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Creating from the Familiar

Have you watched The Mandalorian yet? It’s worth it just to listen to the opening theme music. It has this haunting western-scifi feel that is utterly unique, compelling, and has a complexity that allows you to discover something new each time you … Continue reading

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Why Writers Should Take More Risks This Year

by Colleen M. Story It’s the start of a new year. Are you ready to take the next step in your writing career? If not, that’s okay. Do it anyway. Because no writer ever got anywhere waiting until she was … Continue reading

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Angela’s Tips for a Happier Writing Life

Well folks, we made it: 2021. And while nothing’s really changed, I think we all feel a weight has lifted. The vaccine rollout has started and while it will take time to get to most of us, our collective gaze … Continue reading

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10 Steps To Revise Your Nano Novel

by Lucy V Hay So, you did Nanowrimo and you made it to 50K! Congratulations, but you still have work to do. That’s right, now you need to revise … But where to start?? If you are feeling overwhelmed, then … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Sense of Where You Are?

I’ve been playing basketball most of my life. When I was a kid, falling in love with the game, I happened across a book called A Sense of Where You Are by John McPhee. It was a profile of Bill Bradley when … Continue reading

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Stuck in No-Man’s-Land: Your Novel’s Middle

If you have hit the point in your draft where you’re looking out at the vast landscape of your novel with no idea where to go next, congratulations…you’ve probably made it to Act 2. I know, I know, there’s an … Continue reading

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The Best Resource for Planning Your NaNoWriMo Novel

Can you believe it? We’re less than 10 days from the biggest, craziest, event in Writerville: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). That means 50,000 words written in one month, and all the coffee, stale pizza, and Skittles you need to … Continue reading

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