Advent Prize: Write Your First Novel (12-Week Online Workshop via Janice Hardy/ Fiction University)

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Writing a first novel and need expert guidance along the way? Help is here!

Writing your first novel can be a daunting process. With so much to learn, so much to figure out, and so many moving parts, it can quickly overwhelm you and make you not want to write.

This 12-week workshop is designed to help struggling writers finish a novel—not just dream about it.

This workshop will teach you the skills you’ll need to take an idea from inspiration to first draft, with daily video lessons, exercises, and tools that break the novel-writing process down into manageable bites. Follow the daily sessions or work at your own pace. The modular course structure lets you choose which sections to work on first, and what will best fit your writing process.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand (and avoid) the common pitfalls that trip up so many writers
  • The basics of how storytelling and novels work
  • How to find the right process to suit your writing style (plotters to pantsers to everything in between)
  • How to understand the what and why of writing—not just how to follow the rules

It also provides bonus refresher materials for new writers who aren’t yet up to speed on writing fundamentals.

Write Your First Novel (And Actually Finish it) provides tools, worksheets and templates to give writers a place to start and helps keep them focused and motivated to get to the end of their novels.

14 days, 14 AMAZING giveaways. To see what other Advent Calendar giveaway windows are open, go here. The last date to enter all draws is December 19th.

This course, set to open Spring 2020, is worth $497, and you could win a seat! Enter below, and good luck!

14 days, 14 giveaways. Make sure you enter them all! Here’s the MASTER LIST.

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187 Responses to Advent Prize: Write Your First Novel (12-Week Online Workshop via Janice Hardy/ Fiction University)

  1. Trisha Tunis says:

    This would be a great course to participate in.

  2. Linda Hofke says:

    this sounds like an incredible course

    thanks for offering great prizes in the Advent for Writers giveaway

  3. Stacy Bodus says:

    Thank you for offering this.

  4. Kate Flascher says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Amelia Lynch says:

    This would be so helpful, it might be my favorite of all the giveaway items.

  6. Gerald Hapeman says:

    Ready and hopeful!

  7. Ruchama Burrell says:

    I could really use this. My WIP and I have been together for years and we could use a little help with our relationship

  8. Hugh MITCHELL says:

    What a lovely idea

  9. S. Clark says:

    Thank you so much for this opportuniy!

  10. Elise says:

    I’m working on a couple of different books right now, trading back and forth when I get stuck on one or the other. A class like this would be AMAZING! I have good ideas I could just use a little more help with the structure and just getting myself going . . .

  11. Sarah says:

    What a great prize!

  12. Donna Earnhardt says:

    This sounds fabulous!!

  13. Kristy Gillespie says:

    This would be awesome to win!

  14. AJ Merlin says:

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  15. Jacqueline Willauer says:

    I really think this is an awesome thing you guys are doing. Keep up the good work.

  16. Ruth Molenaar says:

    What could be better??

  17. Robert Doucette says:

    I love your site and your books. Every time I read your blog I learn something new and always something I can use. Many thanks

  18. Natalie says:

    So excited to see this back this year! Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you to everyone offering services!

  19. Amy Pinkston says:

    Such great prizes. Thank you!!

  20. Merlyssa says:

    Thank you for a great giveaway, ladies.

  21. Susan Grillo says:

    I have all of her books. She is amazing.

  22. Andrea P. says:

    I love this idea of the Advent Calendar! I’m currently working on nonfiction, but I have a fictional character making an appearance in my mind- I know her struggles and I need to tell her story. I’ll be ready by Spring to work on it. Very excited for this gift and opportunity to work with Janice 🙂

  23. Misha says:

    I love everything about this!

  24. Ally says:

    Wow. What an amazing offer.

  25. Lia says:

    Great opportunity, thank you!

  26. Judy says:

    Just what the doctor ordered. And something I would never buy for myself. It would be very nice to win this. Thank you for making this a possibility.

  27. Amanda says:

    What a fantastic prize! Thank you!

  28. Jenny Darlington says:

    What an awesome opportunity!!! Thanks so much!!

  29. Amy Hunter says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’m trying to write my first novel now. 🙂

  30. Joy says:

    What a wonderful offer! A writing friend told me about this. Thank you!

  31. Colleen says:

    Just found you on Instagram. Wow! I feel like its Christmas today! 🙂 Just entered the day 1 giveaway and shared with my new writing group. Good luck everyone!

  32. Kristin M Kelly says:

    Looks like a great opportunity.

  33. Kallie Rosa says:

    Love an online course! Always something new to learn Xx

  34. Taylor Munsell says:


  35. Kelly Malacko says:

    Amazing prize! Thanks!

  36. Kimberly Bea says:

    This would be awesome to win. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  37. Greg Laurich says:

    Sure, why not? I need all the help I can get!

  38. Jenni says:

    I need a course like this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Jessenia Concepcion says:

    This looks wonderful!

  40. Laura L says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  41. Courtney Hunt says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  42. Philip says:

    I use Janice Hardy’s books on Understanding Character, … Point of View, and … Structure extensively. Would love to be in an ongoing class with her!

  43. What a wonderful gift to give away!

  44. Emma says:

    This is exactly what I need!

  45. Chris says:

    You guys are incredible!! Thank you for this amazing site! 😁

  46. Pat Esden says:

    Thanks for making my holiday even more fun!

  47. Anita Banks says:

    Awesome, thank you!


    I’ve been out of the writing game for about 3 yrs now while I took care of my parents to the end. This would be a great way to get started back up.

  49. Ashlea says:

    This sounds great!

  50. Pamela Courtney says:

    Wow, I canNOT believe the generosity! Great Resource. Great Prizes! Great Opportunites. I see this event as a sign that I should keep at my story. I just created a critique group for MG writers. I have a novel I’ve been playing hide and seek with for years. I love the possibility of what could be revealed by the characters in this story. BUT I AM “STUCK IN THE MUCK, YUCK!” This event gives me the nudge that I should keep going.

  51. Love to see this. I get so much out of Janice’s blog, I can’t imagine what having her teach would be like.

  52. K.L. Baxton says:

    This seems like an amazing opportunity and I’d be honored to be chosen.

  53. Donna R says:

    The opportunity to learn from Janice Hardy is amazing!

  54. Lara Fabans says:

    What a great idea for writers and super fun to boot.

  55. Tammy Travis says:

    Just saw this site!
    Writers Helping Writer!
    Perfect! 🙂

  56. Sharon Barba says:

    Thanks for offering this great prize. As writers, we all benefit from expert advice and an objective opinion on our work. Sometimes you can get so close to this thing that’s grown inside you, that it’s hard to see the key aspects you can change to improve it. Especially after a couple of redrafts! I’m only third draft, and things are getting interesting…

    Would love to win. 😀

  57. Delia says:

    Would love to win this. ❤️

  58. Tom Crepeau says:

    Thank you, guys, for doing this for us. -tc

  59. Tracey Brown says:

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway. I love Janice’s Fiction University!

  60. Sandy Stuckless says:

    Janice’s writing expertise is world-class. Any workshop that she teaches is worth double what she charges!

  61. Diane Martin says:

    It would be great to win this!

  62. Anna says:

    This would be awesome to get, I love FictionUniversity! I’ve never commented (except in my mind), but I’ve been following for more than a year now and drop by there every few days looking for priceless nuggets new and old. Did I mention I love it?


  63. Nicole G says:

    I love Fiction University! A 12-week course from a fantastic site is a superb prize.

  64. Kim says:

    Wow, a novel in 12 weeks plus training – yes, please!

  65. Janice Hardy says:

    I’m excited to see so many others excited about this course. Good luck to all! And thanks so much Becca and Angela for putting this awesome giveaway event together, and the other folks who have generously donated prizes.

  66. Charli Adams says:

    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  67. Sacha Black says:

    This is a HUGE prize, good luck everyone 😀

  68. Ruth Dell says:

    Wow, I’d love to win this course, thanks for the opportunity.

  69. Judy L Mohr says:

    I’m always interested in learning more about my craft, and this could be a brilliant opportunity to learn a lot more. Thank you.

  70. Alli Martin says:

    What a great giveaway!

  71. Morgyn Star says:


  72. this is an amazing blog! thanks

  73. Thanks for the great giveaway! I really need help getting my first rough draft moving forward. 🙂

  74. Christopher Nelson says:

    This looks amazing and would be very welcome!

  75. Shelley O'Rourke says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for doing this!

  76. Sarah Mohler says:

    I love Janice Hardy, and it would be a dream come true to work with her!

  77. Julie Shattuck says:

    What a cool idea and generous gift! Thank you for helping writers 🙂

  78. Kym says:

    What a great giveaway. Thanks.

  79. Gabriella Buba says:

    What an awesome course

  80. Why do so many of us struggle with FINISHING a novel? Would love to get over that hump! I’ve done it. I know I can do it. But, it’s the DOING it that I struggle with! ;o)

  81. This is an amazing giveaway and I can’t wait to see what each day offers! Definitely sharing this and each daily link on the fan-fiction writing blog I co-run!

  82. Amberlie Humphries says:

    This would be incredible. 🙂 thank you!

  83. Cindy Fowell says:

    Thank you for these gift offers. They are generous and always so helpful!

  84. Crystal Mims says:

    This is a cool idea. Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. Febe says:

    Great contest!

  86. Magdalena Stefanni says:

    Excellent! Count me in!

  87. Andrea says:

    Wow! What a generous prize!

  88. Let’s see what happens!

  89. Kristi says:

    What a great opportunity! Thank you!

  90. Glory Wade says:

    What great opportunities. I’m in.

  91. Christine Hoy says:

    What an amazing opportunity! A great way to start out the Writer’s Advent Calendar!!

  92. Janey Merry says:


  93. E. Rawls says:

    I’m looking forward to this!

  94. Janice says:

    I attended a Janice Hardy workshop at a conference last year, and she was fantastic. Naturally, I would be thrilled to win this course. This is the first year I’ve heard of your Advent Calendar giveaways. What a fun holiday tradition! Thank you Angela, Becca, and contributors.

    • Janice Hardy says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed my workshop. Now I’m wondering which one 🙂

      • Janice says:

        Hi Janice! It was at the 10-Minute Novelists conference last August in Cincinnati. You were great! And I love your books that I bought at the event.

  95. Erik says:

    This would be quite the Christmas gift!

  96. Linda Gribko says:

    Would love the opportunity to develop a better/faster writing process.

  97. Taffy Lovell says:

    This is fun!

  98. Lara Elliott says:

    There’s always more to learn!

  99. Mackenzie Carter says:

    Cool opportunity

  100. lynn farnham says:

    I could really use this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  101. Gail says:

    Thank you for your generosity! This would be a encouraging way to start the new year.

  102. Mel Hammond says:

    The word ‘Finish’ has me hooked🎉🎉

  103. Chris Anderson says:

    This is all really neat. I wish the best for everyone!

  104. Jess Merryn says:

    An advent calendar for writers is an awesome idea, and day 1’s prize has the WOW factor! Count me in, ladies.

  105. KP Pryce says:

    A Janice Hardy workshop is one very enticing prize! Thank you to Janice Hardy for donating it!

  106. Lisa Pineo says:

    What an amazing first day gift! I’d love to win a course from Janice Hardy. I’ve been following her for years and love her writing. Looking forward to the other surprise gifts too!

  107. What an awesome idea. Thank you very much. Christmas spirit in spades!

  108. Patricia says:

    Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Karla Diaz says:

    I love your Advent Calendar for Writers. Thank you for your generosity, Angela and Becca. Please never stop looking out for us, struggling newbies.

  110. This sounds like an amazing gift. Please enter me! Thanks.

  111. Jessica Swafford says:

    Can’t wait for the results! 🙂

  112. Jann Audiss says:

    What a nice way to start December!!

  113. Megan S. says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Work-at-your-own-pace workshops are the best.

  114. Kim Lightle says:

    Yay! Thanks for doing this again!

  115. Alice Pierce says:

    This sounds amazing, and just what I need.

  116. Chris says:

    Great idea. Thank you.

  117. Mary Nelligan says:

    What a great idea and wonderful prize! Thank you!

  118. Steven C says:

    Best of luck to everyone and thanks for doing this. :3

  119. Cam Ray says:

    Going to be diving into writing my first novel in 2020, so perfect timing!

  120. Linda Beretta says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but hoping for a restart in the coming year, so what a coincidence. Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

  121. This is such a fun way to kick-off the Holiday season, especially for writers!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. Happy Holidays!!!

  122. Leslie P says:

    This course sounds like a great resource!

  123. Karen McCoy says:

    This looks lovely! Thanks for doing this.

  124. Laurie Wood says:

    This is a very generous giveaway! And I’m thrilled to be able to come back each day for the Advent Calendar. Thank you for the opportunity!

  125. Annina Luck says:

    Thanks so much for this great opportunity!

  126. B Hamilton says:

    So excited!

  127. What an awesome prize! Thank you for this great opportunity!

  128. James J Griffin says:

    I am excited about these giveaways!

  129. Tamara says:

    I love Advent Calendars but even more fun when you can win something of such great value!

  130. Brent says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Happy holidays, everyone!

  131. Latanya Ivey says:

    Awesome! Happy December, Everyone!

  132. Gordon says:

    Love the idea. I’m in!

  133. Mark Hood says:

    This sounds like an amazing prize, and very useful!

    Thank you for arranging this!


  134. Kristen Howe says:

    Cool giveaway! I would love to win a prize! Thanks Angela and Becca!

  135. Anika says:

    Thank you for this giveaway. Such a great oppotunity

  136. Marie says:

    Thanks for the great opportunity, Janice and Writers Helping Writers 🙂

  137. Camille Doris says:

    Wow what a useful prize! I’m working on a novel right now, this would be a big help I’m sure.

  138. Becca Lyman says:

    I need this, but I’ll be gracious and wish everyone good luck anyway! 🙂

  139. Sue says:

    A fantastic opportunity

  140. Mike Cipolla says:

    Always like a giveaway. Especially when it’s something useful or that I like as the prize.

  141. Elizabeth Gibson says:

    I love Janice Hardy!

  142. Bev Baird says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Would love to take your course – what a win that would be and such a boost to my writing.

  143. Virginia Turner says:

    Have been working on a book for 4 yrs. — it would be nice to learn how to finish it in such a short time

  144. Robert Doucette says:

    Always willing to learn from Janice.

  145. Jenni says:

    Thanks so much for offering these opportunities!

  146. Heather Hughes says:

    Thank you so much for such a fun way to encourage more writing 🙂

  147. Doree says:

    Delicious fun, ladies. The workshop looks awesome.

  148. Celine says:

    This is fun even if i don’t win anything. 🙂

  149. Glynis Jolly says:

    I like this Advent Calander idea. Usually, my chances of winning at these events are slim to none but I’m always willing to try.

    I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving.

  150. Hannah Harding says:

    What an exciting giveaway! I’m slogging through revisions on a first draft right now. It’s so crazy & messy, I’m beginning to think it was actually a zero draft. lol A workshop like this might just be the ticket to help me finish a complete draft. 😀

    • Janice Hardy says:

      Revisions can be tough. I’m at the end of one right now. Something that helps me, is to do an editorial map of the entire manuscript so I know what I have, and how the plot and story unfolds. It makes it a lot easier to know what I need to change or how to shift things around if needed.

  151. Julie Hiner says:

    Very excited the advent calendar is back!!! This first course looks awesome.

  152. Amanda says:

    I love this idea! I remember this from a past year and can’t wait to open all the giveaway links!

  153. Kathy Gibson says:

    I so want to finish my book! I’m stuck, have lost my own voice and that of some of my characters. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for this course.

  154. Alicia says:

    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  155. Mary Incontro says:

    I need this course!

  156. Judy Downing says:

    Love the idea of an Advent Calendar! What fun!

  157. Janet Kerr says:

    A gret way to start the holiday season!

  158. Siv says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for the effort of putting it all together 🙂

  159. MALLY BECKER says:

    This class looks like a great way to develop a real writing practice. Thanks for making it available as a prize!

  160. Autumn S says:

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait for the holidays to be OVER s I can go back to my writer cave!

  161. Myka says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  162. Carol Fillmore says:

    this is an amazing prize! She has an outstanding website:) would love to win this prize:)

  163. Tim Seabrook says:

    That’s a cool prize to have. Anything that can help you overcome the pitfalls and common mistakes is going to be worthwhile as half the time, being a new writer, you’re not aware of what they are, let alone how to avoid them.

  164. Rosetta Yorke says:

    Love the idea that you can work on this course at your own pace and approach the module sections in personal choice order. That sounds perfect. Thanks for this chance. It’s really generous of you. Hope whoever does win has a lot of fun doing it. (Fingers crossed it’s me!)

  165. Laurie Logan says:

    Sounds like fun! Thanks for the entry!

  166. Annaluisa says:

    This is an incredible thing for writers, thank you for this opportunity.

  167. Annaluisa says:

    This is such a great opportunity, thank you 🙂

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