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Creating Unforgettable Settings, Part 3: Maximizing the Setting

Okay. You’ve picked the perfect setting for your story. You can describe it so clearly and compellingly that your readers will want to move there. Is that all there is to it? You might as well ask if I’d like … Continue reading

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Creating Unforgettable Settings, Part 2: Describing the Setting

Some of this has been covered in previous posts, but I just couldn’t talk about good scene-setting and not mention description, ’cause what good is the perfect setting if you can’t convey it to the reader? So once you’ve figured out … Continue reading

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Creating Unforgettable Settings Part 1: Choosing the Right Setting

As writers, we often underestimate the power of setting. Who didn’t want to visit the Hundred-Acre Wood? How much of our Bilbo-love is wrapped up in Hobbiton, my precious? And whatever you might think of the Twilight series, the ho-hum … Continue reading

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Setting Description…Writing More Than Just What You See

Today’s Question: What is the best way to describe a place in a really special way, without sounding too visual? I like this question, because it’s what the Setting Thesaurus is all about. As writers, our first reaction is to … Continue reading

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Creating Effective Atmosphere: FALL

As writers, we think carefully on the setting we use for our stories. The where and when of each scene is not only an anchor for both story and characters, it provides readers with valuable information. Settings should be chosen … Continue reading

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Techniques For Atmosphere and Mood Building In Fiction

I thought today I’d take a quick look at how setting description can transcend to convey atmosphere through the deft manipulation of the five senses. First off, what is Atmosphere? Atmosphere is the mood created through the deliberate description of … Continue reading

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