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Lesser-Known Character Archetypes

One of the biggest pitfalls for writers is falling into cliché, and some of the biggest clichés happen with our characters. While the common archetypes work and are typically necessary, there are others that can be utilized to add interest, uniqueness, … Continue reading

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5 Things Psychology Can Teach Writers

From our books, most of you know Becca and I love psychology. This is largely because the most captivating fiction pieces are those that closely mirror the real world, especially when it comes to characters. Knowing who a character is … Continue reading

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Pacing and Momentum in Revision

One of the elements I like to focus on when I revise is pacing. Pacing is the manipulation of momentum and time in a piece of writing and how the characters and reader experience it. Pacing influences how time and … Continue reading

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Read More Fiction (A New Year’s Resolution for Writers)

Are we too late for New Year’s resolutions? I hope not, because there’s one I urge every writer to make. Read more fiction. It should be easy for us, right? Here, we’re all story lovers. But I mentor a lot … Continue reading

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Tips for Weaving Romance into Your Novel

Romance is a part of life, and so it should also play some part in our novels—if we intend for our characters to mirror real life. Even if you don’t write in the romance genre, don’t be too quick to … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays: Our Most Popular 2016 Posts For Writers

It’s that time of year where Becca and I sneak off to the liquor cabinet for some adult beverages to drink some rich hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire so we can enjoy some family togetherness and reflect … Continue reading

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Finding the Sweet Starting Spot for Your Story

  I used to hate writing story openings. I could never find the right spot the first time around. Sometimes, I started too far into the current story, leaving readers scratching their heads and squinting as they tried to figure … Continue reading

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The Revision Circle: Does My Story Have Too Many Problems?

I’m so excited to join WHW as a Resident Writing Coach (because Angela and Becca are awesome—am I right?). *smile* If you’re not familiar with me, I’m Jami Gold, and in addition to my fiction, writing blog, worksheets, and workshops, … Continue reading

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How Character Attributes and Flaws Work Within Character Arc

Like real people, characters have mixed personalities that contain both positive traits (attributes) and negative traits (flaws). Flaws are especially interesting as they develop  when a person has experienced a painful life lesson: the world, and the people in it, … Continue reading

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5 Visualization Techniques to Help Your Writing Craft

Happy to welcome high-performance coach and author Nina Amir to the blog today. She’s got some great techniques for you to try if you ever hit a brainstorming wall, so please read on! Plot. Scene. Character. Setting. Point of view. … Continue reading

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