Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Enthusiasm

· Rushed words, a bubbly or loud tone
· Rapt attention
· Talking over people, monopolizing conversation, using lots of excitable language
· Grabbing onto people and squeezing to transfer/display hyper feelings
· Repeating oneself
· Yelling, screaming, cheering, clapping, hooting
· Talking in hushed, excitable tones
· Gossiping, sharing secrets, swapping opinions while gazes dart toward object of discussion and then away again
· Rubbing one’s hands together
· Bringing a chair in closer to the table to be closer to the action/conversation/group
· An inability to concentrate on anything else
· Quirking an eyebrow and smiling
· A desire to share, include others
· Excessive friendliness, perhaps even with those not in one’s own social circle
· Bursts of laughter, giggling, hyperness
· Exaggerated movements, actions
· Loss of inhibitions

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