The Occupation Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Jobs, Vocations, and Careers

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Compelling fiction starts with characters who have well-crafted layers that make them memorable, relatable, and fascinating. Trying to convey those layers often results in bulky descriptions that cause readers to skim. Occupations, though, can cover a lot of characterization ground, revealing personality traits, abilities, passions, and motivations. Dig deeper, and a career can hint at past trauma, fears, and even the character’s efforts to run from—or make up for—the past.


Select a job that packs a powerful punch. Inside The Occupation Thesaurus, you’ll find:

  • Informative profiles on popular and unusual jobs to help you write  them with authority
  • Believable conflict scenarios for each occupation, giving you unlimited possibilities for adding tension at the story and scene level
  • Advice for twisting the stereotypes often associated with these professions
  • Instruction on how to use jobs to characterize, support story structure, reinforce theme, and more
  • An in-depth study on how emotional wounds and basic human needs may influence a character’s choice of occupation
  • A brainstorming tool to organize the various aspects of your character’s personality so you can come up with the best careers for them

Choose a profession for your character that brings more to the table than just a paycheck. With over 120 entries in a user-friendly format, The Occupation Thesaurus is an entire job fair for writers.

View the full list of jobs covered in this book

See a sample entry (FIREFIGHTER)

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