Advent Prize: 1-Hour Book Marketing Consult (NYT Bestselling Author Eva Lesko Natiello)

Today’s Giveaway

Building a sustainable writing career is the name of the game, so just how helpful would it be to have the expertise of a NYT & USA Today’s Bestselling Author helping YOU with your marketing plan?

Answer: VERY.

Eva is brilliant, so you definitely want to enter this giveaway valued at $200!

Eva Lesko Natiello is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of The Memory Box (affiliate link) a self-published psychological thriller which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. She is a marketing and branding expert and the creator and facilitator of the Self-Publish Like A Pro and Find Your Readers Book Marketing Workshops. Eva is a sought after speaker and marketer, and during the one-hour book marketing consultation, she will target actionable marketing strategies appropriate for you and your book.

Eva will look at your book’s retail pages, social pages, and websites to offer insight on how to maximize their effectiveness in making your books more visible in a crowded literary playing field.

Regardless of whether you’re an indie or trade author, introvert or extrovert, or you write fiction or non-fiction, Eva’s tips and strategies will help you get your book noticed!

14 days, 14 AMAZING giveaways. To see what other Advent Calendar windows are open, go here. The last date to enter all draws is December 19th.

Want to win this priceless 1-on-1 with Eva? Just enter the rafflecopter giveaway below!

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87 Responses to Advent Prize: 1-Hour Book Marketing Consult (NYT Bestselling Author Eva Lesko Natiello)

  1. Janice says:

    Fantastic prize! Thank you. Fingers crossed.

  2. SK Lamont says:

    This would be awesome!

  3. Dee says:

    This advent calender is such a fun idea! What a great prize!

  4. S. Clark says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. Sarah says:

    What a great opportunity!

  6. Kristy says:

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  7. Natalie says:

    So excited to see this back this year! Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you to everyone offering services!

  8. lynn farnham says:

    What a fantastic opportunity!

  9. I need this consult so much. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Susan Grillo says:

    Writing is easy compared to marketing. What an opportunity.

  11. Sylvie says:

    With how much I hate marketing, this is something I could definitely use!

  12. Mary Miller says:

    Love that this can be used by both fiction and non-fiction writers

  13. Kristin M Kelly says:

    This looks great.

  14. Thank you, Eva! Merry Christmas!

  15. E. Rawls says:

    I could really use this!

  16. Wow! I’d love some marketing savvy.

  17. Courtney Hunt says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  18. Ashlea says:

    This is awesome!!!

  19. Pamela Courtney says:

    My goodness. MY Goodness. MY GOODNESS! I’m all a squeeeee! Learning the tools to attract readers (especially young readers) is THE gift. Oh this is just wonderful. So generous. CanNOT wait to share this!

  20. Joy Held says:

    I’ll clean your oven AND the kitchen floor for this!

  21. K.L. Baxton says:

    I’d be so honored to win this tool on how to market myself efficiently. Thanks for doing this, Eva.

  22. Taylor FitzGerald says:

    This looks really helpful, thanks for offering!

  23. Lara Fabans says:

    It’s always good to pick the brain of someone who has been there

  24. Tammy Travis says:

    Thank you!

  25. I could use some marketing help.

  26. Tracey Brown says:

    Thank you, Eva for offering this opportunity! Marketing tips and strategies would be fantastic

  27. Marketing, my weak point. This would be the most wonderful Christmas gift!!! haha

    • Eva Natiello says:

      What a great idea, Missy! I just might create a Christmas Gift offer on my website—so you may want to put it on your list and direct your loved ones over to me! 😉

      Good luck with the giveaway and have a happy holiday season!

  28. Cheri B says:

    Excited to find you!

  29. Tim Seabrook says:

    What better than a prize that helps you develop your social feeds to improve the way you attract readers to your books

    • Eva Natiello says:

      Tim, I always tell authors that marketing is just a way of helping readers find the books they want to read. Especially for introverted authors, this reframes it in a way that makes it less about the author and more about providing a service for the reader. Sounds better, right!?

  30. Lisa says:

    Thanks for doing this and to C Lee McKenzie for posting about it on her blog. I’ve never heard of an Advent Calendar for writers and love the idea!

  31. Maria says:

    Would love to win this excellent opportunity! I’m so curious about the marketing that is done for books and authors.

  32. Judy L Mohr says:

    This seems like a fantastic opportunity that can’t be missed. Thank you.

  33. Karen McCoy says:

    Thanks for offering this!

  34. Man, do I need this! I’ll even volunteer to clean an oven for this kind of help.

  35. Morgyn Star says:

    Me, please!

  36. KR Brorman says:

    Wonderful generous gift! So many of us overwhelmed and glassy eyed with the “expert” advice.

  37. That sounds like amazing help!

  38. Tom Crepeau says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  39. Karla Diaz says:

    I’m still in the revisions stage but would love to get some guidance on marketing my book.

    • Eva Natiello says:

      Karla, it’s a great time to start planning your marketing efforts at the stage your in now. A large part of marketing your book/s happens before launch—so it’s not too early! Good luck!

  40. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Marketing has always been a big issue for me, it would be great for me having an help like this.

  41. A nice prize to start off the Advent Calendar for Writers. Thanks for the chance.

  42. Elizabeth Grotkowski says:

    I would love some marketing advice from an expert!

  43. Shelley O'Rourke says:

    This is a great prize!

  44. What a fantastic giveaway! I think most writers could use more marketing help.

  45. Jessica Swafford says:

    Marketing is definitely a weakness for me.

  46. Michael says:

    Any help would be great! Thanks so much!

  47. Jeff Pollak says:

    Perfect timing for this, I’m signing with a publisher this month and can definitely use Eva’s help.

  48. Lisa Caviness says:

    Thanks for the chance for some much needed marketing help!

  49. Could we use this at a future time? Not at marketing stage yet but I’ll get there!

  50. Glory Wade says:

    I so need help with marketing. This woud be great!

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