Advent Calendar Prize: A 1-Year Subscription to One Stop for Writers

Today’s Giveaway

Ready to power up your fiction and change the writing game? Put One Stop for Writers in your creative toolkit!

One Stop for Writers is a collaboration between Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi (authors of the Emotion Thesaurus) and Lee Powell (creator of Scrivener for Windows and Linux), three out-of-the-box thinkers who want to give writers the tools they need to become master storytellers.

This online library hosts unique resources built for writers, by writers, including:

  • The largest description database online, comprised of 14 signature Thesauruses
  • A Story Map tool that offers step-by-step help for plotting and character arc
  • Scene Map tools that provides structure at the scene level so each storytelling moment holds focus and purpose
  • Timelines to help writers storyboard and track character plot lines or journeys
  • An Idea Generator unlike anything you’ve seen, helping you avoid creative roadblocks
  • A Worldbuilding tool packed with surveys to build a fleshed out, custom world
  • Worksheets, Templates, Checklists, Tutorials and more, to not only assist with your novel, but to help you grow into a stronger storyteller!
  • A robust Character Building Tool* that allows you to craft deep, complex characters by pulling together elements of backstory, personality, and motivation from our custom thesauri to provide a custom character arc blueprint for any arc (change, failed, or static) *coming soon!
  • Gift Certificates! Put One Stop on your Wish List.

Enter more Advent Giveaways HERE. (Last day to enter is Dec 19th!)

Want to win a 1-year subscription to this amazing site? Enter the draw below, and good luck!

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179 Responses to Advent Calendar Prize: A 1-Year Subscription to One Stop for Writers

  1. :Donna says:

    This whole giveaway is SO amazing. Thank you!

  2. K.A.Allen says:

    This. This is beautiful. Definitely entering!

  3. Peter Loraditch says:

    Any writer pro or novice can use all these tools.

  4. AJ O'Rinn says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  5. Paul Go says:

    This looks super cool. I could use this!

  6. Jane says:

    What an exciting giveaway!

  7. Kim says:

    Whoa, what a generous giveaway. Thank you!

  8. I love how well One Stop for Writers organizes the writing process. Thanks for making such a useful resource!

  9. Kel o'connor says:

    Great promo! Love this!

  10. Melissa Zucal says:

    This promotion is a great idea

  11. myka says:

    thanks for the opportunity – can’t wait

  12. Sarah Mohler says:

    I love One Stop for Writers. The Thesauri (is that really the plural of Thesaurus?) are wonderful!

  13. So excited for this opportunity!

  14. Christine says:

    I want!!!

  15. Susan Peek says:

    I would love to win a subscription to One-Stop. 🙂 A fantastic resource!

  16. Betty Vanderwielen says:

    Certainly enjoy the Emotion Thesaurus. Would love to get long-term access to all the rest.

  17. Betty Vanderwielen says:

    I have the Emotion Thesaurus and would love access to all the rest

  18. Andrea Mack says:

    What an awesome prize! I never win any of these kind of contests but I’m entering anyway!

  19. Cyra says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  20. Fantastic resource and a great prize. This contest is so cool!

  21. Kylie says:

    One Stop For Writers is awesome! Whoever wins is going to have an amazing year of learning!

  22. Heather O'Connor says:

    I can’t believe there’s so much writing goodness collected in one place. The thesaurus collection is wonderful all on its own. But when you add in all the worksheets, the connectivity of resources, and the ability to save your discoveries by project … Well, it’s probably the best resource on the web.

    So would I like to win a year’s subscription? You bet!

    Thanks, Angela and Becca!

  23. dark says:

    this is one of my favorite sites!

  24. E. Rawls says:

    I’m so excited about this!

  25. Lori says:

    You had me at story map but I could really use a character building tool!

  26. Elaine Milner says:

    One Stop for Writers is a fantastic site! I just subscribed recently on your half-price offer but don’t think I can keep up the subscription. I’d love to have a one-year extension. This writer’s advent calendar is a wonderful idea.

  27. Lara Herrera says:

    This has been so much fun! Thank you for this calendar!

  28. AmandaS says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway, thank you!

  29. I love One Stop for Writers and can’t wait for the Character Builder Tool!

  30. Hannah says:

    I’ve always wanted to sign up for this, but haven’t been able to squeeze it into the budget. Fingers crossed that I win!

  31. Amanda Letterman says:

    This would be a blessing to win!

  32. KL says:

    I would love a subscription to One Stop for Writers. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  33. Katherine Holom says:

    Excited to check out the website.

  34. Hi, this is like having your very own, on-demand, coach/mentor/training membership site in your pocket! Access anywhere, any time. I love learning while writing, two for the price of one 🙂 Thank you. Be Blessed.

  35. Jane Manthorpe says:

    Super grateful for this opportunity to win a year of One Stop for Writers having browsed the site. As a new writer this would give a boost of productivity and help me with my writing. Really appreciate what you are offer hearing, super generous 🙂 fingers and toes crossed for this one!

  36. Who could pass this up?!

  37. Donna Robertson says:

    This would be such an awesome prize to win!

  38. Marianne Hansen Rencher says:

    I need this!

  39. Jennifer Jensen says:

    I’ve used One Stop before and – when I remembered I had it – loved it. Would love to have it again!

  40. Angelle McDougall says:

    Great idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    One Stop for Writers is an incredible resource. It’s been a huge help as I work through improving my manuscript. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  42. I left two responses yesterday, but I don’t see them. Plus, rafflecopter kicked me out. Hopefully, I’ve entered now!

  43. Looking forward to learning more about the site.

  44. Alli Martin says:

    What an awesome opportunity!

  45. Sara says:

    This would be n amazing tool to win! I have loved one stop for writers for a long time. Thank you!!

  46. Zugey Perez says:

    This is a nice treat!

  47. Leslie P says:

    A great resource to have for any writer!

  48. Tim Seabrook says:

    I’ve been a user in the past but didn’t make enough use of it. This time will be different as will the amount of writing I plan to do. A great prize from the Advent Calendar

  49. Josee says:

    Valuable tool I’d love to win

  50. One Stop for Writers is an awesome web site!

  51. I NEED this in my life!

  52. Sally Kirkpatrick says:

    Something new to try!

  53. Cindy Fowell says:

    I enjoy exploring options and learning new tools on One Stop for Writers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the knowledge of others on this blog and your website. And for this great holiday give away. What a blessing.

  54. Dave says:

    My favourite animals since I was little: The’sauruses 🙂

  55. Current user and would love to have an extension!

  56. Naomi Kennedy says:

    Love love love One Stop! It’s well worth every penny, but if i can get free access, well, even better!

  57. Kathryn says:


  58. Jessica Swafford says:


  59. Karla Diaz says:

    I’m already a member, but who doesn’t like a freebie? 😉 I love the website; it is full of valuable info. You guys provide us with the best advice and writing tools. Thanks!

    PS: The advent calendar is a great idea!

  60. Amy says:

    Looks cool!

  61. This is an amazing prize! Thanks for offering it. Love your thesaurus books!

  62. Siv says:

    Thank you for this opportunity – it would take my writing to a whole new level!

  63. Adell Ryan says:

    I am quite intrigued by this program! Thank you for the opportunity to win a 1-year subscription!

  64. Tamara Meyers says:

    I love advent calendars and one with real prizes is AMAZING! Thank you Angela, Becca and all of the contributors.

  65. Julie Hiner says:

    The tools, articles, resources, etc, on this site made it possible for me to finish my first novel. I know I won’t be able to finish my second one without it!!! What a FANTASTIC prize 🙂

  66. Ashley Wong says:

    This site looks so helpful!

  67. Jane Manthorpe says:

    I love tools, as a new writer tools make life easier, I really appreciate the opportunity to win a years access to One Stop Writers tool box, it would be such a help to me to craft my first story, thank you so much.

  68. Jane Manthorpe says:

    I love tools, they make life easier, especially as new writer, I would love to get to use these storytelling tools to help me craft my first story.Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a years access, really appreciate this, keep doing what you are doing for you are much need.

  69. Krea Hengler says:

    Amazing give away…especially for someone who has great admiration for those that can use words to articulate a point so effectively. I would love and have a great desire to learn that craft.

  70. kim says:

    Thank you!

  71. Laurel says:

    It wouldn’t let me comment, so if you get more than one, I’m sorry. I won’t try again after this one. 🙂 I have all your thesaurus books and love them, and am very excited about today’s give away! 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  72. Laurel says:

    My comment didn’t show, sorry if you get it twice.

    Love this. I have all your thesaurus books, and this would be an amazing prize to win on top. 🙂 Thank you for this chance. 🙂

  73. Karen McIntosh says:

    This is an amazing prize for any writer.Thank you

  74. Vidya says:

    wow, this sounds great!

  75. Michael says:

    As a writer, I would be foolish – foolish! – not to enter for this most valuable of gifts.

  76. Tracey Brown says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you for the opportunity. I LOVE your Writer’s Guide to thesaurus – I have all of them. 🙂

  77. Gwendolyn Ensz says:

    I was hoping this one would show up! They have a ton of amazing resources on their website

  78. Charli says:

    This sounds cool! Always willing to use different programs to help better my writing!

  79. DJ Blackford says:

    I have been a member, albeit a free one, of One Stop For Writers since it debuted. It was pretty cool then, but it’s awesome now. I know I should pay for a full subscription, but all of the monthly fees on things I already have, not necessarily writing-related, seem to peck away at my finances and add up to more than is comfortable. Still, it is a very cool and useful set of tools and the implementation, courtesy in no small part of Lee Powell, is outstanding. It would be awesome to have a full membership!

    • Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 Lee is amazing, as is Abhishek, our part time developer. They have really made magic, taking out content and transforming it into the tools we have there. Our One Stop team is great to work with. Good luck in the draw!

  80. I love the idea! What a great giveaway.

  81. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the prizes!

  82. Not sure what happened, but I got kicked out of the rafflecopter before I finished. Anyway, I tried!

  83. One Stop’s story map and tools have saved my writing! I am addicted! Thank you for creating these resources. So indebted.

  84. Kristi Simpson says:

    Thank you for the opportunity

  85. What a great idea. Great writers’ guidebook from great writers’ guides

  86. Mary says:

    I have used your free resources and a few of the books and would love asubscription to the site!

  87. I am amazed at what you all are doing. Thank you!

    • It’s fun to offer this kind of stuff to writers. As writers, we know how hard this job is, and how much we all juggle. We need to remember to focus and celebrate the journey, not just the end results. Plus, we’re in love with this time of year when everyone is thinking deeper about what they love about the world and the people in it. 🙂

  88. Victoria L Oman says:

    I love this idea! Thank you for an adult advent calendar that I will look forward to checking out every day!

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