Top Gifts For Writers: Unusual & Helpful Edition

It’s that time again! Shopping for people can be crazy-making, except when it comes to writers. Then it’s  a super fun time, because there are just so many neat, fun, thoughtful gifts we can pass on to our writing friends…or put on our own wish lists! So without further ado, here are some of the fabulous finds I have unearthed…enjoy!

An Edgar Alan Poe vinyl clock  (Around $30 US)

Okay, not going to lie–made from records, these clocks are unbelievable. Becca and I purchased one of these and can’t wait for our recipient to see it! Whatever your writer friend is “into,” you’ll find a clock to suit. Like this Wonder Woman one. Or The Wizard of Oz. The Nightmare before Christmas. Scarface. Star Wars. Walking Dead. The Hobbit. Get lost in vinyl glory, friends!

The writing t-shirt classics

You knew there’s be a shirt on this list. There’s always a shirt. The only ingredient missing from this one is Ugly Crying, but Insanity is 120%, so I think that covers it.

I also found some other cool writerly T-shirts here, here, here, and this great one for deadlines here.

Portable laptop desk ($35 US)

Anyone else carry their laptop to the couch or take it to bed? *tries to count all the hands raised and gives up*

Yeah, I thought so. I’m betting too that stifness and neck kinks are probably also on the menu then. A desk like this would save your posture, and you could use it to create a standing desk too.

Jane Austen coasters ($35 US)

Are you like me and you have about 3-4 glasses on your desk at any given time? If so, coasters are a sanity saver when it comes to condensation and coffee rings. Or maybe you just want to proclaim your love of books when company comes over.

If Jane isn’t your cuppa, try these classic horror novel coasters. Either way, hurray for book love!

Glasses for writers ($10 US)

Speaking of beverage containers, we writers do like our adult beverages, don’t we? And well, maybe a few of us have a book boyfriend of seven. Or  GoT’s The Mother of Dragons wine glass is more our speed. Beer drinker? Maybe you like GoTs, you Drink And Know Things. But Harry Potter fans may rather wish to Swear They Are Up To No Good, or proclaim Magic over Muggles with this HP Cauldron Mug.

One Stop for Writers

If you know a writer who is needing something that will transform their storytelling, this is it. One Stop for Writers is changing the game for writers by putting the powerful tools and resources that writers really needed at the keyboard. The Character-Building Tool is hyper-intelligent and draws on the largest description “show, don’t tell” database available anywhere to make backstory and character arc road-mapping EASY.  And these are just two of the amazing resources available. There’s a free trial and gift certificate match their affordable plans: $9 (1-month), $50 (6-month), and $90 (12-month).

Mouse pad hand warmer ($10 US)

Okay, I live in Canada and it gets COLD here in the winter, y’all. My fingers are icicles some days and something like this heated mouse pad could be a lifesaver for that mouse hand. Plus, Owls!

A journal that BEGS to be written in ($20 US)

Can you imagine how this would feel in your hands? What it would be like to open the cover and see the blanket of white patiently waiting for your imagination to fill it?

Beautiful journals cannot be resisted. This is an especially good choice for someone struggling with writer’s block or if they are questioning themselves (as we writers often do). The pages will lure the writer in, a siren song to create.

Bookends ($100 US)

A little pricier, but I had to add this one because my son made me an incredible desk lamp out of pipe, and these bookshelves remind me of it. I have had so many compliments on my lamp (and requests to convince my son to sell them!), so if you like the style, this would be a beautiful addition to any writer’s desk!

A pewter talisman for poets and writers ($20 US)

Bards, the poets and writers of old, were celebrated in Celtic culture, bringing story to people all over by paper and tongue. This talisman is not only a beautiful nod to past roots, it’s a great reminder of our creative purpose!

A writing craft book or three

Becca and I are big believers of self-education. Many years ago we took an entire year off of writing and did nothing but read and discuss writing books. Wow, did that ever help us deepen our knowledge of craft! We have many favorites, which you can find HERE, but of special note would be Lisa Cron’s Story Genius, Don Maass’ The Emotional Craft of Story, and James Scott Bell’s Write From The Middle.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our own books, which many of you have welcomed onto your bookshelves.  I hope that if you are considering a gift for a friend, or need help with developing your description yourself, you’ll give one of our bestselling volumes a try, perhaps the expanded 2nd edition of The Emotion Thesaurus (it has 55 more entries!). 🙂

Need more ideas? Check out last year’s gift list!


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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