Upgrade Your Toolkit: One Stop for Writers is 75% off

Looking to become a stronger storyteller? Want your novel to rise above the rest?

You’ve come to the right place. Becca and I have created a special library just for you!

One Stop for Writers is a portal to powerful tools and resources to help you master show, don’t tell, and create characters, worlds, and a story premise so deep and fresh that your readers will be thinking about the book long after the cover closes.

Ready to give One Stop for Writers a try?

First, if you haven’t already, sign up for the Free Trial.

Or if you’re ready to dive in, use this one-time discount code and get 1 month at 75% off:


To redeem:

  1. Login (or sign up) at One Stop for Writers.
  2. Go to your ACCOUNT tab, and visit the My Subscription page.
  3. Enter the code MASTERTHEPAGE (case sensitive) into the coupon code box by March 20th, 2020.
  4. Tick the checkbox below, and hit the Activate button. A blue message will tell you this code was successfully applied.
  5. Add a credit card and select the 1-month plan.

BOOM, just like that, a 75% discount will show up on your invoice. For less than a single cup of coffee, you’ll have month-long access to the largest fiction-based description database available to writers, the revolutionary hyper-intelligent Character Builder, and so much more.

You work hard because writing is hard. But guess what? It can be easier.

Writers deserve a break, don’t you think? We do, too. One Stop puts everything you need to write compelling fiction right at your fingertips so you spend more time writing and less time wondering what to write.

We’ve created a site walkthrough if you’d like to take a tour. (Should the video appear blurry at first, hit the HD settings wheel and manually select Quality >>720P HD. That will clear it up.)

Our tools and your imagination are the perfect story combo, so stop in and let’s get to work. Make this story your best one yet.

This deal ends March 20, 2020. See you at One Stop!

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