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From time to time, people ask us to be guests on their podcasts, which is always such a great time (nerding out about writing for 20 minutes or so? Sign me up!) Below are our most recent podcasts and interviews. Have a listen or watch, and then subscribe, because these podcasts and channels have a wealth of information to share.

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Story-a-Day Podcast: Why You Should Participate in NaNoWriMo (with Angela) & What Make Great Characters and Great Storytelling (with Angela)

The Make Books Travel Podcast: A Chat with our Foreign Rights Agent (with Becca)

Rebel Author Podcast: Character Occupations and Details (with Becca)

Write Your Best Book: How to Write Effective Emotions (with Becca)

Rebel Author Podcast: Pay it Forward Marketing, Business Planning and Crafting Emotions (with Angela)

Write Your Best Book Podcast: How to Write Well-Developed Characters (with Angela)

Keystroke Medium: Show, Don’t Tell Emotion, Characterization, & Description (with Angela)



Write Club the Podcast: How to craft powerful settings using the Urban and Rural Setting Thesaurus books. (with Becca)

Mel Hammond’s Writer on the Road: How to write powerful characters and experiences that readers will relate to, balancing show and tell by using a mixture of external and internal cues to reveal emotion, the incredible Character Building tool at One Stop for Writers, and much more. (with Angela)

Blood, Sweat, and Words: Craft Advice, Creating The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition & Building The Tools Writers Really Need at One Stop For Writers (with Angela)

Just Joshing: Creativity-focused marketing, being a writer in today’s world & more (with Angela)

Indie Chicks Podcast: Achieving powerful character development with One Stop for Writer’s revolutionary Character Builder (with Angela)


DIYMFA Radio Show (On Understanding The Emotional Wound with Becca & Angela together!)

The Creative Penn: Emotional Wounds, Writing Emotion Effectively, and Creating Three-Dimensional Characters (with Becca)

Write Through The Roof: The Depth of an Emotional Wound, Character Arc & the Importance of Adopting a Learner’s Mindset (with Angela)

iWriterly: A packed episode discussing writing craft, what it takes to be a successful writer, platform, finding your audience & traditional/self-publishing routes (with Angela)

The Writing Coach Podcast: Kevin T. Johns and Angela discuss how best to help writers, the importance of listening to your gut instinct, taking risks on the career path, and connecting authentically with your audience. (with Angela)

Author Like A Boss Podcast: Ella Barnard and Angela discuss marketing best practices, building a business, defeating doubt, and filling your writing toolkit with resources that will help you write your best novel yet. (with Angela)


The Joined Up Writing Podcast:   (Listen to an interview with Angela)

Create a Story You Love Podcast:  (Listen to an interview with Becca or with Angela)

TV Writer Podcast (A Discussion on Showing Character Emotion with Angela)

Always Write Podcast (A Look at Emotion and Character Building with Angela)

Lisa Hall Wilson (Emotion & Deep POV with Becca)

Story Works Round Table Part 1 (Discussing Emotional Wounds with Becca)

Story Works Round Table Part 2 (Discussing Emotional Wounds and Character Arc with Becca)

How Authors Write (On Writing with a Partner and The Emotional Wound Thesaurus with Becca)

National Association of Memoir Writers Teleseminar: Emotional Wounds & Memoir Writing (with Angela)

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