Writers Helping Writers Show, Don’t Tell Pro Pack

Struggle with Show & Tell and need a bit of help? We’ve put together a kit for you that contains a bucket load of resources: a descriptive thesaurus entry from each of our writing guides to show you what to think about when it comes to that story element, tips on how that aspect of description will power up your story, and links to our top show, don’t tell articles.

This downloadable pro pack is perfect for people who want to strengthen their description but aren’t quite sure how, or ones who have heard about how our books and are wondering what the check all the fuss is about.

The better you master show, don’t tell, the stronger your storytelling will become…and that’s what will help your books rise about the rest.

Download the kit:

Writers Helping Writers Descriptive Thesaurus Sampler

For more information on each of the volumes above, visit our bookstore.

9 Responses to Writers Helping Writers Show, Don’t Tell Pro Pack

  1. Hi Angela!
    I just listened to your interview with Gabriela on her Summer Writer’s Summit. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us! I truly appreciate your work.

  2. Anne Marvin says:

    Hello! Is there a way to buy all the books in hard copy? I am only seeing ebook sales. Thanks, Anne

    • HI Anne,

      All of our books are in print and ebook with the exception of the Positive & Negative Trait book bundle (the single volumes of each –purple and green– are in print) and the one called Emotional Amplifiers as this is an ebooklet, not a full guide.

      You can find all of our books here: https://writershelpingwriters.net/bookstore/

      And each one will list distributors. If you click those links, the e-tailers (like Amazon) will all have print and ebook options. You can also order them through your local bookstore by giving then the ISBN number. (Visit any book at Amazon and the ASIN number is listed).

      Let me know if you need help finding these anywhere–happy to assist!

      • Robin Deffendall says:

        Anne and Angela, Just a brief plug for the eBook versions. I advocate strongly for the books among my writer’s group members, and so I have a hard copy of the Emotion Thesaurus to show and tell. But for my own use I keep the eBooks, because I can put them on my laptop and always have them for reference right there where I am working. It can be so helpful at just the right moment. It’s just a quick jump to my Kindle app.

        • Robin, I am so glad you are finding our writing guides helpful, and we so very much appreciate you sharing word of these guides with other writers – the more people we can help, the better.

          it’s always interesting to me to hear what version writers like best. We find that most tend to buy a print copy for home and a digital copy on the go, sometimes an ebook, sometimes a PDF. I’m just glad technology allows us to find different formats so whatever fits with a person’s process we have a route forward for that.

          Take care and happy writing!

  3. Krishnendu says:

    Great perspective, thanks for this great insight, and as always thanks for your generous efforts…


  4. Hi Betty,

    I’m able to open it? Maybe try refreshing the page or closing out the browser and returning to this page? If that doesn’t work, let me know.

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