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When writing fictional characters, it’s hugely important to convey their emotions effectively so readers will be drawn in and become invested in those characters. The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression was written to help writers convey the quality and depth of their characters’ feelings through their thoughts, body language, and visceral reactions. But there are also ways to amplify what a character is feeling, thereby heightening his emotional responses.

In this short companion guide to the bestselling The Emotion Thesaurus, we explore 15 common states that naturally galvanize emotion. States like exhaustion, boredom, illness, pain, and extreme hunger can push characters to the limit, compromising their decision-making abilities and decreasing the likelihood of them reaching their goals. Emotion Amplifiers is a great tool for any writer wishing to tighten the screws on their characters and amp up the volatility and vulnerability in their stories.

For more information on this bestselling writing resource, visit the Emotion Amplifiers Goodreads page or click on the image below to see a preview at Amazon (contain an affiliate link).

For a list of distributors offering this book for $1.99, please click here (and scroll down).


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  1. Simon B., Librarian, National Theatre School of Canada, Montreal says:

    I am wondering whether “Emotion Amplifiers” will eventually become available in paper format as opposed to electronic (Kindle). Our library currently is not in a position to offer e-books. But your other titles are really popular with our playwriting students and I would like to make this one available to them as well. Thank you.

    • Hi, Simon! It’s so good to hear that your students are finding our resources useful. Emotion Amplifiers has only ever been available in digital form, but it’s not impossible that it could be a print book some day. We do get a lot of interest in it. I’ll keep your information on file, and if that happens, I’ll let you know.

  2. D T Nelson says:

    First. The Emotion Thesaurus is a great reference book. However, it really upset me to purchase the book on Amazon, and only finding out after I got it that a second edition, with an additional 55 emotions, existed. The first edition should either no longer be listed (the second edition completely replacing the first on the same Amazon page), or there should be a clear notice is big bold letters stating a more thorough second edition is available… with a link to that page. I now have mixed emotions. I have a nice resource, but feel like I was tricked into wasting my money on an inferior product. Now I’m hesitant to buy any of the other books for fear an updated version will become available.

    • Hi DT, I am sorry to hear you purchased the 1st edition when the second edition was available. I recommend returning it to Amazon with an explanation so you can get the copy that you wished to.

      If you visit the page, you will see there IS a banner that clearly announces there is a second edition of that book (with a thumbnail of the new book cover to make it even more noticeable) and right at the start of the book’s description it states “Did you know there’s a SECOND EDITION of The Emotion Thesaurus? Click the author’s names to find it.”

      This is all Amazon allows us to do, so we have done all that we can. We still have the 1st edition available as some people still wish to buy it as a collector’s edition, and there are hundreds if not thousands of links to the 1st edition all across the internet from other sites, resource pages, and blog posts, and if we remove the 1st edition, it will break all of these links.

      Thanks for your understanding,

  3. Therese Travis says:

    I ordered the book and have a screenshot of the order. I’m not able to email it, tho. My email program has issues with the one set up on your website.

  4. Susanne says:

    I’ve ordered a copy of your new “Emotional Thesaurus” BUT I don’t know how to ‘send a screenshot’ so that I may also receive the additional offer. Please help.

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  6. Lionel says:

    Hi I am from India and want to know how to order your books. Are they available from Amazon. Thanks

  7. Lacyt51 says:

    Great assist, but I am surprised you didn’t include “fear/fright”. Will you be revising this edition in future to include those?


  8. Stacy says:

    This is going to sound like a silly question but I am not tech savvy in the least. I do not have a kindle, so is it possible to just download it to my desktop? I have all Emotional, Positive Trait and Negative Trait Thesaurus and this will round out my Characters.

  9. Joe Plemon says:

    I love, love, love the Emotion Thesaurus. I have it bookmarked on my Kindle Cloud Reader, and keep it as an open tab while I am writing so I can be there with one click. Which I do quite often.

    Thank you for this amazing resource.

  10. You have been an incredible inspiration, thank you for all your advice.

  11. Keila Dawson says:

    I have the nook version of Emotional Thesaurus and use it all the time!

  12. Anita Banks says:

    Exciting!! Congratulations.

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