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Writers Helping Writers® is brought to you by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, co-authors of the bestselling Emotion Thesaurus (Jadd Publishing) and its many sequels. Part writing guide and part creative brainstorming list, each book tackles a problematic area of description that plays a major role in storytelling. These resources are popular because they are accessible by writers of all levels and teach the most powerful ways to include descriptive content. Each list is packed with ideas that keep a person from getting stuck on what to write.

Available in eight languages, these self-published books have sold over half a million copies. Foreign rights are in the care of Marleen Seegers of the 2 Seas Agency.

Angela Ackerman is a Canadian residing just outside Calgary, Alberta. She loves to travel and teaches workshops internationally.

Currently, she has put her fiction on hold to concentrate on her nonfiction guides and the development of One Stop for Writers®, a subscription site that helps writers transform their careers by providing powerful tools and resources that they need to elevate their fiction.
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Becca Puglisi is an American residing in Jupiter, Florida. A former educator, Becca now focuses on raising her family, building writing guides with Angela, and teaching workshops internationally.

Like her co-author, Becca writes fiction for teens but has put her books on hold to better concentrate on coaching, producing nonfiction content, and creating software for One Stop for Writers.
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More information on our books:

A fan favorite among writers, editors, and psychologists, this book collection has sold over 600,000 copies all over the world.

The Emotion Thesaurus (first edition) May 2012
The Positive Trait Thesaurus Oct 2013
The Negative Trait Thesaurus Sept 2013
The Emotion Amplifier Thesaurus Dec 2014
The Rural Setting Thesaurus June 2016
The Urban Setting Thesaurus June 2016
The Emotional Wound Thesaurus October 2018
The Emotion Thesaurus (second edition) February 2019
The Occupation Thesaurus JULY 2020

(Foreign Editions can be found here.)

More information about One Stop for Writers:

An introduction to One Stop for Writers

Features & Tools


The Team

Possible areas to explore during an interview:

  • How Becca and Angela met online and came up with the idea for a description-based thesaurus and the viral nature of The Emotion Thesaurus (a blog-to-book project)
  • How their book’s list format challenged the idea of what a writing guide could be and led to many other “list” books appearing on the market
  • How Becca and Angela have only met in person a few times and yet successfully co-write books and leverage their different strengths to run multiple businesses
  • The unusual coincidences that have happened that leave Angela and Becca convinced the universe wants them to write books together
  • Why they chose to build a subscription site (One Stop for Writers) and how they believe the innovative resources created there are changing the game for writers
  • How focusing on relationships, not promotion, has allowed them to build a worldwide loyal fan base

Sound bite accolades:

  • Writers Helping Writers is an award-winning site and is frequently found on many yearly “top websites for writers” lists
  • Every book in the Writers Helping Writers Thesaurus collection has achieved bestseller status on Amazon, often listed in the number-one spot and in total has sold over 600,000 copies
  • The Japanese Setting Thesaurus (a combined volume) reached the #1 spot for all books on, went viral on twitter, received television coverage, and was profiled on BuzzFeed (Japan). The other books in the series are also quite popular
  • In addition to being favorite resources among writers and screenwriters, our writing guides are used in university-level curriculum and are sourced by editors, agents, actors, game developers, psychologists, and educators

Podcasts and interviews:

Podcast episodes by date

Sample Blog Interviews with Becca: 2015, 2019

Sample Blog Interviews with Angela: 2015, 2018


“One of the challenges a fiction writer faces, especially when prolific, is coming up with fresh ways to describe emotions. This handy compendium fills that need. It is both a reference and a brainstorming tool, and one of the resources I’ll be turning to most often as I write my own books.” James Scott Bell, bestselling author of Deceived and Plot & Structure

“This is far more than a brilliant, thorough, insightful and unique thesaurus; this is the best primer on story — and what REALLY hooks and holds readers– that I have ever read.”  ~ Lisa Cron, bestselling author of Wired For Story & Story Genius

“This book is an invaluable resource providing situations that led to the character’s emotional wound, false beliefs, fears, and responses that impact personality, as well as triggers and opportunities that can lead into plot ideas. It’s a great addition to the thesaurus collection from Ackerman & Puglisi.” ~ Joanna Penn, NYT & USA Today bestselling author

“In these brilliantly conceived, superbly organized, and astonishingly thorough volumes, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have created an invaluable resource for writers and storytellers. Whether you are searching for new and unique ways to add and define characters or are brainstorming methods for revealing those characters without resorting to clichés, it is hard to imagine two more powerful tools for adding depth and dimension to your screenplays, novels, or plays.” ~ Michael Hauge, Hollywood Script Consultant and Story Expert, author of Writing Screenplays That Sell

“To weave stories that connect directly to a reader’s heart, an author knows they have to go deeper than they’ve ever gone before. The Emotional Wound Thesaurus takes them there.” ~ Steena Holmes, NYT & USA Today bestselling author

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