Introducing One Stop for Writers’ Character Builder

It’s always a good day when I have something incredible to share, and today I get to introduce a new tool that is going to help you EXPONENTIALLY: One Stop for Writers’ Character Builder.

Becca, Lee, Abhishek, and I have been working on the Character Builder for almost a year and a half. It’s been a massive undertaking, the only tool of its kind, and one that we hope will utterly transform how you build characters.

Many of you use our description thesauruses, not only those in book form but all the additional ones we have at One Stop. Along with our unique Idea Generator, they have helped you brainstorm your story’s cast time and again.

The hyper-intelligent Character Builder is integrated with our description database, generators, and behavioral lists. This means as you work on your character, the tool will prompt you with specific options and choices that will be the best fit for them, helping you to build your seedling ideas into a full-blooded, three-dimensional character.

unresolved emotional wound character builder tool

For example, let’s say you know your character’s unresolved emotional wound, chosen from our database. The Character Builder will show you what sort of personality traits, fears, misbeliefs, behaviors, and dysfunctional emotional shielding might result in your character, based on this exact wound. It will also show you how to uncover your character’s Fatal Flaw that, in this case, is the one thing they must overcome if they are to achieve their goal.

If you can’t find a database wound that fits, you can add your own (and the tool will still offer up helpful ideas on what to brainstorm!)

Character Motivation the Character Builder Tool

Or maybe you know your character’s goal (outer motivation). The Character Builder will help you distill exactly what this will look like for your character, offer ideas on what skills and talents would be beneficial to help them achieve it, and what the stakes could be. It will then lead you through the process of uncovering your character’s inner motivation: the WHY behind the goal they are pursuing.

There are dozens of places to start when it comes to building a character, and these are only two. You can choose what area to plan first, whether to use our suggestions or add your own ideas, and plan as much or as little as you like!

The most incredible aspect of this tool?

Once you’re finished planning, the Character Builder will create a blueprint of the character’s arc based on the information you gathered.

Yes, read that again:

You’ll have a map of the character’s inner journey, in hand, as you write.

This Character Arc Blueprint also allows you to switch between arc types, so you can see what the story looks like if the character is on a Change arc, Static, or Failed. It works for all characters: protagonists, antagonists, villains, antiheroes, love interests…even minor characters. If they have an arc in the story, you can decide if it leads to failure or success.

(Did I mention you can export a PDF of your character to you favorite writing program, like Scrivener?)

Okay, I’ve babbled enough. It’s time for you to see a tiny slice of what this tool will do. Join Becca as she takes you on a tour of the new Character Builder, and then hop over to One Stop for Writers to activate your free 2-week trial so you can test it out!


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, an online library packed with powerful tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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14 Responses to Introducing One Stop for Writers’ Character Builder

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  3. Diane Martin says:

    How long is the 70% off coupon code good for?

    • Diane, you can add the coupon to your account any time through the end of February. Even if your current plan doesn’t roll over before then, as long as you add the coupon to the coupon box on the My Subscription page before 3/1, the discount will be added to your next invoice. Please note, though, that particular coupon can only be used for the 1-month plan.

  4. Rahma Krambo says:

    I’m test driving the Character Builder. Already I can see I can’t live without now. 🙂
    I have a subscription to One Stop (which I just renewed) and want to make sure the Character Builder is included.
    Thanks for all your wonderful resources!

  5. :Donna says:

    I watched Becca’s tutorial and this tool looks aMAZing!

    • I’m so glad, Donna! Truly, we are all so excited about it because we’ve used it ourselves and we can honestly say that it works. It just streamlined the whole character creation process and made it much more intuitive. If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

  6. mags says:

    Ah, I get it–I thought the character builder was separate. Thank you, that’s brilliant. xxm

  7. Donna Robertson says:

    I signed up for the Character Builder, choosing the one month subscription and entering all the required information.
    I am unsure how to now access the Character Builder. Where to I go to find it?

    • Hi Donna. 🙂 Did you watch the video on the home page? It is quite helpful for navigating to the Character Builder if you have not yet done so.

      Once you log in, go to “My Workspace” (top yellow tab). The My Workspace is like yoru creative desk, and all your tools, worksheets and items can be found there. To the right you’ll see a brown tab that says “New” so just scroll down to the Character Builder. It will prompt you for the character’s name, and then you’re off to the races. 🙂 have fun!:)

  8. Mags says:

    Hi there, Angela. This looks fabulous! I’ve looked but can’t find the cost of the one month plan for the character builder–would like to know this before I make a decision. Thanks

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