One Stop For Writers December Deal: 25% off All Plans

This is a bit scary, but do you realize we are less than three weeks from Christmas? THREE WEEKS, people. I feel like a giant, multi-tentacled time-eating monster came along and made a buffet out of the calendar. I mean, it seems plausible…or, like a story I should write.  Hmm. *scribbles notes*

Either way, Lee, Becca, and I want to pass around some serious high fives as we roll toward the end of the year.  You guys killed it on the 2017 writing stage, especially all the brave souls who tackled NaNoWriMo last month. Whether you hit 50K or not, well done!

If you feel like giving yourself a reward, an early holiday gift, or want to make an investment in your writing career, consider cashing in on this great deal: all One Stop plans are currently 25% off for the month of December.

Simply register, then use the code, SANTA_APPROVED on the Subscription page, choose your plan, and ka-pow, you’ll get a 25% discount on your first invoice.

And did you know? One Stop for Writers® is expanding…again!

We have just added 14th description thesaurus to our OS library database.

This addition, the Character Motivation Thesaurus, looks at different story goals in fiction and provides a boatload of ideas on how your character can achieve their goal, what obstacles may stand in their way, what sacrifices they might need to make and what is at stake if they fail. Story planning has never been easier.

Need another reason to check out One Stop for Writers? How about…

To celebrate the coming holiday, we’ll be giving some lucky new subscriber a free 1-year subscription to One Stop. Just sign up using the 25% off code above and BOOM, you’re in the draw.

A reminder:  we do have Gift Certificates, if you were looking for something to say thank you to a critique partner, or if you have family members needing gift ideas for you. Just click on the tag to the left. 🙂

And speaking of gift ideas, if you are looking for this year’s mega list of Unique Gifts for Writers, you can find that HERE.

Happy writing, all!



Angela is an international speaker and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also enjoys dreaming up new tools and resources for One Stop For Writers, a library built to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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6 Responses to One Stop For Writers December Deal: 25% off All Plans

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  2. Dee Kincade says:

    I am a current member and really like One Stop for Writers. I just renewed my membership in October and was wondering if the 25% offer for new members only?


  3. Carol Baldwin says:

    This is great. Sharing it with lots of folks. Still hoping (at some point) you’ll “reward” those of us who find new subscribers. Thanks for the offer.

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