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Organize Your Research with Notes at One Stop for Writers

The last time Rodney Buxton was here, he shared some helpful information about how authors can export their One Stop for Writer’s Export material directly to Scrivener. Many of you reached out to let us know that you weren’t aware … Continue reading

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Tools for the Visual-Spatial Writer (and the Rest of Us)

One of the most important things I learned as a teacher was that children learn differently, and the best approach for reaching them all included a variety of methods. I find the same to be true in writing. I may … Continue reading

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Theme: The Marrow of Your Story

If structure is the bones of story, theme is the marrow. Plainly defined, theme is what our stories mean, and it is revealed through other literary elements such as character, plot, dialogue, perspective, setting, mood, and tone. Stories may have … Continue reading

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A Storyteller’s Swiss Army Knife? The Setting

Writing the Urban and Rural Setting Thesaurus books taught Becca and me something big: that the Setting really is the Swiss Army Knife of Storytelling. Whaaaat, you say? It’s the truth. Check out all it can do:  create conflict or … Continue reading

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Building A Story Garden: The Power Of Settings In Fiction

Guys, I have to say thanks for the terrific response to our Setting books. Becca and I are both so pleased you’re happy with the newest family members. Thank you for the reviews, the tweets, the recommendations to friends, and … Continue reading

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Becca and I are pleased to bring you another resource from Writers Helping Writers® One Stop For Writers® is a web app packed with unique tools and resources to save you time as you plan, research, and write. A powerhouse … Continue reading


5 Important Ways to Use Symbolism in Your Story

So many elements go into a truly good book. When we turn that final page with a satisfying sigh, it’s often hard to identify just what made it a success. But many times, symbolism is one of the things that ties … Continue reading

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