Informative Industry Information, Blogs & Groups (Self-Publishing and Legacy):

The Future of Ink

Writing On the Ether

Gutsy Indie Publishers (FB Group)

ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors)

A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing

The Book Designer

Let’s Get Visible

Bookbub Partners

Reedsy  (New to publishing? This resource list will help!)

 Platform, Marketing & Promotion Advice:

Kristen Lamb: We Are Not Alone


Jane Friedman

The Creative Penn

Molly Greene

WHW Marketing Posts That May Help:

The Path to 10K: Strategy, Luck & Mistakes: Hard numbers & The Emotion Thesaurus’ marketing plan

Creative Book Launches That Command Attention: A breakdown for hosting a successful event

Asking For Online Exposure: The do’s and don’ts when approaching top bloggers for visibility

Hand Selling: How Savvy Are You?: Observations on what works and what doesn’t

A Book Marketing Truth Few Experts Will Admit: 6 reasons why following expert advice may still not yield results (and what to do about it)

5 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Audience: Write a book, have a plan…it’s about understanding who your exact audience is & connecting with them

Marketing For Introverts: Putting yourself out there can be tough, so here are tips to make it easier.

 Protect Yourself & Your Writing:

Writer Beware: Find scammers before they find you

Copyscape: Think maybe someone’s stolen a blog post? See if you’re right.

 Professional Business Services & Tools For Writers:

ProWritingAid: Premier and affordable software to help you strengthen your writing. There’s a free trial & this is used by nearly 1 million professionals (note: affiliate link)

BetaBooks: Beta Reader Management software for authors (great way to include your fans in the writing process and make them feel like insiders!)

Reedsy: a marketplace of vetted professionals to help authors publish

Gumroad: sell PDFs via your own online store

Booktrakr: track your digital sales, bestseller rank & more

TechSurgeons: One stop shop for hosting & website design (specializes in author sites)

Big Blue Button: A virtual classroom & party room for book launches

Anti Social: Shut off social media or internet for a specific time to focus on work

Siteliner: Search for broken website links and more

YASIV: See what book purchases are tied to your book at Amazon

MailChimp: easy to use, professional newsletter creator

Canva: very easy-to-use image creation service which is free and works terrific for marketing materials. They also have book cover templates.

Editing & Formatting Services:

Sacha Black: Resident Writing Coach and author

C.S. Lakin: has edited several of our thesaurus books

Marissa Graff (Angelella Editorial)

Gloria Singendonk

Michael Dunne: has proofread for us–highly recommended

JD Smith Design: Jane works quickly and is very professional!

Fawkes Editing: September is a Resident Writing Coach and she knows her craft!

Heart of the Story: Sara Letourneau is a former Resident Writing Coach who has done some first page critiques in our monthly contest

Write Your Best Book: Christina Kaye has been a guest editor for our monthly critique contest and knows her stuff.

The Choppy Shop: if you specifically need query help or are gearing up for a pitch, these Pitch Wars mentors know what works and what doesn’t.

 Unique Writing Tools:

One Stop For Writers®: Elevate your storytelling through tools, resources and the largest description database available online.

This creativity portal was designed by Becca & Angela of Writers Helping Writers and Lee Powell, the creator of Scrivener for Windows and former OS partner. It must be seen to be believed, so check into the FREE TRIAL (no credit card necessary).

Autocrit: Search for grammar, weak words, overused language, etc.

Wordle: Create word cloud from your story text. Helps you find overused words, theme & key words that might make a good title

Scrivener: An excellent “does it all” writing & organization tool

QueryTracker: Great organization & information software for your agent search (free)

The Writers Helping Writers® Toolbox: Lots of writing/editing tools created by Becca & Angela + new marketing handouts

AIYAP Worksheets & More: worksheets on just about everything to do with writing fiction

Hiveword Online Fiction Organizer: great little online organizer & writing tool

Save The Cat Tools: Must have printable sheets that work on Save The Cat principles

Jami Gold’s Worksheets for Writers: A plethora of excellent writing & editing tools

Writing Pacemaker: A completely customizable way to track word count progress and set word count  goals to fit your writing style and productivity schedule.

Story Structure Database: Movie structure breakdowns to help you master story structure.

Word Frequency Counter: Find your overused words quickly with this counter.

100 Online Dictionaries: If you are looking for specific or niche information, give these specialized dictionaries a whirl.

 Recommended Online Learning Centers

Writing for Life Workshops – improve your writing and editing skills, better understand how to hit the bestseller lists as a self-published author and more. C.S. Lakin is our book editor and highly skilled in writing craft, and has several great courses that can help shorten the learning curve

WANA International

Write Now Mastermind

Writer’s Digest University

Author Accelerator: customized book coaching and an array of programs for serious writers wanting to shorten their writing craft learning curve and get their book into the hands of their readers

Writers Craft Academy:  Super friendly Kevin T. Johns has a great suite of offerings for writers including author training videos, book coaching, an intimate Facebook group, checklists, downloads, a podcast and much more.

 Writing Heroes Blogs (Advocates for Writers)

Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing Gang
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Elizabeth Spann Craig
Donna Gephart 
Gene Lempp
Jami Gold
Janice Hardy
Julie Musil 
K.M. Weiland 
Kristen Lamb
Laura Pauling
Matthew MacNish
Martha Alderson (The Plot Whisperer) 
Operation Awesome
YA Confidential

 Recommended Writing Communities

Scribophile – further your writing skills with a community that focuses on critique swaps and provides a database of craft articles and resources. Scribophile’s forums are also a great place to connect with others on the writing path to discuss all things writing and publishing.

The Critique Circle – give and get critiques by your peers, growing and learning together. (This is where Becca and I met…terrific people here!)

SCBWI Message Board (Formerly Verla Kay’s Blue Board) – # 1 place to be if you are a writer of Kidlit or YA. Tons of information about publishing, agents and the writer’s road.

Query Tracker Forums – helpful community for writers on the query trail–share knowledge, strategies and make new, supportive friends.

NaNoWriMo – The “write a novel in a month club” that keeps on trucking all year long. Even if you don’t Nano, this is a treasure trove of writing resources and links!

WANA Tribe – a community for all creative types, but populated mostly by writers. Friendly and supportive, here you’ll find people wanting to connect, not promote!

Writers Support 4 U (Facebook Group) – a great collection of writers intent on support, knowledge sharing & collaboration, not promoting to one another.

Seekerville – a writing blog with a big community heart. Excellent articles on writing and tons of encouragement and support.

#ontheporch – this twitter-based group hosts helpful writing chats, and is a great place to ask about critique partner matching, feedback and advice on queries and blurbs, and so much more. Very supportive group.

 Angela’s Vault of Wonders

Litcharts: This amazing directory will help you better understand literary devices and terminology, including Rhetorical Devices. It also has a comprehensive database of information guides on popular works of fiction, and more. Do check it out!

Compete in a fun series of writing challenges for a chance to be published in an anthology (and bragging rights)! All proceeds are donated to The Office of Letters and Light (NaNoWriMo) and every entry receives valuable feedback.

Rainy Mood: Write to the sound of rain

Blade Play & Incised Wounds: A primer on knife wounds to insure accuracy

Reverse Dictionary: know related words, but not quite the word you need? Meet your new best friend.

Visual Thesaurus: Displays words and meaning, connecting like-concepts

Action Verb List: Lose the bland and get specific!

Tough Issues For Teens Write gritty YA? Find a huge list of Issue books broken down by topic for research

Spezify: An unusual way to search for information (hint: try your name)

Serendipity: Need inspiration or ideas? This is generator nirvana.

Silk: Self doubt gnawing at you, or you’re feeling stuck? Get inspired and create something beautiful as you think your way through any writing problem.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary: A perfect place for story inspiration on the weird and wonderful

Author Name Pronunciation Guide: Meeting an author and don’t know how to say their name? Help is here

Writing for Beginners 101: New to writing? You might find these tips helpful.

Onomatopoeia Dictionary: Need to write a sound? Here’s how.

Writing Realistic Injuries: Don’t wing your injury descriptions after battles and mishaps–write it accurately

The Character Therapist: Put your characters on the couch!

World Building Research: So many great topics of time period-specific research…let’s just call this WOW for short

The Writer’s Knowledge Base: A search engine built just for writers? You better believe it!

The One Stop For Writers® Pinterest Board: The best of the best when it comes to writing articles, broken down by specific topic. Shorten your learning curve with this virtual learning center!

The Writers Helping Writers® Pinterest Board: All of our most popular articles in one place for easier sharing

One Stop For Writers’ MASSIVE Checklist and Tip Sheet collection: All of One Stop’s popular checklists on all areas of writing craft are now hosted on a public page of the site!

Download and print for your own use, or share them online to help other writers better navigate the trickier areas of writing craft.

































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  5. Sarah says:

    Wow! what an awesome one-stop info for all the prerequisites and requirements for authors.

    I have bought most of your books and gifted to a good friend too.

    Please share with us more info to help us be self-published successful authors soon.

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Krishnendu Bhattacharyya says:

    I am just a wannabe amateur writer, and I am grateful for all your invaluable resources that you have enlightened us with. Honestly speaking, your first thesaurus is like the first glimpse of light in a long dark tunnel where I was stuck and lost for a long time. I am deeply thankful for your great effort. I would love to see like everybody else out there more thesaurus. If you plan to release thesauruses on outer and inner conflicts I do believe that would be one of the greatest gift one can experience as a writer. I hope you will take my request under your kind consideration.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Leslie Foster says:

    The Dick Tracy watch for writers.
    Thank you!! 🙂

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    What an amazing collection of resources! Thank you so much!

  9. Stephen Milano says:

    Thanks. That is a lot of good info. I appreciate you! 🙂

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    Love your books. This resource page is a treasure for writers. Thanks for your generosity.

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