Tell us what book has elevated your storytelling. We would love to hear what has given your writing a boost!

3) Pay-it-forward by naming a writer friend (first name is fine if you prefer) who has helped you. If you win, we will send them a 1 month Gift Certificate for One Stop For Writers for their own stocking.

Must be 18, no purchase necessary, open to all unless prohibited by law. For the full legal rules and disclaimers, go here.


As always, social sharing is appreciated, but never a condition of our giveaways. Winners will be drawn and announced on Saturday, December 12th!


PSSST! It is Becca’s Birthday today (December 9th), so if you see her online, please send her best wishes! 

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Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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105 Responses to Win, Win, Win! Stuff Your Stocking With Writerly Goodies

  1. Shutta Crum says:

    So hard to pick my top 4 writing books. (Some are not on your list. For. Ex. FEELING LIKE A CHILD by Jerry Griswold and TAKE JOY by Yolen.)

    But of these 9, I’d choose:
    1.Stephen King, ON WRITING

    I always keep Griswold’s book in mind as I write. (See above.) It keeps me grounded in the child-like world.

    So many writer friends have helped me get to where I am. But I really have to thank my friend Hope from my crit group. She has a good eye and knows how to critique.


  2. Tamar Sloan says:

    1. On Writing
    2. The First Five Pages
    3. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    4. Stein on Writing
    I love writing craft books, Save the Cat has been fabulous, but I also love the Emotion Thesaurus. Thank you for publishing it.
    My critique partner, Kat Colmer, has been a wonderful support and valuable friend in polishing and tightening my works.

    Have a wonderful and happy holiday.

  3. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, very much appreciated.

    1. Stein on Writing
    2. Writing 21st Century Fiction
    3. On Writing
    4.Structuring Your Novel

    As s writer working to become a Self-published Author, your site has been an invaluable lifesaver for me. 🙂 I wish I had someone tto SD hare this with, but at this time, I do not.

  4. KittyB78 says:

    First Five Pages, Description, Writing Screenplays that sell, and Structuring your novel. Gosh that’s hard… You and Becca have helped me so much. I’ve adored you two’s awesome thesauruses since Muse, plus the workshop in Muse online. Another writer would be Katie Saladis, one of my CCers at critique circle.

  5. Frank says:

    1/ Writing 21st century fiction
    2/ Stein on writing
    3/ First five pages
    4/ Self editing for fiction writers

    The only book I’ve read so far is structuring your novel.

    Don’t have any writing friends so have no names to offer. Am working on my first book and learning as I go. This website has provided wonderful insights. Thank you.

  6. Jeanne Dykstra says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful contest. I appreciate all of your writing insights. And a belated but very Happy Birthday to Becca!

    My choices are:
    1. Save the Cat!
    2. Writing 21st Century Fiction
    3. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    4. The First Five Pages

    The Emotional Thesaurus is the book that elevated my writing. You can loose your reader if you don’t include language that touches a reader’s senses, putting the reader into the character’s scene and making such connection that the reader doesn’t want to put the book down.

    My Pay-It-Forward writing friend, who is does the fiercest of critiques, is Frank.
    Merry Christmas,

  7. Save the cat
    Structuring your novel
    21century fiction

    The book that helped me most was Weekend Novelist because it gave me a structure when I first considered writing a novel but had no idea where or how to start.

    Pay it forward to Robyn B.

  8. Devlyn Dunne says:

    1. First Five Pages
    2. Save the Cat
    3. Self-editing for Fiction Writers
    4. Writing screenplays that Sell
    The books that have been most helpful are:
    The Emotion Thesaurus (Thank you this is so good) and Getting into Character by Brandilyn Collins.
    I would like to pay it forward to my writing buddy, Briana. We met at a writers conference, have done NaNoWriMo together and support and encourage each other.
    Happy Birthday, Becca!
    Thank you for all you do.
    Blessed Yuletide!

  9. Save the Cat
    Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    Writing 21st Century Fiction

    A writing book I go back to again and again is Elizabeth George’s “Write Away.” As a fellow “left-brained” writer, I feel like she gets me and some of my writing issues.

    So many people have helped me with my writing, but if I have to choose one for a prize, it’ll be Trish Bailey, one of my oldest and most steadfast writing buddies.

    Happy Holidays to all of you!

  10. Rose says:

    Making the list was easy since I already own four of the eight. :0)
    1. Save the Cat
    2. Writing Screen Plays
    3. Writing 21st Century Fiction
    4. Stein on Writing

    The other four have all contributed to the development of my craft but Description was definitely my “aha” book.

    One of many authors who have helped me (and continues to do so) is Mel. (So, tough to name only one!)

    Thank you so much!

  11. Janet Kerr says:

    My first 4, Save the cat, Writing screenplays that sell, description, Stein on writing.
    The most helpful has been the self-editing book.

  12. Juliana Schmidt says:

    Oh my! This is one amazing giveaway!

    My top four book choices:
    1. First Five Pages
    2. Save The Cat
    3. Stein on Writing
    4. Description

    Both On Writing and Self-Editing for Fiction Writers have been very helpful to me on my writing journey. Of course, the Emotion Thesaurus has been brilliant as well! I also adore Bird By Bird and Zen In The Art of Writing. Oh, and If You Want To Write is magnificent!

    The friend I’d love to pay it forward to is Jaclyn. She’s a wonderful writer and an amazing friend.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. You two are fantastic!

  13. Jerry Doty says:

    This will sound like ai am sucking up to win, but homestly I came to your site today to thank you for three amazing books that are helping me. I have written musicals for over 40 years and now converting them to novels for children. I would be absolutely lost without these three:
    1) The Emotonal Thesaurus,
    2) The Positive Trait Thesaurus and
    3)The Negative Trait Thesaurus.
    They have helped me flesh out my characters like never before and keep each one unique. Even best friends and twins are distinguishable to the reader without the need to constanly use tsheir names. I cannot recommend them strong enough. Maybe someday I will write another comment telling exactly how I used them (hint: it was still a lot of time and work, but extremely well spent).
    Oh, my 4the book is: The Plot Thickens by Noah Lukeman.

  14. Jenni Wiltz says:

    1. On Writing
    2. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    3. Save the Cat
    4. First Five Pages

    Which book elevated my storytelling? So many! But two in particular – Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and How to Write Best-Selling Fiction by Dean Koontz. Anne’s book gives me courage and Koontz’s book gives me smarts – you need both in this business.

    Cheers to my writer friend, Carmen, who is working on a non-fiction book about tennis – we went to grad school together, took a memoir writing class together, and I’m constantly inspired by the way she incorporates what she learns in life to writing and vice versa.

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  15. Paula Brierley says:

    So many books. So little time. Cliché that is just so true. My 4? On Writing, Save the Cat, First Five Pages, and Writing 21st Century Fiction. My favorite book so far and the one that has moved me to write more and to write better is Story Trumps Structure. And I have to say it is hard to choose just one.

    And an award to my long time friend and writing buddy, Roxy Scull. We encourage each other, understand our feet dragging excuses, and on top of that, she has some really terrific story line ideas. We write well together separately. Our genres are on opposite ends of the spectrum but that is actually a plus for us.

    • Mia Mckimmy says:

      1. Stephen King On Writing
      2. Description
      3. Save The Cat
      4. Writing 21st Century Fiction

      I also keep my Emotional Thesaurus close at hand, and. I loved Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.
      I’d like to add my writing friend, Sherrie Morgan, to the list.

  16. Magali says:

    This is a really awesome giveaway – thank you! 😀

    And belated birthday, Becca!!! ^_^

    1) TOP 4 book choices:

    1. Description
    2. Save the Cat
    3. Stein On Writing
    4. Structuring Your Novel

    2) A few things, but I’d say mostly beta readers, reading tips and tricks about ways to write, the Emotion Thesaurus actually helped big time. I think, basically, the more I write, the more my storytelling abilities elevate!

    3) Definitely have to shout out to Wendy Vogel – @drwendyv – for my paranormal mystery manuscript since she helped me so much with it – not only beta reading, and editing, but also helping me go toward a HEA with more romance, and basically really adding to the storyline.

    I also have to shout out to M. Susanne Wiggins – @M_Swiggins – who’s currently helping me with my Dark Fantasy Romance manuscript – she beta read it, and is now editing it, as well as adding her thoughts about the story as a whole, as well as inconsistencies, etc.

  17. Carol Taylor says:

    Save The Cat, Self editing for Fiction Writers, Story Trumps Structure,The Emotion Thesaurus which to me is a great help as a new writer that and my friend and mentor Annie( better known ) as Anne Louise O’Connell who without I would not be writing, she is my rock.

  18. Barry Featheringill says:

    Outlining Your Novel
    Structure Your Novel
    Outline to Finish Line

    Want to pay it forward to Harold Campbell my ‘Scribophile’ friend who gave me great advise as I begin to work to become a writer

  19. 1, 8, 7, and 9 please!

    Anne LaMott’s Bird by Bird taught me the most about being a writer, though The Emotion Thesaurus is definitely the book I turn to most often! And I’d love to pay it forward to my friend Maria Grace.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Writing Screenplays that sell
    Structuring Your Novel
    Stein on Writing
    Writing 21st Century Fiction

    Save the Cat is a book that has really changed the way I think about fiction and helped me a lot in brainstorming new ideas.

    Paying forward: Tamela, a great writer who has critiqued many of my works and helped me immensely!

  21. Cathy Peper says:

    2, 5, 6 and 7

    There are so many wonderful books out there it is hard to narrow it down, but I’ll go with the Negative Trait Thesaurus and Take off Your Pants.
    The writer friend who has helped me the most throughout the years is Teri.

  22. What a generous contest. Thank you! The Emotional Thesaurus is a great aid to my writing – so Thank you also for that!

    Choosing is hard. These all sound great. I’d love #2, #3, #5, #9.

    Blessings of the season!

  23. Love this! What a wonderfully generous gift to the many of us who count on your blog to help us be the best writers we can be!

    1) the first five pages, save the cat, Stein on Writing, Writing Screenplays that sells
    2) Books that have elevated my storytelling include: The Plot Whisperer, Writing Irresistible KidLit, Wired for Story, All of your Thesauruses and Bird by Bird
    3) Faith!

  24. Robin Storey says:

    Description, Save the Cat, Structuring Your Novel and Self Editing for Fiction Writers. Story Engineering by Larry Brooks has been really useful for me in plotting my novels. I would like to nominate my writing critique partner Pam Mariko, always ready to read my novel at short notice and crack open the champagne!

  25. 9, 8, 7, 6.

    Biggest impact on my writing came with reading Lee Gutkind’s You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. And then, of course, I must mention Stephen King’s On Writing and William Zinsser’s On Writing Well.

    Which of my writing friends/associates has helped me and deserves a gift certificate? It’s really hard to narrow down. I’ve had so many mentors in the few years I’ve been writing. I’d have to say Mary Gottschalk. In writing guest posts for her blog, Mary did a beautiful job of critiquing and teaching me the correct way to present my topic and my writing. I’m grateful for every little drop of red ink that came via email.

  26. Jean Wilund says:

    3, 7, 8, & 9

    The Emotion Thesaurus, Negative & Positive Trait Thesaurus, & Emotion Amplifiers have all been a tremendous help to me. They’re a gold mine of help. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is also a favorite of mine.

    I’d love to pay it forward to my editor, Toastmasters mentor and encouraging friend and author Lori Hatcher.

    Thanks for your generosity and the great articles and helps you provide us aspiring authors!

    Merry Christmas!

  27. Michele says:

    1. Structuring your Novel, 2. The first Five Pages 3. Writing Screenplays that sell 4. Writing in the 21st Century

    Save the Cat has elevated my writing. I’ve studied it and read all 3. I also think K.M. Weiland has helped. I have always wanted a paper copy of her book.

    Judy who allowed me into the critique group and is a wonderful mentor.

  28. Morgan Watts says:

    2, 3, 6 and 9 pretty please! The Emotion Thesaurus is my pick of the most helpful tool for me too….love it…use it all the time. And I would have to pick Laura Boon Russell, my critique partner as the person I’d like to pay it forward to….her help to me has been invaluable.
    Merry Christmas to you all at One Stop For Writers/Writers Helping Writers and thanks for a great year of helping all of us writers out there….much appreciated! And happy belated birthday Becca!
    Morgan Watts

  29. Sheryl McLean-Houle says:

    9, 7, 2 & 5.

    Self-Editing for Fiction Writers has been a great tool. I’d look at my drafts and had no clue where to start making it better. That book has me revising and editing in a way I know is helping make my manuscript much tighter.

    Paying it forward to my friend Lola.


    I’ve boosted my writing by writing! NaNoWriMo showed that I can write every day. In addition, a writing community that supports and pushes helps me achieve my goals.

    My critique partner Gwynne Jackson is invaluable!

    (Happy Belated Birthday, Becca!)


  31. 9, 5, 3, 1 please.
    Thanks so much.
    I would love to pay it forward to my friend, Corinne.

    And happy birthday, Becca!

  32. DJ says:

    The First Five Pages
    Self-Editing For Fiction Writers
    Writing 21st Century Fiction
    Stein on Writing

    I already have all the others you’ve listed and they are, indeed, excellent reference works.

    One of the best books which has helped my writing is Damon Knight’s, “Creating Short Fiction”. In spite of the title’s focus on the short form, much of its content applies equally well to long fiction.

    As far as the pay-it-forward naming of a writer friend, I would have to go with Gina Chambers. Aside from my mother, and most of us have a special place for our mother, she is the most important person in my life and she never stops believing in me. Anyone who takes writing seriously knows and understands how important it is to have that one person who supports your work. She is often my lifeline in a sea of self-doubt and criticism.

    Keep up all your good work. I have all three of your own books and joined your new site launch before it was even public. You produce some outstanding material and deserve to pat yourselves on the back a bit, too.

    Enjoy the holidays!

    • Thank you so much Dj–it is very validating for us to know that we’re helping people, and means we’re on the right track with One Stop. Becca, Lee and I are all looking forward to watching it grow in the years ahead.

  33. 6, 3, 5, 7, 8.
    I still like The Emotional Thesaurus the best and it is a dog-eared copy I keep by my desk.
    Rebekah L. Purdy is my critique partner and friend and listens to me and supports me when it comes to writing and everyday life. I can’t say enough good things about her!!

  34. Linda Burrell says:

    Structuring your Novel
    Save the Cat
    The First Five Pages
    Self Editing for Fiction Writers

    Knockout Novel has been an amazing help; I’ve also found other books by James Scott Bell a great help.

  35. My family has been down with the crud. I’m so glad they are better so I can catch up. Gosh, you guys pay it back in a huge way. I want to do the same as soon as people know who the heck I am. 😉 Kind of hard to pay it forward when you’re an unknown.

    Save The Cat (have wanted it for a couple of years). Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, Description, and of course, Stein on Writing.

    The Emotion Thesaurus has helped me (truth) the most. Just the amount of information about emotion helped me more than you could ever know. Understanding HOW to write it was a biggie for me. Thank you, Ange and Becca.

    I’d have to say Theresa Milstein (my crit buddy and friend) has helped me and put up with my questions, etc. She deserves a medal. 😉

    Merry Christmas, Ange, Becca, and Lee. xoxo

    • Lots of people know who you are, Robyn! You are such a bright light on Facebook especially. 🙂 Sorry you guys have been sick–hopefully you can get it all out now and be suck-free over the holiday. 🙂 Theresa is terrific–great choice! Merry christmas backatcha!

  36. Misha Kudo says:

    1. Self Editing for Fiction Writers, Stein on Writing, Description, and Structuring Your Novel

    2. Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell (just James Scott Bell ftw honestly)

    3. Sandra, without her I would have quit by now!

    Thank you for the giveaway! It’s fun to see which books helped everyone in case I need to add any to my shelf.

    Hope your birthday was fantastic, Becca!

  37. Katie Robles says:

    1. Writing 21st Century Fiction, Self Editing for Fiction Writers, Save the Cat, Stein on Writing
    2. The Story Template by Amy Deardon
    3. Becca

  38. Linda says:

    1) Stephen King on Writing, First Five Pages, Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, and Save the Cat

    2) Writing Fiction for Dummies by Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy. I just started reading it and it’s great. I should have ordered it a long time ago.

    3) My very first CPs: Fay, Lynn, Lynn Anne, and Deb (I couldn’t, in good conscience, name only one). Eight years ago they took me from a stumbling novice writer and turned me into someone who actually knows what POV means.

  39. Linda says:

    Happy “late” birthday, Becca!

    1) Stephen King on Writing, First Five Pages, Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, and Save the Cat

    2) Writing Fiction for Dummies by Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy. I just started reading it and it’s great. I should have ordered it a long time ago.

    3) My very first CPs: Fay, Lynn, Lynn Anne, and Deb (I couldn’t, in good conscience, name only one). Eight years ago they took me from a stumbling novice writer and turned me into someone who actually knows what POV means.

  40. Carol Verboncoeur says:

    1. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Description, Save the Cat, Stein on Writing
    2. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
    3. Louise
    Happy Birthday +1 Becca 🙂

  41. Leila Gaskin says:

    Favorite Titles:
    Stephen King’s On Writing, Self-editing for Fiction Writers, Structuring your Novel, Stein on Writing.

    Most Influencial Book: 30 Days in the Word Mine – Chuck Wendig

    For Beth

  42. Nikki says:

    Happy Birthday Becca!

    1. The First Five Page, Self Editing for Fiction Writers, Stephen King’s On Writing, and Description.

    2. James Scott Bell books have helped me a lot.

    3. Tracy, a very good friend, has helped me and has an endless amount of encouragement just when I need it.

  43. jeanette says:

    I am a beginner writer so I would take any of the above as I don’t believe I own any But I must say I have been very much appreciative of the help I have received. If I win I would love to give Cathy a thankyou and I also appreciate the book by Caryl McAdoo for writers Story & Style for writers.

  44. Top four: 1,3,6 8.
    The First Five Pages
    Joa Edwards

  45. Dawn Allen says:

    Save the Cat, Stein on Writing,The First Five Pages, or Writing 21 Century Fiction
    Stephen King’s On Writing continues to have an impact on my writing.
    Leatrice McKinney has been a cheerleader and editor for my efforts.

  46. Celia Lewis says:

    Great idea… I consider myself a newby writer, so here’s where I’m at so far:

    1) Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott

    2) On Writing Well, by William Zinsser

    3) the published and unpublished authors of my writing chapter: RWA-GVC; but particularly Nora S. & Ilene C. – Great encouragers with practical tips.

    Merci from Canada. Happy Holidays & your best year yet in 2016!
    – Celia

  47. Sharon says:

    Since I already own all the others…
    1) Stephen King on Writing, The First Five Pages, Desription, and Writing 21st Century Fiction
    2) My writing craft Bible is Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell. This book has helped me tighten the structure of my scenes and work through the (seemingly never-ending) revision process with direction and thoroughness.
    3) My local writer friend Becky has encouraged me to go for it at every turn, and pulled me along when I felt super discouraged by a landslide of rejections.
    I will say that I believe the Emotion Thesaurus has improved the tension in my work and made my stick figure characters believable and relatable, so thank you for designing such an excellent resource.

  48. Hi,
    1) Self-editing for fiction writers, The first five pages, Save the cat!, Description, Writing 21st century fiction.
    2) No specific book has helped me to elevate my storytelling, and all of them at the same time. I have been reading constantly during the last 40 years of my life, and I think that what I am now as writer-wanna-be is the result of the apprehension of all this reading. As the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset said, “yo soy yo y mis circunstancias”: “me, it’s me and my circumstances” or “I am myself plus my circumstances”… Up to you to better translate without losing the nuances.
    3) If I had to nominate a writer buddy, I would first of all do it with Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, but he’s long ago dead; second, I would go for Umberto Eco, but he pro bably doesn’t need it, so I will suggest something that has recently helped me very, very much in order to unleash my writing creativity: I am sure that they will have many people than can benefit from your certificate gift.
    Best regards,

  49. First of all, happy belated birthday to Becca! 🙂

    1) Descriptions, Structuring Your Novel, First Five Pages, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.

    2) All of Marcy Kennedy’s Busy Writers Guides, and Mary Buckham’s Active Settings series.

    3) Stephanie

  50. What a great giveaway!

    I would love to win:
    The First Five Pages
    Structuring Your Novel
    Self Editing For Fiction Writers

    The books that have helped me more than anything are actually a list you have created regarding action verbs. I have it printed out on my desk at all times and have sent links to your website to writers when I help them edit their works. 🙂 One in particular is a newbie and got her story pubbed in a school project because of it. So yay!

    I have Save the Cat, The Plot Whisperer and the Romance Writer’s Phrase Book. They are all wonderful.

    Authors that have inspired me- Ray Bradbury for his advice on never giving up. Renee George and Michele Bardsley for their inspiration and advice. Gina Kincaid for taking a chance on a newbie and having faith. Muffy Wilson for being a cheerleader and advocate for romance authors. Delilah Devlin for her belief in me and editorial awesome. Renee Mason for taking a chance on a newbie and helping us get to Amazon bestseller status with Just Desserts. More great things are coming. I can hardly wait.

    Happy holidays and thank you!!

    Erzabet Bishop

  51. Autumn says:

    1) Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Structuring Your Novel, The First Five Pages, Steven King on Writing

    2) I peruse mostly blogs and subscribe to many like this. But I’d like to delve into a quality book to improve my writing.

    3) Scott Bury has helped me a lot!

  52. Celine says:

    1) First Five Pages, Self-Editing For Fiction Writers 4. Writing Screenplays That Sell, Description, Structuring Your Novel.

    2) How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

    3) Gabe

  53. 1.Stephen King on Writing, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Description, Writing the 21st Century Fiction

    2.The Writer’s Journey because the mythic elements are universal and when done correctly make a story extremely powerful and timeless. And Structuring Your Novel Workbook helped me with a major rewrite of my WIP when I was have story flow problems in Act 1.

    3. Anna Steffl (author of the Solace Trilogy) who also happens to be my sister is responsible for getting me where I am today.

  54. Caroline says:

    What a lovely thought!
    1) My top choices would be Save the Cat (a book I’ve been meaning to get hold of but haven’t yet); Structuring your Novel, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, The First Five Pages
    2) I think Stephen King’s On Writing was the very first book to put me on track. And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your Thesauruses. I keep coming back to them over and over again.
    3) I have to mention Jodie here. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself as a writer.
    Thanks again, and Happy Birthday Becca!

  55. Michelle Lynn says:

    Decisions, decisions. . .

    1. The First Five Pages, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Description , Save the Cat.

    2. Being a visual person I found Shoot your Novel very helpful.

    3. Sorry, can’t name anyone. I’m going it all alone so far.

    Compliments of the Season to everyone and Happy Birthday to Becca.

  56. Description, Writing Screenplays That Sell, Save the Cat, Structuring Your Novel

    On Writing


  57. Holly says:

    Great giveaway! Amazing choices!
    1) This was tough but I’d have to say my top 4 choices would be First Five Pages, Self-Editing, Stein on Writing and Description.
    2)Stephen King’s On Writing rocked my world and continues to do so every time I go back to it.
    3)I have Nita and Lisa, my crit partners who have helped me more than they can ever imagine and I love them both! But you said one, so I flipped a coin. Tails for Nita!

    Thanks! And happy belated bday Becca!

  58. Rosalind M says:

    1. Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, Save the Cat, Writing 21st Century Fiction, and Stein on Writing

    2. Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott) taught me how not to be cowed by perceived inadequacies about my writing (and should a daily re-read). Word Painting (Rebecca Mcclanahan) gave me courage about trusting my instinctive writing style and fully utilizing the sensual (five senses) elements of scenes.

    3. Shauna was my first writing friend-in-spirit and the spark that lit the creation of our critique group, which is still going strong years later (Laurie, Margaret, and Farrah, love you guys!).

  59. Scarlett Kol says:

    So many wonderful choices, but here goes:

    1.) Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, First Five Pages (a must!), Stein on Writing, and Structuring Your Novel

    2.) Fav craft books have been Save the Cat and Story Trumps Structure

    3.) Tyra would be my most inspiring writer friend. She leads my critique group and is not afraid to tell it like it is (No your villain can’t monologue for 17 pages!!)

    Thanks for the contest! Happy Holidays!

  60. Happy Christmas… and Happy birthday, Becca.

    1. My top choices are: Structuring Your Novel; Save The Cat; Description; Self-editing for fiction writers

    2. The most used of my writing books has to be Dynamic Characters: How to Create Personalities That Keep Readers Captivated by Nancy Kress. However, Stephen King’s On Writing was inspirational in teaching me how to cope with life and all it can throw at you.

    3. And it’s hard to choose one helpful writer friend, when so many are helping me keep going. Okay, choice is Sarah Zama, an Italian writing in English – very impressive. She encourages me, especially when I am down – and she’s a great beta reader.

  61. Allison Collins says:

    Great books! Some I’ve read, others I’d love to read, study, learn from.

    1. On Writing (am I the only writer who hasn’t read it yet?), Description, Structuring Your Novel, The First Five Pages.

    2. Honestly, the Emotion Thesaurus Collection and OSFW. Those are tremendous resources, and have definitely elevated my writing.

    3. Sasha Summers has taught me so much about writing, and guided me on this journey.

    (apologies if this is a duplicate comment – I don’t see that it saved yesterday.)

  62. Sandra Proudman says:

    Oooo great giveaway!

    1. Tops books: On Writing, How to Self Edit for Fiction Writers, Writing Screenplays That Sell, and Description.

    2. Save The Cat, is actually one of my favoriye books. It is an awesome read even for non-screenplay writers. It is a great guide to how to end your scenes and how to keep the reader interested.

    3. Nominating Joe!

  63. Lori says:

    1. On Writing, Save The Cat, Structuring Your Novel, Writing 21st Century Fiction

    2. I’ve found more helpful information via blogs and other writers websites than I have in books so far, but I’m always open to reading more craft books.

    3. I’d nominate Katie because she’s been my rock and the best CP I could ask for.

  64. Jackie Layton says:

    GMC by Debra Dixon, Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell, and Outlining Your Novel by KM Weiland are three solid books.

    My critique partners are awesome…Janet, Misty, LeAnne, and Victoria.

  65. Donya Lynne says:

    I love writing books. Can never have too many. 🙂

    1) The First Five Pages, Writing 21st Century Fiction, Save the Cat, Description.

    2) Self Publishing for Fiction Writers was one of the first writing books I read, and it remains as the most influential, although I’ve read a lot of good ones.

    3) Liliana Hart and Aleatha Romig are two authors who’ve helped me get where I am as an author. Their advice has been priceless.

    Thank you for this opportunity. Happy Holidays to everyone!

  66. Cindy Huff says:

    Great giveaway.
    1. Writing Screenplays that Sell
    2.Save the Cat
    3. Description
    4.21st Century Fiction
    Cynthia Ruchti and Eva Marie Everson have been influences on my writing.
    I love your Emotional Thesuarus series.

  67. Alyson says:

    1) On Writing, The First Five Pages, Structuring Your Novel, Description

    2) Emotional Thesaurus – I use it ALL the time.

    3) Jo Lamb who started our online writing group – a group that has turned me into a writer.

  68. Siv says:

    This was a hard choice on number one…. The other were easier 🙂

    1) Description, Stein on Writing, Self-Editing for fiction writers, First Five Pages

    2) Story Engineering and Structuring your Novel (and the FB group 10 minute novelists)

    3) I’d nominate Jamie Wilson. Never met irl, but a wonderful net-writing buddy!

  69. Diane says:

    Oh my goodness! The best contests are those that offer books.

    1. First Five Pages
    2. Writing 21st Century Fiction
    3. Structuring Your Novel
    4. Description

    Okay, I can’t list just one book that has been helpful, sorry. I have Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and love it. Two others would be Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland, Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel by Hallie Ephron.

    I call out Linda B. and Gabriela P. They are both amazing and supportive people.

  70. Arabella Wraye says:

    New to your site and love it already!
    1. First five pages, Self editing, Save the cat, Structuring your novel.
    2. I have never read a craft relate book! I get most of my help, feEd back and support from my writing group!
    3. My writer daughter, Hayley, is my biggest cheerleader!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway. I off to explore your site!!

  71. Terrye says:

    Lemme wipe the drool off…those are some wonderful books!

    1. Writing 21st Century Fiction
    2. The First 5 Pages
    3. On Writing
    4. Structuring Your Novel

    Two books that, I think, have elevated my writing:
    1. The craft of writing science fiction by Ben Bova
    2. How to write science fiction & fantasy by Orson Scott Card

    A friend and fellow writer that has helped me:

    Beth Teliho

    Thank you for such a wonderful website full of helpful tips and information!


  72. JC Martell says:

    1. Self Editing for Fiction Writers, Descriptions, 21st Century Fiction, Stein on Writing.

    2. I am a newbie and couldn’t have gotten past chapter one without William Berhardt’s entire Red Sneaker Series. Other favorites are “Save the Cat” and “On Writing.” I am a fan of audibles and highly recommend Mr. Bernhardt’s narration.

    3. Sadly, I have no personal writer friends to motivate me. That’s one reason your website means so much to me.

    Thanks for another generous opportunity – and for the creation of One Stop! I hope your holidays are peaceful and joyful. Happy Birthday Becca!

    • We are always here for you! And there are many active writers all around the internet to connect to! Let me know if you ever want some introductions. We all grow so much better when we’re not alone. 🙂

  73. 1. My top choices are: Structuring Your Novel; Save The Cat; First Five Pages and Stein on Writing

    2. A book that’s really helped me clear the rubbish from my head and get more creative is Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’

    3. Finally, a writer friend that I’d like to nominate, is my writing buddy, Sally!

    thanks and merry Christmas!

  74. 1. a) self editing for fiction writers, b) the first five pages, c) on writing (King), d) Stein on writing

    2. The emotion thesaurus. It opened a new door and showed me things I knew were there, but had never actually visualised.

    3. Abbie has been tremendously supportive of my work, and has provided me with tons and tons of help.

  75. 1) First Five Pages, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, 21st Century Fiction Writing, Structuring Your Novel

    2) I really like Save the Cat – a great starting point for any writer 🙂

    3) Kelsey has been very supportive of my writing

  76. Marla says:

    Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Stephen King On Writing, Save the Cat, Writing 21st Century Fiction.

    I have found Take Your Pants off to lately be helpful in getting my brain to switch from pantser to outliner.

    Sara Cardon is a new writer friend who reached out to me when I was ready to quit trying. Thanks so much for helping me to keep pressing forward!

  77. Leslie Z. says:

    Oooh, goodies for the holidays! I’ve been good all year. 🙂

    1) On Writing, The First Five Pages, Save the Cat, and Writing 21st Century Fiction
    2) Second Sight, Writing Irresistible Kidlit, and Scofield’s The Scene Book have all been really helpful this year. Did I mention a certain Emotion Thesaurus lives next to my laptop?
    3) Writer friend? This is a hard one. I have so many wonderful writing friends. Think I’ll have to go with my first – Susan.

  78. Christy says:

    1) TOP 4 book choices: 21st Century Fiction, Stein on Writing, Structuring Your Novel, Description. I’m not familiar with these books, but if you recommend them so highly…

    2) The first three and sixth above I have and have found very helpful, especially Self-Editing for Writers.

    3) Jenn has been my writer kindred spirit as well as a long time friend in our small town were there are no writers groups or chapters of any writer organizations.

  79. Taffy Lovell says:

    Stein on Writing
    Structuring your Novel
    The First Five Pages

    I have to say that Save the Cat helped, and is still helping me improve my pacing. I guess I’m a formula type of gal and I love to see where my scenes etc are coming together in a good sequence.

    Julie has helped me a TON with my writing (as has Yamile and Jaime!).

  80. Happy Holidays and thank you so much for a fantastic giveaway! 🙂

    1. Writing Screenplays that Sell, First Five Pages, Structuring Your Novel, Description
    2. Emotion Thesaurus, Emotion Amplifiers, Neg and Positive Traits, Physical and Weather Thesauri – They are my bibles!!!
    3. Dalton

    May you have a wonderful holiday season with all you love <3

  81. 1) 21st Century Fiction, Self Editing for Fiction Writers, Description, The First Five Pages

    2) Write Your Novel From the Middle – James Scott Bell

    3) Heidi

  82. Christine M. says:

    1) First Five Pages, 21st Century Fiction, Stein on Writing, and Structuring Your Novel

    2)On Writing by S. King


  83. Sam Taylor says:

    What an amazing giveaway!

    1) Top 4 Choices: Structuring Your Novel, Save the Cat, Writing Screenplays that Sell, and Stein on Writing.

    2) Helpful books for me: Self-Editing for Fictions Writers (my first writing book ever!), The Plot Whisperer, Writing the Breakout Novel, Second Sight. (Ha. I can’t pick ONE book.)

    3) Pick ONE writer friend? Argh! (Tears hair.) I’ll say Andrea. Tough CP, marvelous friend, and all-around-great buddy for writing sprints.

  84. 1. Writing Screenplays that Sell
    2. Save the Cat
    3. Structuring Your Novel
    4. On Writing
    Friend: Lori, my fantastic critique partner

    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  85. Mary says:

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

    1) Description, On Writing, Self – Editing, Writing 21st Century Fiction
    2) Structuring your Novel by K.M. Weiland
    3) Writing friend: Tim

  86. Wow, what a giveaway!
    Description, Structuring Your Novel, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, and Stein on Writing.
    Didn’t list Save the Cat because that’s the one that has helped me the most.
    Pay it Forward – fellow author and critique buddy, Heather Gardner.

  87. Monique Loubert says:

    1. “On Writing”; “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers”; “Description”; “Save the cat”

    2. Writing Picture Books, Ann Whitford Paul

    3. Writer friend: Bonnie

    Thank You!

  88. William says:

    1. (Top four) – On Writing, The First Five Pages, Structuring Your Novel, and Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.

    2. (Book that elevated my storytelling) – Stephen King’s On Writing. That is a very inspiring book for me and I will read it again and again. A very good motivational book.

    3. (Writer friend) – Alena. She has read my drafts and given me more confidence than any book could provide.

  89. Sabrina says:

    1. Self editing for Fiction Writers, Description, Save the Cat, The first five pages
    2. Writing fight scenes by Marie Brennan
    3. AC Greenlee

  90. Colleen says:

    1) The Anatomy of Story (John Truby), Plot and Structure (James Scott Bell), Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel (K.M. Weiland)

    2) The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson

    3) Carolyn – without whom I’d never have finished my first book, let alone felt comfy publishing it!

  91. Alicia Dugas says:

    1) First Five Pages, Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, Save the Cat, Description

    2) Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story by K.M. Weiland

    3) K.M. Weiland – I am always reading and re-reading her blog “Helping Writers Become Authors”

  92. Talia says:

    1) Top 4 book choices: Save the Cat; Description; First Five Pages; Self-Editing For Fiction Writers

    2) Elevating Book: The Emotion Thesaurus 😉

    3) Writer Friend: Emma.

  93. Great opportunity to refresh my ever-growing list of resources–thanks!

    1. Fave 4: Writing 21st Century Fiction, First Five Pages, Save the Cat, & Structuring your Novel

    2. Elevating book: I’ve found John Truby’s The Anatomy of Story pretty useful recently.

    3. Writer Friend: That would definitely be Mike as he reads my early drafts and doesn’t laugh too hard!

  94. Jan says:

    The books that have helped me are in numerical order: 2, 3, 5, 9. What I count on is ‘One Stop for Writers’ which helps me the most. Thank you Angela for all your good work.

  95. Isabelle says:

    1) Description, Save the Cat, First Five Pages, 21st Century Fiction

    2) Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between – James Scott Bell

    3) Alyssa and Eileen Kirk. They’re amazing, supportive and sweet. I’m so happy to call them my friends.

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