New Tools, New Articles, and an Invite

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Becca and I are in the Setting mindset, as you can well imagine, and it has been a crazy two weeks of posting about the setting, sharing new tools to help with setting, and of course, celebrating the setting.

So here are some links you may or may not know about.


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First of all, we’ve uploaded 4 new tools to the Tools For Writers Page. These Setting tools are straight from our books so that you can download and print blanks if you like.

We have a Emotional Value Tool, a Setting Planner Tool, a Setting Checklist (you want this, trust me), and a Setting Exercise sheet.

Just scoot over to our tools page–they are all listed at the top, so very easy to find. 🙂



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Second, we have a bit of a treasure hunt here at Writers Helping Writers. There are 4 Hidden Settings taken straight from our Urban and Rural books that you need the direct URL to reach.

Some of you have discovered these already through our Guest Posts all this week, but if not, you can find them here: Antiques Shop, House Party, Police Car & Ancient Ruins.



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Saying that Becca and I learned a ton about setting while writing these books is an understatement. And as we always do, when we learn, we pass it forward. 🙂 So pick your pleasure!

Learn how to create rich and evocative description using personification, turn your setting into an obstacle course to create difficulties for your character or use it as a vehicle for story conflict.

Or, if you like, get sensory in your description to power up every scene, learn mood-building techniques or discover why the setting is the key to delivering active backstory when you need to.

V. Ichizli-Bartels

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Then, finish off this feast with a post on why it helps to think of the setting as a story garden, and take a mini master class with Becca on a ton of different areas of description.

(Bookmark the podcast with Becca–you don’t want to miss it!)

Now, one last thing…


Wikilimages@pixabayAnd one last thing–if you’re trying to plan a online book event and feeling a bit anxious, or just struggling with marketing in general, I will be doing a Q & A session with Jennie Nash of Author Accelerator that looks at our latest setting book launch from the inside.

This is free to attend, no sales pitches, nothing to sell.  Just me answering your marketing questions, and trying to help anyone who needs it.

I’ve done several successful online events that have have high engagement, so if I can offer insight on planning & running one, I’d like to help. (Believe it or not, I actually like marketing!)

UPDATE: the webinar is over, but the recording is live. Find it here!

There is also a 48 page swipe file of all the emails and marketing materials I used on the Tools For Writers page that can help you understand just how to communicate with your launch team and the strategy behind our launch–super high value, so make sure to grab it.

A big thank you to Author Accelerator for hosting this webinar.



















Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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