Services for Writers Showcase

Welcome to our Writing Showcase! All the services listed below are from people within our community who want to help you with your writing career.

Many have special deals on right now, so if you need help in a specific area, check them out!



Because I want to help independent writers (Indies) avoid some of the mistakes I made with my first book, I’m offering editing and proofing services. If you don’t have the time or technical know-how to figure out how to do these necessary tasks for yourself, I can help you save time and much frustration.

BONUS OFFER: Need editing help? You can save 20% until the end of 2020. Just mention the “Occupation Thesaurus Launch Offer” when you get in touch! Offer redeemable until December 31st, 2020. Bookings must be made in advance. As long as the work is booked by the end of 2020, manuscripts can be edited at the discounted price after that. Payment for 50% of the total must be paid in advance. (See my website for full terms and conditions.) 

Michelle Dunbar Editing (Michelle Dunbar)

Developmental editing and manuscript critiques of Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

Michael Dunne Writes (Michael Dunne)

My goal is to deliver spectacular proofreading and editing services for my clients. For more details on how I can help polish your fiction or non-fiction project, browse to learn more.

BONUS OFFER: Friends of Writers Helping Writers can save 20% until the end of August 2020. Please mention the “Occupation Thesaurus Launch Offer” when you get in touch!

Fawkes Editing (September C. Fawkes)

I have done editing for bestselling and award-winning authors as well as beginning writers. My approach to editing has been described as “thorough,” “precise,” and “kind.” Learn more.

The Write Edge (Ekta Garg)

With 15 years in niche publishing and nine years as a freelance editor, I can help you with the line edits of your manuscript or a deeper assessment of your work that includes an editorial letter detailing successes and challenges. My experience ranges from short stories to novels, anthologies, memoirs, and more.

BONUS OFFER: You’ve made the right choice coming to Writers Helping Writers — now let me help you! Mention this offer from the launch, and you can save 10% for line edits on your short story and 15% on line edits your book-length manuscript. Let’s make your story better together! (Offer valid until Dec. 31, 2020.)

Christian Editing Services (Iola Goulton)

I offer manuscript assessment and copyediting services, specializing in Christian fiction. I also offer the Kick Start Your Author Platform Marketing Challenge, which takes new authors through the steps required to start their online author platform.

BONUS OFFER: Do you have a completed fiction manuscript and you’re wondering what to do next? Sign up for my FREE email course, Learn to Revise Your Novel in Two Weeks.

Angelella Editorial (Marissa Graff)

Marissa has been a freelance editor and reader for literary agent Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency for five years. She offers developmental editing, author coaching, and more. Marissa feels if she’s done her job well, a client should probably never need her help again because she’s given them a crash-course MFA via deep editorial support and/or coaching.

BONUS OFFER: Need editing help? Friends of Writers Helping Writers can save 10% until July 31, 2020. Just mention where you saw this offer when you get in touch! Be sure to check out Angelella Editorial’s menu of budget-friendly Petite Critiques. They’re a smart, economical way to get traction on your WIP and give your project focus during quarantine.

Heart of the Story Editorial & Coaching Services (Sara Letourneau)

At Heart of the Story Editorial & Coaching Services, I work with writers to help them tell compelling and well-crafted stories, finish (or get started on) their projects, and develop greater trust in their creativity so they can achieve their writing and publishing goals. I do this through a wide range of editorial services (developmental editing down to copy editing and proofreading) and through hands-on guidance via literary coaching.

BONUS OFFER: Need an editor for your book? Friends of Writers Helping Writers can save 10% on any of my editing services if they inquire before July 31, 2020! All you have to do is mention where you saw this offer when you reach out to me.

Black Wolf Editorial Services (Judy L. Mohr)

Whether you are an experienced writer or a new writer still learning their craft, every writer can use another set of eyes to help ensure that the world in their heads is actually on the page. Black Wolf Editorial Services ( provides developmental editing and writing coaching services, specializing in thrillers, crime, fantasy and science fiction.

Sally Shupe Editing (Sally Shupe)

I offer copy editing, proofreading, and beta reading services.

Red Leaf Word Services (Aime Sund)

Proofreading and critique services that help cultivate author imaginations and their stories. New editing services coming this fall!


Copyeditor and Writing Coach (C. S. Lakin)

Full copyediting and critiquing services, along with coaching for fiction and nonfiction writing, from idea to finished book. Learn more about award-winning author C. S. Lakin’s services at Live Write Thrive, Critique My Manuscript, and The Self Publisher.

BONUS OFFER: Need to know if your opening chapters are setting up your premise, plot, and characters in a riveting and powerful way? Get a 50-page critique! Mention “Writers Helping Writers” and get 20% off this critique–offer good through July 31, 2020 when you email C. S. at (regular price: $395)

Maureen Stack Sappey (Maureen Stack Sappey)

Dwight Swain’s fiction writing techniques are designed for all literary and commercial writings for any reading audience. For over 25 years, I’ve taught Swain’s methods through colleges, conventions, private organizations, biennials, podcasts, and quiet settings such as libraries and coffee shops. Some of my clients work with me by email and telephone.

BONUS OFFER: Need help plotting your story? Plotting is my specialty. Friends of Writers Helping Writers can save 20% on one hour sessions until the end of July. Just mention where you saw this offer when you get in touch!

WORKSHOPS: (Jami Gold)

Need help writing a satisfying romance? Or how to create a story plan even when you write by the seat of your pants? Check out Jami Gold’s workshops!

BONUS OFFER: Use the Discount Code WHW10 to get $10 off if you spend at least $40 on workshops from Jami!

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Roland R Clarke
6 months ago

Amazing writing folk offering wonderful service. What better way to celebrate the release of another essential thesaurus. My review is at:

LoLo Paige
6 months ago

I love this, I love this! I am trolling for an editor for my second book. Congratulations on your successful release! You guys deserve it, you’ve worked fast and furious on this book. Can’t WAIT to use it!

Zoe Carbajales
6 months ago

This is awesome. I have all the other books. I Need this one too.

Zoe E. Carbajales
6 months ago

I am interested and intrigued by this showcase give away.