Meet Our Newest Resident Writing Coaches!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re about to kick start Year 4 of our popular Resident Writing Coach program! For those of you new to the blog, the RWC program is where we invite some of the best minds in our industry to share their knowledge of writing and publishing, bringing you a variety of voices and insight from all over the world.

This year we have a few new coaches joining us, but first let us say a giant thank you to Lisa Cron, Victoria Mixon, and Chris Winkle for all the wonderful posts this past year. We wish you well!

We are thrilled to welcome three new faces to the program:

Lucy V. Hay aka Bang2write is a script editor, author and blogger who helps writers. Lucy is the script editor and advisor on numerous UK features and shorts. She has also been a script reader for over 15 years, providing coverage for indie prodcos, investors, screen agencies, producers, directors and individual writers.

Publishing as LV Hay, Lucy’s debut crime novel, The Other Twin, is out now and is being adapted by Agatha Raisin producers Free@Last TV. Her second crime novel, Do No Harm, was a finalist in the 2019 Dead Good Book Readers’ Awards. Her next title is Never Have I Ever for Hodder Books. You can find out more about Lucy here.

Lisa Hall-Wilson is a writing teacher and award-winning writer and author. She’s the author of Method Acting For Writers: Learn Deep Point Of View Using Emotional Layers. Her blog Beyond Basics For Writers explores all facets of the popular writing style deep point of view and offers practical tips for writers. She is also the founder of the Deep Dive Author Club which offers a five-week online masterclass on writing in deep point of view and an ongoing membership class with critiques and support.

Lisa writes adult noblebright fantasy and her award-winning debut novel The Last Seers is available. Find out more about Lisa here.

Christina Delay is the hostess of Cruising Writers and an award-winning psychological suspense author. She also writes award-winning supernatural suspense for young adult and adult readers under the name Kris Faryn. Fun fact: Faryn means ‘to wander or travel.’ Since that’s exactly what she loves to do, you’ll find juicy tidbits on exotic and interesting places in all her books!

Cruising Writers brings aspiring authors together with bestselling authors, an agent, an editor, and a world-renowned writing craft instructor together on writing retreats. Find out more about Christina here.

Are you excited? We’re excited! These three will fit right in with our returning masterminds:

Meg LaTorre is a writer, AuthorTuber/BookTuber, developmental book editor, and former literary agent with a background in magazine publishing, medical/technical writing, and journalism. On Meg’s YouTube channel, iWriterly, she geeks out on all things books. Meg also launched Query Hack, a query critique platform where writers can submit their manuscript queries or Twitter pitches for free feedback.

She has written for Writer’s Digest and SavvyAuthors and can be found teaching online classes throughout the year. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running after her toddler, competitive sports, and sleeping. To learn more about Meg, go here.

Sacha Black is the author of several bestselling books for writers including, 13 Steps To Evil – How To Craft A Superbad Villain, and 10 Steps to Hero: How to Craft a KickAss Protagonist. Her blog for writers,, is home to regular writing, marketing and publishing advice sprinkled with dark humour and the occasional bad word. She’s also recently started a new podcast, The Rebel Author Podcast. In addition to craft books, she writes YA fantasy and you can find out more about Sacha here.

Tamar Sloan really struggled writing this bio because she hasn’t decided whether she’s primarily a psychologist who loves writing, or a writer with a lifelong fascination of human behaviour. Somehow she got lucky enough to do both.

Tamar is a freelance editor, consultant and the author of PsychWriter – a fun, informative hub of information on character development, the science of story and how to engage readers. She is also an award-winning author of young adult romance, creating stories about finding life and love beyond our comfort zones. Details about Tamar’s books are on her author website and your can find out more about her here.


James Scott Bell is a winner of the International Thriller Writers Award and author of the #1 bestseller for writers, Plot & Structure. Among his numerous thrillers are Romeo’s Rules, Romeo’s Way, Romeo’s Hammer, Try Dying, and Don’t Leave Me. In addition to his traditional novels, Jim has self-published in a variety of genres. His popular books on fiction craft can be found here. His thrillers have been called “heart-whamming” (Publishers Weekly) and can be browsed here. Discover more about Jim here.


Jami Gold, after muttering writing advice in tongues, decided to become a writer and put her talent for making up stuff to good use. Fueled by chocolate, she shares writing tools, presents workshops, and offers insights on her blog about the craft, business, and life of writing. Jami is the winner of the 2015 National Readers’ Choice Award in Paranormal Romance for the novel Ironclad Devotion in her Mythos Legacy series. Read more about Jami here.

September C. Fawkes can scare people with her enthusiasm for writing and reading. She worked as an assistant to a New York Times bestselling author and writing instructor, and now does freelance editing at She has edited manuscripts of bestselling and beginning writers. She has published poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction articles, and her award-winning writing tips have appeared in classrooms, conferences, and on Grammar Girl.

She holds an English degree, has served as the managing editor of The Southern Quill literary journal, and had the pleasure of writing her thesis on the worldwide appeal of Harry Potter. Read more about September here.

We are looking forward to another incredible year of Resident Writing Coach posts. Is there a topic you’d like to see covered? Just leave us a comment below!

Happy writing,

Angela & Becca


Angela is a writing coach, international speaker, and bestselling author who loves to travel, teach, empower writers, and pay-it-forward. She also is a founder of One Stop For Writers, a portal to powerful, innovative tools to help writers elevate their storytelling.
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Jenny Hansen
9 months ago

These are some great minds! Congratulations to ALL. 🙂

1 year ago

I’m looking forward to hanging out here. Super excited to make some new connections!

Jarm Del Boccio
1 year ago

What a great lineup! I’d love to know: when an agent/editor asks for a large rewrite before a re-submission, and doesn’t guarantee a contract, how do we know it’s worth it to proceed with the rewrite, knowing it will take hours of our time?

Sacha Black
Sacha Black
1 year ago

It’s such an honor to be part of your team again. Truly love being part of this team.

Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
1 year ago

Wow! That’s a lot of writing talent gathered on this page!! I will look forward to following the posts and these writers!

melanie redler
melanie redler
1 year ago

Wow! What a great group! Now, you need to turn them into a Mentor Team to let us apply for a mentorship! What an amazing opportunity that could be! A few months to work with Lisa Cron…

1 year ago

Finalizing our Coaching Program is one the highlights of my year. I’m always amazed at the calibre of professionals who agree to join the team and share their insight. Thank you, both new and returning coaches!

Ingmar Albizu
1 year ago

Great lineup of writing coaches!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ingmar Albizu

Thanks, Ingmar! We think so too 🙂